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"So then. . .should we come up with a plan to get the two together?" Asked Latvia, gripping his girlfriend's hand in his.

Liechtenstein sat patiently, awaiting for the Axis to come up with a plan.

Japan rubbed his chin, thoughtfully and sat in silence.

Italy was admiring the clouds that filled the sky, clearly uninterested.

"What. Are. We. Going. To. Do." Demanded Germany, clearing wanting to do anything but match make Poland and Lithuania.

Austria sipped his tea and smoothed out the tartan picnic blanket beneath the countries gathered there.

Switzerland ruffed his boyfriend's hair and Austria spun around to retaliate with a playful slap on the arm.

Liechtenstein sighed and played with her hair, not able to come up with any ideas.

"Well, Liecht and I are leaving," Latvia said, pulling Liechtenstein to her feet and scooping her into his arms.

"But what are we going to do?" Asked Italy, frowning.

Austria and Switzerland also stood and it was Switzerland who turned to the Axis: "Just come up with something. You Axis Powers have some matchmaking talent, right?"

Germany gave Switzerland a glare as the Swiss man hooked his arm around Austria's waist and grinned.

"Damn those Swiss," grumbled Germany.

Italy sighed, "Well I'm going to see what Spain and Romano are up to. Bye-bye Doistu~!"

Germany mumbled something incomprehensible as the pizza-lover stood and left.

Japan did so as well.

Germany sighed and cleaned up Austria's blanket, taking it over to his brother's house.

After folding the small pile, he dropped it on the porch step with a small note before heading off towards his home.

Poland straddled over his horse's broad, golden back sighing at the familiar feel of the hair beneath him.

"Ah Pony, I missed ridin' you!" Poland said, smiling as he took the familiar tufts of ginger hair in his hands, the makeshift reigns to the horse.

Poland exhaled for a long time, letting all his breath exit through his nose as he directed his horse down towards the beach.

"I was thinkin' Pony, I really would like to hang out with Lithy some more. . ." Poland whispered, deep in thought.

The horse, being a horse, whinnied and didn't respond.

Poland had now reached the beginning of the beach and smiled; the beach was always there to cheer him up when he was feeling blue.

"I like, totally love the beach. Except for the rocky shore. . ."

Poland preferred sandy beaches, as the rocks tended to trip up the horse and knock him a little out towards the ocean.

"Dang it, I really, really like, hate rocks. . ." grumbled Poland, snorting and rolling his eyes in the dramatic fashion that he could often be seen doing.

"Ya' know Pony, I just-!"

At that very moment, the horse saw a giant crab and it bucked wildly, throwing Poland into the surf, which carried him into the deepest of the sea.

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~ ~ Lithuania sighed deeply and inhaled just as swiftly. He was so relieved to have finally gotten some time away from Russia's home to go to the beach, the most calming place Lithuania knew of.

He put his hands behind his head and glanced out to the sea, "I can't help thinking, Poland's been acting very strangely lately. . . He's been rather awkward. I hope nothing's happened to him. . ."

And as the Baltic State looked out to the royal-blue waves, he saw a blonde figure washed up on the sand.

Upon seeing this and finally comprehending just who it was, Lithuania sprinted down to the beach, his feet kicking up sand as he went to the side of his friend.


Lithuania struggled to pull the cocky nation from his spot in the sand and managed to drag his friend's body to the grassier area of the beach, far from the threatening waves.

Once in the grass, Lithuania quickly looked Poland up and down, seeing nothing wrong except the giant bloody gash in the nation's temple.

"My God, what did he do? He looks pretty battered up. . .hm. . ." Lithuania, not having the slightest idea what to do next, simply cradled the blonde's head in his lap.

So that was how they sat for a long while: Lithuania patiently waiting and Poland quietly breathing in the silence.

Lithuania had shredded the side of his uniform and dried Poland's bleeding forehead, and tightened a longer strip of fabric around his head.

"I swear, Po, if you didn't have me, I don't know what you'd do," Mumbled Lithuania, smiling down at the silent nation.

He giggled; When Poland wasn't being obnoxiously loud, he was actually kind of cute!

Poland groaned and began blinking slowly, then rapidly, finally seeing Lithuania's face hovering cautiously above him.

"P-Poland. . .?" Lithuania asked, nervously, wiping his forehead on his sleeve and helping his blonde friend to sit up.

"Where am I?" Poland demanded.

Even though he sounded exhausted (and probably was) there was still a great deal of power in the country's voice.

"You must've hit your head on a rock, I mean, uh. . . Probably fell off Pony and into the ocean, current knocked ya' against a rock, maybe?" Lithuania responded, his tone still full of worry.

Poland blinked and echoed, "Pony. . .?"

Lithuania's eyes widened, "You. . .don't remember?"

Poland shook his head and subconsciously put his hand to the fabric tied around his forehead, "I- I don't remember! I don't know who I am! Or. . . Who you are!"

Poland's voice was full of despair and Lithuania felt his insides burn with pity for the nation.

