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General POV


It was just after her 16th birthday party, weeks before she would trigger her werewolf curse. Luna sat on the couch with the presents she had gotten. Most of them were gift cards to her favorite stores, but there was some clothing, framed pictures and even a pair of concert tickets.
"Did you like what you got?" Her mom asked as she sat on a chair near her. Luna just nodded her head.
"I counted, not including the gift cards I have about $100 but with the gift cards it's almost $200." Luna said, still surprised that she got to much money. "Everything was just amazing."
"There's still one more thing." Her dad said after walking around the couch and sitting next to her. "A little gift from me for your sweet sixteen." He handed her a small box. As Luna held it in her hands, she couldn't help but smile even though she didn't know what was in it. She opened it up and noticed that inside it was a necklace with a crescent moon pendant. Luna knew that it was referring to her werewolf heritage, because she had confronted her parents about it when she was 15.
"It's pretty." Luna said as she held it in her hands. "Thank you."

~End Of Flashback~

Luna's POV

I opened my eyes but realized that he wasn't next to me. My hand subconsciously touched his pillow. I couldn't help but picture him laying next to me, sleeping. 'I love him' I thought with a small smile. Klaus did cause a lot of pain in my life, but he also gave me many things to be happy about. 'Does he love me?' I asked myself before sliding out of his bed. I walked to Klaus's bathroom and saw how extravagant it was. His tub was big enough that the two of us would be able to be in it comfortable. 'He had to get that on purpose' I thought before looking at his shower. It was also big enough for the two of us. I felt myself smile before starting the shower for myself. After getting in and making sure my hair was wet, I looked at Klaus's shampoo. 'I could smell like him' I thought before slowly moving my hands towards them. They were only in my hands for a few seconds before I decided to use them.

After I was done with the shower, I put on one of Klaus's shirts so I wouldn't be naked when I walked back to my room. When I got to my room, I saw Rebecca standing in it.
"Hey Becca." I said and when she turned around I could tell that something happened. "What's wrong?"
"Come downstairs after you get dressed." She said. "We need to talk." Rebecca walked past me and walked downstairs. 'What happened?' I asked myself before I found myself hurrying to find clothes to put on.

General POV


Luna and her family walked into her house. She had just gotten into a car crash and accidently killed someone. No one looked more worried than Luna's father, who knew what was going to happen.
"Amber, why don't you let me talk to our daughter alone." Luna's father said to her mother, which made her nod her head before going upstairs.
"Dad... am I...?" Luna asked, barely able to get the words out of her mouth. Her father didn't know what to say because he knew words wouldn't be able to fix it. Luna knew by her father's silence that she had truly activated the werewolf curse that he unintentionally passed down to her. Her father just pulled her in for a hug as she started crying.
"We'll get through this." Her father said in a whisper as he rubbed the back of her head.
"This wasn't supposed to happen." She said, knowing that she was going to turn on the next full moon.
"I'll help you." Her father whispered as Luna closed her eyes in an attempt to stop the tears. "The whole pack will." The two of them just stood there, wondering and worrying about the next full moon.

~End of Flashback~

Luna's POV

After I got dressed, I hurried down the stairs. There was a part of me that was worried and I felt like I had a reason to be. I took a deep breath before entering a room to see both Elijah and Rebecca.
"What's going on?" I asked, trying not to sound worried.
"It seems the others have dessicated Klaus." Elijah said, which made me a little confused.
"Dessicated?" I asked because I only knew about vampire and werewolf stuff.
"It means they stopped his heart." Elijah said and I could already feel tears gather in my eyes.
"But he's not dead because if he was, I'd be dead to." I said out loud, mainly to myself. "What are we going to do?" I asked because I was ready to help with almost anything they needed help with.
"We need to keep his body away from Alaric so you and Nik don't die." Rebecca said to me and I nodded my head, already agreeing to help.
"Then what are we doing here?" I asked, which slightly shocked the both of them. They knew how much I hated Klaus and the fact I was ready to help save him showed change in me since each of them met me.
"We don't know where he is." She said to me and I felt my arm go out and punch a hole in the wall near me. I knew it was my werewolf anger starting to show itself, but that's because I was feeling protective of Klaus.
"We have to find him." I said as calmly as I could. "The others should know where he is." I took my hand out of the hole I punched before looking at Elijah and Rebecca.
"That's what I was going to do." Elijah said. I took a deep breath and gave Elijah a small smile before he left me alone with Rebecca.
"You want to help?" Rebecca asked with some surprise in her voice. I just gave her a nod.
"I can't lose anyone else I love." I said. "Especially not now and especially not Nik."
"You really love him." She said and I just gave her a small smile before feeling tears in my eyes. I closed them and took a deep breath, trying to control my emotions.
"How long do you think it will be before we find out where he is?" I asked as I took deep breaths.
"Hopefully not long." Rebecca said before I opened my eyes. "You should get something to eat first." I just gave Rebecca a small nod before slowly going towards where I knew the blood bags were.

