Wolf's rain toboe's adventure in halo reach

" hew thank god that the first book is done and over with." Exclaimed hige as he layed down.

" yeah i couldnt imagine a better way to relax than to sleep." Sighed tsume. Toboe came running into the room.

" hey guys! You will never guess what i did over my vacation!" He yelled.

Tsume turned over so that he could face the runt. " yeah what did you do."

" i went on an adventure to some cool place!" howled toboe.

" was it paradise?" Asked hige.

" no, even better i went to reach!" Toboe yiped. Tsume and hige looked at each other before laughing" seriously!"

" yeah i met alot of peoples there too! we went to many different locations. We even went flying to where i meant a big guy... what was his name i couldn't remember but.." hige and tsume sighed as toboe continued. " we were facing an enemy known as the convenant in space."

Jorge leaned over as toboe piloted the sabre. " are you sure you know what your doing?" Asked jorge.

" yep how hard can it be!" He called.

"The battle lasted for fifteen minutes and then it was time for us to us to dock.."

Toboe brought the sabre in for the landing. " dont touch anything!" Called jorge. Toboe pressed the button and jorge went flying out of the cockpit. " agggggh!" Screamed jorge.

" wow toboe you are a real dumbutt." Wolfed hige.

" shh hige! I am trying to tell a story!" Hissed toboe. " well anyway after that we went bungie jumping off the side of the carrier i had help from my new friend. After we landed, they brought me back here and took another guy who was wearing gray armor." Finished toboe.

Tsume and hige scratched their heads at this. " so how'd the freak did you get there in the first place?" Asked tsume.

" well they kept asking me if i was noble six." Replied toboe.

" toboe i think its about time that we went back to work." Said hige.