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The Prince of Egypt

chapter 1

Sagira felt the baby kicking. She was in a lot of pain. She knew the baby was on his way, but she was in danger. She, her children, and her new son are all Hebrews.

At the time the pharaoh was sending his guards to kill any newborn Hebrews because he felt that they were over populating his dynasty. He brutally took the babies away from their desperate mothers. Luckily for Sagira she got the chance of a lifetime. She ran away. She tucked her son in a basket wrapped in a pure cotton blanket and took him to the river, staying very cautious of the guards patrolling the area. She sung him a sweet lullaby:

My son, I have nothing I can give but this chance that you may live, I pray we'll meet again, if you will deliver us. Remember my last lullaby so I'll be with you when you dream.

Her soft voice made him drift off into a deep sleep. She sent him floating away, touching the tips of their fingers together as they slowly pulled apart.

He drifted off to the Pharaoh's palace where the Pharaoh's wife and her son, Remises were standing. She noticed the basket. Picked it up, pulled down the blanket, and looked inside. She saw the baby,with his soft eyes and rosy cheeks. She decided to keep him as her own. She decided to name him moses.