The sun shined above as me and my father walked. There was a cool breeze that played with my hair. He looked at me and smiled. I lifted my eyebrow at him and he chuckled. He took a strand of my hair and twirled it. He let out a breath of air and let my hair go back to the wind. "I love when your hair blows, Elysia. My torch from the Gods" he beamed with pride. I grabbed his arm and threw it over my shoulder and hugged him. "I love you." he said kissing my forehead.

"I love you to, Daddy."I smiled. We continued walking to town. As we neared we saw soldiers standing around at the base of a statue by a cliff. My dad drew me closer to him, and I placed my hand on my bow. My dad patted my hand. "Always ready to fight, aren't you?"he teased.

"I get it from you."I teased also. We got closer to them and my dad placed his hand on his bow like me. I knew something was bad. "Dad?"I asked

"Stay close." He ordered. I nodded thankful that my dad taught me how to fight. "There enemies." he said. We continued walking until finally we were upon them, they stopped and stared and I heard my father curse."Get ready." he stated

"Going somewhere?"One of the men asked standing from his seat.

"Nowhere, you should be concerned about."My father spoke. The men laughed at him and I grew angry squeezing my father's hand. The rest of the men stood and drew their swords. My heart began racing and my father set my hand loose. I knew that meant prepare yourself. He pulled his bow up as did I. I placed an arrow on my line and waited.

"Bring your daughter, so I may see her." The soldier teased, I nearly shot my arrow right into his chest but my Father lowered my bow. Fight or flee was my Fathers motto. Why wouldn't he want to fight?

"Soldier, we wish no harm. We only wish to pass to go to town."My father rationed. There was no rationing with drunk soldiers and my father knew it what was he doing? I riddled my head with answers until they charged. My father snatched his bow and I knew that mean attack. But he pushed me away every time I raised my bow he would swat at it. "Run!"he ordered

"Daddy?"I pleaded pulling him with me. He pushed me off and continued sending arrows towards the men. Finally he swatted my bum and I knew he was serious. "I love you."I said as I ran. He didn't answer until I was halfway down the path. "I love you, Elysia. My torch!" he called

I looked back only to see a man chasing me. I tried to run fast but I tripped. I rolled into the brush and ran off the path. I should of stayed on the path, they way I had chosen was straight off the cliff. Sliding I kept myself from flying off the cliff and I turned.

"Nowhere to go?" he mocked. Tears welled in my eyes and I looked at him. He pulled out his sword and smiled. "If you come I'll promise to kill you quickly." He spat as he advanced towards me.

"Never."I spat stepping back.

"Fine." he stated taking his foot and planting it swiftly into my chest. My breath escaped my lungs and I fell effortlessly. I prayed on my way down hoping the Gods would hear me. Once my body hit the ground I blacked out immediately.

When I woke up I only had one person on my mind.

"Daddy?" I asked looking around it was night time and it was incredibly dark excluding the moon. I rolled over onto my stomach and pushed myself up. Then I remembered.

That was the first night I cried, that was also the last time I saw my father.