The whole time I was pacing back and forth, waiting for news. I had to help Klaus, not only because he rescued me from Alaric but because he would do the same for me and because I loved him. After everything that has happened, I didn't know how I would handle losing anyone else. Rebecca eventually got the location from Damon and I was partially relieved. I knew where he was and after we were out of danger from Alaric I would have Klaus back.

Rebecca and I looked at each other before the elevator door opened in front of us. We were in the storage warehouse that they had Klaus. I knew that we were going to get Klaus, I was going to make sure of it. The two of us started to walk out the elevator and I couldn't help but wonder where Damon was.
"Damon!" Rebecca semi-shouted his name. "Damon, where are you?" We walked past some storage units and didn't hear anything from Damon.
"Come on you ass... we don't have all day." I said because I was growing impatient. I wanted Klaus and Damon knew what storage locker he was in. Rebecca and I looked at each other as we continued walking, only for me to be grabbed. I was going to scream or bite, but there was a hand over my mouth.
"Luna... Shhhh." I knew it was Damon, but that didn't relax me. It was his fault that Klaus was dessicated, which didn't make me like him. I knew we were in a bad situation, so I tried to put my anger aside after he look his hand from me. I slowly turned towards him so we were face to face.
"Where is Klaus?" I mouthed with Rebecca standing next to me. Damon just tilted his head in a direction that the three of us started to go towards.

Damon, Rebecca and I pushed a casket towards the elevator. Inside was Klaus's body. I knew it would be safer to get him back after we got him away from Alaric. I tried to keep taking deep breaths but I was worried that we might not get out okay. The three of us got Klaus to an open area in the warehouse before I was thrown. After my head hit the wall, I looked and saw Alaric opening the casket.
"No." I said, trying to plead with him as I quickly got up. I sped towards him only to be flung back against the wall.
"No!" Rebecca and Damon both shouted at Alaric, even though he didn't stop. Out the corner of my eye, I noticed that Damon had held onto Rebecca so she wouldn't rush at Alaric.
"Please don't." I said to Alaric with tears already gathering in my eyes. Alaric held the stake above Klaus's body before plunging into his heart.
"NO!" Rebecca and I both yelled as Klaus started to up on flames before Alaric took the stake out. I felt numb. 'Klaus is dead.' I thought with tears falling from my eyes. 'He's dead.' I knew I started to cry as Alaric turned towards me with the stake in his hand. My mind told me to run but my body wouldn't move. It felt numb, like nothing mattered.
"Luna, run." I could barely hear Damon say. I slowly looked towards him to see Rebecca already gone. "Go." He bent down next to me and forced me up. Once my body was up, it started to act on it's own. I found myself running away, with tears in my eyes.

I ran until I couldn't keep running. My body fell to the ground with my back against a tree. I began to cry, almost hysterically no matter how hard I tried to stop. 'He's dead' I thought, the image of Klaus's body in flames was seared in my mind. "He's dead." I said out loud, even though no one could hear me. I brought my knees to my chest and began to cry into them. 'I've lost everyone' I felt my body almost begin to rock. 'There's one way' I thought before feeling something wrap around me. I didn't know who it was, but I clutched onto them with my life. 'There's one way' I thought, knowing what I had to do so I couldn't feel the pain of losing him. "I can't handle it." I said, not stopping the tears from falling. "I don't know what to do without him." My eyes closed as tight as they could in an attempt to stop the tears. They kept on flowing out of my eyes, no matter how hard I tried. "I can't do this." I thought before thinking of my dad. He made me promise that I would never do it, but I saw no other choice. 'I'm sorry dad' I thought as the tears continued. I could tell that there was a little switch in me. It felt so easy just to turn it the other way, to switch it off. I promised my dad that I would never do it, but I saw no other way to survive. I'd be crying all the time, not able to do anything if I stayed the way I was. It seemed the switch just moved on it's own and I noticed I wasn't crying. I looked up to see Kol sitting next to me. He slowly brought one of his hands to my face and wiped away a tear that must have been left over.
"What now?" Kol asked obviously knowing that I had turned it off.
"Italy." I said as we both stood from the ground.
"I know a way." Kol said as he held out his hand with a small smirk on his face. I looked at his hand for a moment before taking it. Kol and I looked at each other before we speed away.

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