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~ The story is about Luna. Her father is a werewolf, but her mom is human. I originally was going to have Luna and Klaus have a couple moment in this chapter but... well I'll let you read to find out what I put.

~ This chapter is little parts that lead up to Luna becoming a hybrid. It has moment including her activating the curse, getting turned into a hybrid, and even some problems at the end.


General POV

~ Luna: 5 yrs old~

Luna was looking at her reflection, at a dress that her dad got her. It was a light pink dress. There was dark pink ribbons along the bottom of the dress. It made her eyes light up because her favorite color of the month was pink.
"Luna, time to come down stairs." Her mom yelled from downstairs.
"Okay mommy." She said with a smile. Luna twirled around before making her way downstairs.

When Luna got downstairs she saw her dad going out the house. She became sad. Her dad would leave for two days once a month and she didn't know why. Luna's mom picked her up and held her in her arms.
"Why does daddy always have to leave?" Luna asked her mom.
"He just going camping." Her mom told her. That wasn't a total lie, but that's what Luna's parents agreed to tell her. They weren't going to tell her the truth until she was older, or until the same thing happened to her. They hoped that would never happen, but they didn't know.
"I wish daddy was coming with us." Luna said to her mom.
"I know sweetie." Her mom gave her a kiss the head. "We have to get going." She said before setting Luna down.
"Okay mommy." Luna said with some sadness in her voice.

~Luna: 10 yrs old~

Luna was sitting in her bedroom working on her homework. In two days it would be her 11th birthday. Her mom said if she was a god girl that they would take her to an amusement park and spend the whole day there.

"Why can't you stay for the day?" Luna could hear her mom ask her dad. She tried her best to eavesdrop on the conversation.
"You know why I can't." Her father said to her mom.
"Kyle, it her birthday." Luna's mom said softly to him.
"I know Amber, but I just can't. It would be too dangerous." 'What would be dangerous?' Luna asked to herself.
"Maybe you'd be able to control it." Amber suggested.
"I never could. Why do you think it's called a curse?" Kyle said. "You know how much I want to be there for her birthday, but I can't." He let out a sigh. "You know how much I would love to be here for her."
"I know." Amber softly said to him. "We'll just have to do something tomorrow for her." She looked into his eyes. "The three of us." Kyle gave her a smile before they kissed. They didn't know that Luna could hear the whole thing. She didn't know what they were talking about. 'Is there something wrong with my dad?' She thought before turning her attention back to her homework.

~Luna: 16 yrs old~

It was a stormy night. Luna was driving back from her friend's house. The rain just started to come down harder as she turned the corner. She had no trouble seeing, but the rain and wind was starting to mess with her sight. Once the rain started coming down harder, it never stopped and never got any lighter. It was enough to make driving dangerous. She was doing her best to drive carefully until a drunk person ran in front of her car. It took her by surprise as she quickly tried to swerve out of the way. Luna tried to turn in the opposite direction of the person but the wet street made her car become slightly uncontrollable. Instead of going away from the person her car crashed right into them. It made Luna gasp and made her worried.

Luna immediately parked her car as best she could before she got out. She rushed in the pouring rain to check on who she it. They weren't breathing, which greatly worried Luna. This couldn't happen to her, she couldn't have killed someone. She quickly checked the person's pulse. There wasn't one. Luna started to panic. 'No.' She thought as she ran her hand through her wet hair. 'This can't be happening.' Luna started to pace before her head started pounding. She held her head with her hands as she fell to the ground, holding in the pain. Her eyes were closed but as soon as she opened them, there were a different color. They were no longer brown. Her eyes had changed to a golden color with amber rings around her iris and around the edge of her eyes. She knew what was happening to her. It happened to her father around the time she was born. Now they were both werewolves.

~Luna: 17 yrs old~

Luna had been a werewolf for about a year. Her dad had been helping her through it. He had introduced her to some of his werewolf friends and told Luna about her uncle Ray. Ray was adopted by Luna's grandparents when he was a kid. Coincidentally he was also a werewolf. Everybody was sympathetic with Luna. No one wanted to be a werewolf. To turn on every full moon, to be put through that kind of pain, it was a curse that nobody wanted. Once the curse was activated they had no choice but to live with it.

Even though with the werewolf gene comes aggression and anger, Luna never really had that problem. She avoided those situations the best she could and was involved in as many sports as her parents allowed her to. A couple of times she would have outbursts but nothing that couldn't be fixed afterwards.

Luna's mom wasn't too happy with her daughter being a werewolf. She dealt with her husband being one, but never thought it would happen to Luna. She never thought that her daughter would have broken the curse and even then she didn't believe it. Luna was supposed to grow up like a normal human girl. She wasn't supposed to deal with turning every month on the full moon like her father. Luna's mom was just glad that Luna didn't have to go through this alone.

~Luna: Still 17~

Luna was taking a walk in the woods, near where she was camping. Her mom and dad were at the campsite 'talking'. Luna wanted an excuse to take a walk. She couldn't help but worry about the next full moon. It always bugged her, but she tried not to worry about it too much. Knowing she would have to turn is like knowing you are going to get a bad cold. You don't have a good time when it comes, but you are glad when it's over.

