I can feel the warding on the walls moving almost restlessly as they disallow Christophe's entry. At least he can't get in, and it'll give me a small amount of time to plan my next move.

As I lean down to pick up Dawid, his little face red and tear streaked, I realise that I had become too compliant in this town. I have no backup plan. No escape route mapped out. Sure I picked this place because the city is just over the bridge, but I hadn't actually thought how I would get us over the bridge. Brilliant Dru, dad would be so proud.

"Oof!" escapes me as I lift Dawid. Not because he's heavy, but I can't believe how big my little boy has gotten.

Pressing him into my chest, I lightly rock us; while murmuring soft calming "it's ok." But it's not. I have to get us out of here.

Using the speed of my heritage that I have suppressed since arriving in this town, I have Dawid in one arm and two bags slung over the shoulder of my other arm. One of clothes and other necessities, that from years of being on the road with dad, has been in grained in me to have ready to go, when you have to GO. And the other a diaper bag.

Not knowing how many other djamphir from The Order Christopher has brought with him, I have to just take a chance that they're only guarding the two main exit points of the house. The front and back door are the most warded areas of the house, excluding Dawid's room. So this second story window should offer the most coverage when jumping out of it. I am a mother, currently carrying my son and I am about to jump out of a window. Good thing, no one will see it to report it.

After a deep breath and whispering into Dawid's ear, to stay quiet, I leap through the window. Just like Christophe taught me years ago. Landing unnaturally silent in a crouch on Mrs Sanders roof next door. I waste no time before I'm moving again. Running through the street, confident my svetocha speed will buy me some time to plan my next move.

That's right Dru, just keep moving. Dad's voice playing in my head makes my grip on Dawid tighten. If there's one thing I learned from Gran, Mum and Dad, is that Anderson's protect their kin.

I aim for the bridge, just get to the bridge Dru. I can already sense him following, slowly but surely gaining speed as he rushes to catch up with me.

Not this time Christophe. Maybe you've always been watching over me. When you saw me for the first time after I had shot my zombiefied father, and again when you ran into a burning building to save me, not once but too many times to discount your loyalty. And then, when Graves had written to say he's coming back. You're the only one who has never really left me. So please understand that it is not you I am running from. But the reason you will not leave me. Loyalty.

That's what I could never figure out, was it loyalty to me? Or to The Order?

I am mother now. I understand why my mother ran away and put me in a box hidden within the floor. My child will not die, because of the blood that runs in his veins. Screw your tradition. He will not be another warrior on the front lines against the night.

Seeing the slow rise of the bridge, I pick up my pace. Not thinking about Dawid's birthday party tomorrow or the rent Cassie will have to come up with on her own. Nor all Tilly has done for me over the last two years, and Michael hearing that I have just gone. No explanation.

Instead my mind is on keeping my son steady in my arms and the note, I left on the bench.

I'm Sorry, Dru.

Not fully sure who I left it for. Cassie or Christophe?

I had a plan for this story. I still want that plan to play out, but it might take some time getting it right. I don't want to delve too much into why Dru left just yet. But I will. It is something that I personally picked up throughout the books, it may not be true or what Lili St. Crow meant, but I think there could be a story there. In the end, I hope you like what I have to write I truly love hearing feedback!

So thank you so much!