"What did you find?" I asked as I walked straight into trace. I have to say it wasn't often I was in here lately, but I had to check on what Adam found from the Burolli case.

"Well, the trace on our vics clothes came back as some type of alloy. It hasn't finished processing yet. But we finally managed to identify the vic! It seems the reason that he practically didn't exist was because he didn't." Adam smiled triumphantly.

I gave him a "how dumb do you think I am" look.

"Well, in a sense." He shrugged and continued. "Our vic was special ops. But not just any special ops. Our vic is John Lee Daniels alias Thomas Rhodes." He handed me a file stamped "CLASSIFIED: TOP SECRET" I gave him a questioning look before opening it and lightly skimming through when something caught my eye. I rose my eyebrows and shot him a look of disbelief.

His grin widened. "Oh yes. Our vic was not only Central Intelligence, he was a NOC!" Adam was practically bouncing in enthusiasm.

I made a face of distaste. This meant that we had to involve them. I dropped the file in irritation. "Get Langley on the line." I sighed. It really could never be easy, could it?

Adam brightened up. "You got it, boss! One Jason Bourne investigation, on its way!" He scrambled around in his usual over excited way.


"What'd we got?" I asked as I walked into Mac's office. He looked up from the mound of paperwork and sighed, obviously stressed out. This case must have gotten a lot harder for Mac to be stressing out.

"How bad is it?" I bluntly stated. Mac gave me an incredulous look. "Eh, you're easy to read." I waved it off.

"Well, we identified the vic, unfortunately." I raised my eyebrows at that statement.

"Unfortunately?" I asked.

"It seems our vic was a head Field Agent in the Central Intelligence Agency." He sighed.

"Our vics Jason Bourne?" I joked as I grinned at him.

"That's the current running opinion of this lab." Mac stated in slight humor. "Unfortunately, it means it falls under CIA jurisdiction and special operations. Which means that we have to not only involve, but also notify Langely to receive approval before doing anything relating to this case." He added, obviously irritated with their forced involvement.

I opened my mouth to ask, when he interrupted. "Their sending a representative to make it easier and smoother. I'm not fond of the idea, but I won't argue. I want you to watch him though. I know special ops, I don't put things past them." He trailed off.

I nodded. "You got it. Keep an eye on our man." I gave him a thumbs up when I heard the shuffling of several pairs of footsteps and chairs screeching, followed by a wolf whistle. Confusion swept over my face and I looked over my shoulder as I heard the distinct sound of stilettos hitting tile.

What I saw next, caused me to do a double take and freeze the second I recognized the girl-er-woman. It took a moment to fully compute. By that time, she had stopped directly in front of me, a cocking grin, barely visible on her face.

"Hi. Agent Kromnavski." She addressed Mac, though she was clearly smiling knowingly and amused, in my direction.

Mac rose his eyebrows. "Detective Mac Taylor. I was under the impression they would be sending a Field Agent."

She smirked and turned her full attention to Mac. "Why, Detective Taylor, don't you know the most successful Field Agents, are women?" She wittingly stated, fully amused and confident. I blinked.

She rose her eyebrows, and turned to address me. "What? Are you going to introduce yourself, or keep staring at my ass all day with your jaw slacked?" She retorted in a lighthearted, playful annoyance.

I blinked and realized she was giving me an opening. "Oh, uh, Detective Flack." I stated.

She smiled impressed, though I knew she wasn't impressed by my title, rather the fact that I had actually accomplished what I said I would have.

"Detective, impressive. Well, gentlemen, if you don't mind filling me in on the case I would be happy to offer any assistance necessary. The boss gave me explicit instruction that I was under your jurisdiction. My talents are yours. From my office work, to degree, to espionage if the case calls for it. I'm basically yours for the taking." Her eyes shifted towards me at the last sentence, the obvious suggestion in her tone of voice.

I practically choked from the shock.

Her lips twitched in amusement at my response.

This caused Mac to give her a very disapproving and shocked look. "Here's the case. How much do you know?" He handed her a manila folder, which she promptly took, suddenly turning very professional, which caused Mac to change his expression to one of approval. She didn't notice however due to her extreme interest in studying the file. This fact only caused Mac's like of 'Agent Kromnavski' to grow with every passing second. I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

"Not much, they gave me his file, and background. His cases, that sort of information." She stated while reading through the case.

"Well, Flack, if you have this covered, I need to check on the White case." He gave me 'watch her' look. I nodded in response.

"You got it boss. Langley, you're with me. Keep up and hang tight." I snatched the file from her hands as she shot me a possibly lethal glare. I simply threw her a cocky grin.

She rolled her eyes. "Cocky cop." She muttered and pushed past me. I laughed as I followed her into the elevator. Once it closed, the façade dropped. The air instantly felt thick and dense.

"Soo…" I awkwardly dragged out.

She groaned, avoiding looking at me. "Don't start. Not now. Keep a secret for once in your life, Flack. Keep personal out of this case. We can talk, but once you're off duty."


I reached over and pressed the button to keep the door closed.

She looked at me. "Ok, as long as we do. I'll keep up this charade thing you got going on. Anything else?"

"Yeah, I need a place to crash. Langely's pay sucks." She scrunched her nose.

I laughed. "You're the one who wanted to serve the country as a coolio spy. Coulda been a cop." I stated teasing her.

She scoffed. "And what? Be like you, Mr. Bad Ass Detective in a zut Suite?" She raised her eyebrows, but her will was starting to crack as she began to smile.

"I take offense to that. I do not wear a zut suite. A suite yeah, and I'm a badass detective. But never a zut suite." I mocked offense.

"That's what you think." She retorted and pushed my arm away from the button. I smiled as I watched her walk off the elevator, taking the time to actually take in her appearance. She looked a lot older from when I had last seen her, though that was to be expected. I'm sure I did too. She had filled out, she looked, well, womanely. She was thin and petite, but she had always been. Though now her figure had filled out into a real killer hourglass. She obviously worked out still, and had a real killer body. No wonder she got wolf whistled at. She was wearing a pencil skirt and plain white blouse. Standard CIA wear, though I never knew a woman could be so hot in a uniform. No wonder people saw the appeal. Though I never had before. Then again, it could be more about the girl then the uniform. I shook that thought away, nah, she was like a little sister, right? I found my resolve wavering as I let my mind drift off onto that day.


I am horrid, I know(: I simply HAD to end it there! This just came about while I was attempting to remember my plotline for my Ghost Protocol(unfortunately I didn't, and ended up with this instead)and while I was engulfed in a CSI: NY marathon that randomly showed the New Bourne Legacy commercial. So it's a random mixture haha. If you like it, let me know. If not, I'm just going to end it in the next chapter with a flash forward/flashbackward. But if the Flack fans like this, I have an idea for it ^.^ xoxo