"Who are you?" Roared Poland, leaping to a stand and glaring down at the Baltic State.

"You won't guess what we did!" Italy said, leaping around in an excited circle as Latvia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and Prussia met with the Axis again.

Hungary loosened her tight grip on her frying pan, raising an eyebrow, "Oh?"

Prussia nodded, taking his girlfriend into his lap and throwing his head back to laugh, "Kesesese! What did you do, West?"

Germany sighed in annoyance at his younger, pasta-loving ally before explaining their master plan in more detail: "We've set it up so that. . .er. . .well. . ."

Austria waved his hands in impatience, "Well? Are you going to tell us or not?"

Germany shook his head, "N-No its not that, its just that I've been thinking. . .why would we bother to tell you when you can just go and see it for yourself?"

Latvia leapt up, "That's nuts! Why don't ya' just tell us now?"

Liechtenstein pulled her boyfriend back down to the ground, "Calm down, Lat, I don't think Mr. Germany is making fun of us. To be honest, I think he's probably right. I mean, each time we've kinda thrown them into this mess without giving them the entire story."

"It seems only fair," Agreed Switzerland, shrugging to Austria.

"Very well," sighed the pianist, standing and sweeping grass from his cloak.

Switzerland stood as well, which got everyone else to their feet.

"What time is it? I mean, I don't wanna miss anything!" Exclaimed Italy, leaping up and down.

Japan narrowed his eyes and sighed, "I don't see why we even have to fool with this. I mean, I think that Love is completely fake."

Everyone glared at him and he fell silent again.

"Well we can't just stand around anymore, let's go spy on them!" Prussia grinned, dragging Hungary into his arms bridal-style and running for the beach.

Hastily, the others followed.

Lithuania blinked slowly, "Poland. . . Y-you don't remember who I am. . .?"

Poland sighed and ran a hand through his messy blonde hair, "No. . .I don't remember a thing. Whatever I hit inside my skull, made me forget everyone and everything."

The Baltic state gulped, how would their relationship get any further like this?

"I guess I'll just have to help you remember, right?" Asked Lithuania, filling the awkward silence.

Poland gave the brunette a half-smile, "Well since you're the one who patched me up, I guess I can like, totally trust you. So yeah, you better help me remember. 'Cause if you don't, I'll make Warsaw your new capital!"

Lithuania felt himself smile; the real Poland was still in there.

"First thing's first, I'm pretty much the only friend you've got," Lithuania said, shrugging and smiling to himself; maybe teaching Poland to be Poland would be kinda fun!

"Like, why?" Demanded Poland, seeming rather shocked that he wasn't the most popular nation in the world.

Lithuania , already knowing that Poland's lack of trust and then his bluntness was the cause of his unpopularity, sighed and continued, "You love Japanese pocky. . .and Russia is constantly trying to invade your nation and take you over."

Poland's forehead was creased with concentration and he nodded every so often to show that he was still paying attention. At one point, however, Lithuania noticed the blonde staring out across the ocean, obviously spacing out.

"Poland," Lithuania flicked the shorter nation on his temple, "stop spacing out."

Poland blinked and directed his attention back to the brunette, "Erm. . .sorry, Lithy."

That nickname. . .

Lithuania fell silent, wishing Poland hadn't forgotten everything.

If only he hadn't hit his head. . .then maybe their relationship could have worked out. But now, now Poland was any but himself and showed no interest in Lithuania except to use him to explain what made up the old Poland.

"If I calculated the time right, Poland should be 'remembering' things now with Lithuania," Japan said, glancing towards the sun.

Germany grunted in approval, "We ought hurry then, Ja?"

Italy waved his arms wildly, "Yes~! Ve~ This is gonna be awesome, right Diostu?"

The blonde ran a hand through his hair, "Yeah. Right."

Switzerland grumbled something incomprehensible in Austria's ear and the pianist laughed; the sound like bells reminded Italy about his brother.

"Romano always did like bells. . .almost as much as he liked tomatoes. . ." Mumbled the pasta-lover, thoughtfully.

"Did you just say Romano?" Questioned Hungary, quietly from behind the Italian.

Italy jumped, not realizing that she was listening to him but then he hesitantly nodded, "Yeah. . ."

"Great! Well I think he and Spain should get together."

Her voice was even and completely serious.

Italy's jaw dropped, "Wha-? Ya' mean, my big brother? And Spain?"

Hungary nodded, "Yep!"

Prussia (being Prussia) intruded into the conversation with: "Are you kidding? Italy, did you seriously not notice that your brother and Spain are becoming really. . .close?"

Italy blinked and blushed, "I-I guess not. . ."

"Well maybe we could match make them?" Liechtenstein whispered with a giggle, pulling Latvia closer to her, happily.

Switzerland smiled and nodded, "I think its only fair!"

"One couple at a time, please!" Germany shouted, his eye twitching.

"Diostu, you need to calm down!" Italy said, leaping to hug his bigger ally.

Japan sighed, "Why do I always get in these awkward situations. . . ?"

