I could feel the heat from the sun upon me as I slept. I rolled over onto my stomach and tried to block the unwanted light from attacking my face. I reluctantly sat up and looked around. Spyros was entangled in a net, cursing at it, while Perseus watched with delight. Marmara and Tekla were mending a broken net.

"Marmara I'm going for a swim."I said. She nodded her head and Tekla waved at me flashing one of her brilliant smiles. I smiled back at her and jumped off the bought, waving to Spyros and Perseus.

There was something strange about today. Everything was calm and tranquil. The wind was blowing but not like normal. Normally I would have to tie my hair down, but today my hair blew easy in the wind. My hand trailed along the flowers as I walked to my destination.

Once at the spring, I stuck my foot in the water and smiled. It was so cool, something much needed in this heat. I pulled at the top of my dress when I stopped. There was something there, very close to me. I turned around and searched my surroundings. "Why do you, hide?"I asked. There was no answer only silence. My hand went to my bow. I panicked! How could I leave my weapon?

"A forgotten weapon makes for a slain warrior."A male voice spoke. I didn't recognize this voice at all. I turned around and examined the stranger. He had very broad shoulders, covered with armor. He smirked at me as he came closer. I stepped away as I sized him up. There was absolutely no way I could fight him without my bow. "Are you even a warrior?"he asked snidely.

"I don't need to be a warrior." I sneered.

"Strong words for a mortal." he spat. I furrowed my brow at him, then lifted my right eyebrow.

"Mortal?"I asked, as I took a step towards him. He smiled a dark smile and turned his back to me. He let out a low chuckle. I backed away once more, noticing that he dropped his fur shawl to the ground. Marveling at the many weapons on his back, I knew I was in trouble.

"Mortal, woman." he hissed. I frowned at him. He pulled a sword out and marveled at it.

"I'm stronger than most."I smirked. He chuckled again and pulled another sword out. Slowly he turned and tossed the sword at my feet.

"Show me how strong you are, woman." He smiled. I sighed and looked at him. My foot touched the sword slightly, and I kicked it up to my hand. I smiled at myself, my father taught me that. It pained me to think of him. I inhaled and looked at this intriguing stranger. I had just noticed how handsome he was.

"Who are you?"I asked as I readied myself.

He did the same.

"If you win, I'll tell you. If you lose, well you'll be dead." he smirked. Then he lunged. When his sword clashed down on mine I could feel how strong he really was. He was fast for his size but he wasn't as agile as I was. I sprinted over the landscape, as he ravaged the earth.

As we battled to what seemed like forever. I began to grow tired and he seemed to be just the same as when first began this quarrel. As I sprinted away from him, his sword caught my back and I let out a yelp. He laughed at me and I struck him with my sword, knocking his out of my hand.

Everything, slowed.

I held the tip of my sword at his neck. In one swipe he slapped the sword out of my hands and planted a swift kick to my chest. As l fell he marveled at me, but I snagged his leg, pulling him down with me. He grunted as he fell on the ground. I took my chances and pounced on his chest and grabbed his sword. I was still trying to compose myself, so I was panting like a dog. As I held the sword at his neck he smirked.

"Am I still weak?"I asked

"No," he sighed, as I felt his hand trail down my side to the back of my dress. In one quick jerking motion, I heard the back of my dress rip. I could feel the slack of my dress fall at my breast. He snatched the sword and pushed me of. "Come with me, Elysia." he stated as he turned his back to me.

I stood.

"Why should I go with you?"I asked quietly. He sighed and picked up his weapons. I continued to hold my dress up, as he stared at me. He came closer to me and snagged my arm. As he did so we left the island, and went where no mortal can go.