I do not own Brave. This drabble is in the Witch's Point Of View. Can you image the Witch returning home and finding said home in ruins?

The Witch's Destroyed Home

By Wonderlandisanillusion

My beloved home is in complete ruins. Everything inside is gone and I blinked my eyes. I really put my heart into making that house and it's completely destroyed. Perhaps I should have used a spell so that the door wouldn't open unless I commanded it to open for me, but then that red haired lass wouldn't have gotten my message to her.

"The same thing happened last time, but at least last time the house wasn't totally destroyed." My crow stated to me and I glared at him.

"Quiet." I said firmly to him. I wasn't in the mood for his sass and I'm putting up or tolerating it.

"Told you so…Shouldn't left her a warning at all, but no you wanted to leave her one." My crow said to me and I briefly choked him.

"Never should have agreed, but that necklace….There's always dissatisfied customers and they love to blame me for their troubles." I muttered to myself. "Honestly, Why do I even bother? People always blame the witch."

"Are you going to curse her?"

"No…It's not worth it." I replied and sighed heavily to myself. I'm slightly tempted to curse her, but it's not worth the time nor energy. Besides

"She destroyed your home."

"She is not worth a drop of magic and unworthy of my potions. I hope never to see her again. I do not want anything to do with her." I said firmly. It is time to rebuild my home and perhaps I'll make it better.

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