Hungary tickled Prussia face; the two of them obviously in their own little world.

Austria tugged Switzerland down to whisper something in his ear before pointing down at the sandy beach below the hill where the Axis and the other couples were gathered.

"Switzy is right, everyone look! Its Lithuania and Poland!" Austria whispered furiously fast.

The others fell silent and peered over the rocky ledge.

". . .So we're only friends?" Poland was asking.

Hungary wiggled her eyebrows at Prussia, "Look at them!" her voice was uber-girly and Prussia grinned at her.

"What do you mean?" Lithuania answered Poland with a question, which annoyed the blonde.

Poland tipped his head back to the sky and took a moment of silence before clarifying: "Well I just thought we be. . .I don't know. . .I mean, as soon as I woke up I saw your face and. . ." Poland let the end of his sentence fade out into nothingness.

Lithuania didn't speak. He knew from years of experience that if he didn't say a word, Poland would. Since the blonde hated silence, he'd fill it with his obnoxious voice if he had to.

Poland shifted uncomfortably before continuing, "Its just, I was suddenly overwhelmed with this feeling. . . This really warm feeling about you. I didn't know why, but I knew that you would help me remember who I am."

Lithuania felt his cheeks burn with embarrassment, but he was overflowing with happiness on the inside.

"Yeah. . ." Lithuania mumbled, suddenly hugging Poland.

Poland blushed but hugged Lithuania back all the same.

"Poland. . ."

"Sh Lithy. . .lets stay like this. . . A little while longer. . ." whispered Poland, gripping Lithuania tighter.

Lithuania sighed with relief, the real Poland was here. . .now. . .and with him!

"Lithy. . .the feelings inside of me. . .they're about to burst. . .I feel like I should. . ." Poland's breathing was coming hard in Lithuania's ear and the brunette pulled back suddenly, "You should. . .?"

Poland suddenly put his hands around Lithuania's neck and pulled himself into the Baltic's lap, "I should, erm, I should. . ."

He didn't finish his sentence and Lithuania felt sadness well up inside him; Poland still didn't completely trust him yet.

". . .Kiss you. . ." whispered Poland.

Lithuania blinked rapidly; had he just imagined that? Or did Poland really say that he was gonna kiss the brunette?

"You're gonna ki-?"

But the rest of Lithuania's question was suddenly cut off when Poland's lips met his.

It felt as though the kiss lasted forever and when Lithuania finally felt the warmth in his lips vanish, he gulped a deep breath, realizing that he'd needed to breathe.

"P-Poland. . ."

Lithuania's voice was full of shock at the blonde's actions and Poland silently met Lithuania's blue eyes and he quietly murmured, "I remember Lithy. . . I. . .never forgot. . ."

Lithuania was smiling and nodded, still slightly dazed.

But then he shook his head, "wait. . .WHAT?"

Hungary leaned too far over the edge of the ledge and she let out a cry of surprise, "Prussia-!"

The albino German spun around quickly enough only to see Hungary's hair vanish over the side of the cliff.

"Hungary!" Prussia leaned over to grip her hand, but he fell over the side as well.

Thus, a chain reaction occurred and all the nations ended up at the bottom of the ledge, standing to face Poland and a very confused Lithuania.

"Everyone?" Lithuania's voice was full of confusion.

Poland smirked, "Like man Lithy, you were totally fooled the whole time, weren't you?"

Lithuania turned to glare at the blonde, "What do you mean?"

"Well see. . .I'm good with stage make-up. . .and you two were just a couple waiting to be unveiled so. . ." Japan said, half-smiling.

Italy clapped happily, "Now we're all happy Ve~! Right, Doistu?"

Germany sighed, "Sure, sure."

"Time for the next couple!" Prussia said, grinning wildly.

Hungary smiled too, "Yeah~!"

"Which is my Big Brother and Mr. Spain!" Italy said, clapping some more.

Germany patted his ally on the head, "That's right, Italy."

"So are two cool now?" Asked Latvia.

Poland and Lithuania traded glances and Lithuania smiled at the blonde before glancing back to the other nations and responding,. "Yeah I think we are."

Poland nodded, "Like, totally!"

Austria smiled, "Well alright then. Since we're all happy, I'm going back home to make Austrian tea for everyone, sound good?"

The others nodded and Switzerland took the Austrian man's hand, "Oi, I'll help ya', Austie."

Austria nodded and smiled, "Alright."

"Well make plans for tomorrow's matchmaking session when we get there, Ja?" Said Germany.

Italy smiled, "Yay~! Big Brother's gonna have a boyfriend~!"

Japan narrowed his eyes, "I still do not approve of this thing called 'matchmaking. . .'"

Prussia hooked his arm over the Asian country's shoulders, "Kesesese Japan~! You should have a boyfriend too!"

Japan gently removed Prussia's arm from his shoulders, "No thank you, Prussia. . ."

"Lets go~!" Italy said, grinning like the crazy pasta-lover that we all know and love.

The others smiled and nodded, "Right!"

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