Luna was walking until she heard a noise. Against her better judgement she decided to investigate. She carefully walked towards the noise. There were two people. One had their mouth on the other's neck, like they were kissing it. With her enhanced werewolf senses she could smell something that she wasn't able to smell before. The head lifted from the neck and that's when Luna saw it. Blood.

The body that was bleeding, fell to the ground. Luna's eyes were on it before looking at the other person. They turned around and faced her. It was an older man that had killed the person. He could hear Luna's heartbeat and turned to face her. His eyes met hers. Blood was still around his mouth as he took a step closer to her.
"What do we have here?" He wondered out loud. Luna didn't move. It was her first time in front of a vampire, but she knew she was no match for him. The man walked up next to her and curiously looked at her. He tried compelling her, to forget what he saw, but noticed he couldn't. "What are you?"
"Werewolf." Luna said in almost a whisper. A small smirk appeared on his lips.
"Werewolves are interesting little things." He brought his hand up and brushed a stray hair behind Luna's ear.
"Are you going to kill me or let me go?" She asked with no fear in her voice.
"Werewolves usually try to bite vampires." He said to her. "Why haven't you tried?"
"I'm not that stupid." Luna said to him. He smirked.
"You're a fascinating creature." He looked into her eyes for a moment before biting into his wrist.
"What are you..." She couldn't finish because he pushed his wrist against her mouth. She struggled against him, but it only made him smirk.
"Consider this a test swearhart." His blood was making its way down her throat because she wasn't able to struggle against it anymore. When he knew there was enough of his blood in her system, he pulled away.
"You know it won't work." She said before wiping the blood from her mouth. "I'm just going to die."
"Either way, I really don't care." He said before snapping her neck. Luna fell down to the ground with his blood in his system.

~ Luna: still 17~

She was in her room, trying to sleep. It hasn't been the same for her since she completed her transition. Her parents made her feed from animals because they weren't going to get her blood bags or let her feed from a person. She turned onto her back and sighed, wondering if she would ever be able to sleep.

"Amber, please settle down." Luna's dad said to her mom. She couldn't help but listen in on the conversation, even though she didn't want to.
"I can't." Amber said. "Too many things are going on around me and I don't think I'll be able to handle it."
"So our daughter is a werewolf, you knew that there was a chance when we had her."
"She's half werewolf Kyle." Amber turned to face him. "She's also a bloodsucking vampire."
"She didn't ask for it." He said, trying to reason with her. "We can't do anything about what happened, so we have to live with it."
"You might have to live with it, but that doesn't mean I have to." Amber turned around and walked towards the closet.
"What are you doing?" Kyle asked with shock and panic in his voice.
"Just because you two have to live with this doesn't mean I have to." She pulled out a suitcase and started to put some stuff into it. "I'm leaving."
"You can't." Kyle started to plead with his wife. "Think of Luna." Amber let out a sigh and forced herself to keep moving.
"She's why I'm doing this." She held back her tears. "I don't think I can be around her right now."
"But she's your daughter."
"I know." Amber turned around to face him. "I just need a break from everything supernatural."

Luna decided not to listen in anymore. Tears were flowing out of her eyes. Her mom was leaving her. She turned on her side and faced the wall so no one could see her cry. Without her mom she didn't know what she would do. Her mom was one of the reasons that she completed her transition. Luna wanted to be with her family more than anyone else, but they're breaking apart. It wasn't her fault, but it felt like it was.

Her dad stood by her doorway, looking at her. He didn't know if she listened in or if she was sleeping.
"I heard everything." Luna quietly said after a minute. She couldn't stop the tears from falling from her eyes.
"Your mom," He said with a sigh ", she never really liked the supernatural but she dealt with it for me. I thought because we loved each other as much as we did, that it would never break us apart." He slowly started to walk towards Luna. "She just needs some time." He gently sat on her bed, next to her. She turned to him with tears in her eyes.
"Why does she hate me?" Luna asked, tears still falling from her eyes. Her dad pulled her to his chest and rubbed her head.
"She doesn't hate you Luna." He kissed the top of her head. "She is just in great shock. Nobody wanted this for you."
"Don't leave me." She said to him, her voice filled with sadness. He moved her head so they were looking straight into each other's eyes.
"I will never leave you Luna. You are my daughter." She let a small smile appear, despite her sadness. "Just promise me that you will never turn it off, that you will never forget what it's like to feel."
"I promise dad." She laid her head back on his chest and continued to cry.

Over the next year and a half Luna and her father adjusted to life without her mother. They could do more traveling, but stayed within Tennessee.

Luna never turned at the full moon after she was turned into a hybrid. Her dad always turned on the full moon. No matter how painful it was for him, he never once asked Luna to turn him. He didn't want to be a hybrid. He was just glad that his daughter never had to go through that again.

Luna stuck to the animal diet, not wanting to harm any person. She almost lost control a couple of times, but she kept her cool.

Her father told his werewolf friends what happened to Luna. At first they were in shock and tried to avoid her. After awhile they came to an understanding and started treating her like they did before.

Luna decided to go with her father and meet up with their friends for the next full moon. They were going to the Smoky Mountains.

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