Author's Notes: Written for ot3_100 on LiveJournal – a drabble challenge community dedicated to threesome relationships. This will eventually be a collection of 100 slightly connected drabbles centring on the relationship between Theodore Nott, Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy.

As such, this collection will contain (obviously) depictions of a m/f/m relationship, and because I am me, there is a good chance that it will also contain relatively graphic sex at some point.

Dedicated to Couture Girl, my darling little Theo/Luna shipper.

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Theo was quite revolted the first time he saw Draco and Luna together. It was very near to the end of his last year, tensions between Slytherins and other houses were running high, and he snapped when he saw his friend pressing Luna – Luna Lovegood, of all people! – against the wall, kissing her as though he'd never get the chance to kiss her again.

"Dear God, Draco!" he said, his nose wrinkling, "have you gone mad? What are you doing with her?"

Draco had the grace to flush and jump back, but Luna didn't seem the least perturbed by Theo's sudden presence. In fact, she was examining him quite closely with an expression of interest, and Theo felt his stomach churn a little.

She was rather pretty, in an odd way… all messy hair and bitten lips and wide, serene eyes…

Oh, shut up! he told himself. He was going to turn away and leave them to it – if Draco wanted to make a fool of himself by snogging someone like Looney Lovegood in the middle of a corridor where anyone could see, that was his business – but then Luna spoke up.

"Why don't you join us, Theo?" she asked.