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Chapter 1

Oh my, I am late!

Lifting her black gown slightly off the ground, she jogged through the town square, navigating her way to her destination. The large chapel was within her sights and she saw that the clock nearly struck 6 in the afternoon.

Father will surely yell at me if I am late again.

Her teal hair was clipped up at the back of her head in the most elaborate hairstyle; most wondered how she managed it. Sun glaring at her, her dark clothes absorbing the UV rays it gave off, causing her to sweat a little. Stopping in front of the doors to the building, she took many deep breaths while she took a light sigh. With her gloved hand, she wiped the little sweat that dripped down her forehead. Hoping she did not look too dishevelled, she reached to open the doors.

At that moment, she heard a gasp in the alleyway.

Puzzled, she looked to her right, leaning slightly as if it would make a difference in what she saw. It sounded like a person, in the alley? Why on earth would there be a person there? The girl stood there for a moment before shrugging and was about to open the door when the gasp came again along with a strange rustling.

Was that a gasp of pain?

Now genuinely worried, she trotted down the steps to the door and made her way to the entrance to the alley. To her surprise, she saw another girl, shrivelled in a ball in agony.

The girl on the ground had blonde hair that feathered out near her shoulders, her bangs done in a very elegant way. She wore a beautifully designed pure white belly top shirt with shorts that were just as white. Chains hung from her waist, although they had no use, was it a fashion trend? Where is this girl from?

What strangely revealing clothes, what kind of fashion is this? I've never seen her before…

An even stranger thing about this girl was the two limbs that grew out of her back. Two large white angel wings, the feathers messy as if the wind had blown threw it. Even though they were folded neatly against the other, they still mesmerized her to stare at them. Even stranger yet, the roots of these wings did not interfere with the girl's clothing, it was as if it was attached to the top.

But they look so real, as if they could move on the owner's will… they're gorgeous… I wonder who she is…

"Excuse me," she called out to the other, "are you quite alright?"

The blonde girl's head shot up quickly, eyes wide like a startled animal caught running away. Still clutching her shoulders with her gloved hands, she stared at the girl dressed in black with a curiosity that made the teal haired girl uneasy.

They held each other's gaze for a few long moments, and in that time, the girl in the gown noticed the other's eyes: a beautiful sea blue that sparkled in the dark of the alley, mesmerizing the teal haired girl.

I love her eyes…

Snapping herself out of her momentary trance, she asked again, "Are you alright?"

The other perked up and shook her head, "I do not know."

She does not know her situation? Confused, she pursed her lips and furrowed her brows. After a few moments, she decided to change the subject, "What is your name?"

Now it was the blonde's turn to stop in confusion and thought. She didn't answer for a while, finally, she said, "Rin, ma'am."

This poor girl didn't remember her name for a few moments!

The maiden in black nodded lightly and answered, "I am Miku," she flashed her friendliest smile at the other and held out her hand. "Come; you can stay with me. The streets are much too cold to sleep on and the sun is about to set."

She watched as the blonde's beautiful eyes widen and her cheeks flush a light pink. Miku offered another warm smile to her as she watched her hand reach out to her own.

But about midway between taking the hand and refusing, the white girl's hand paused, as if unsure whether this was a good idea or not. Her brows furrowed in reluctance and puzzlement. An internal conflict swirled within her sea blue eyes like a hurricane.

Does she not trust me? For some odd reason, a dull pain tugged at her heart. Why her feelings reacted the way they did, she did not know. I do not even know this girl, yet I feel as if I lost the trust of a close friend…

But before she could fret and withdraw her gloved hand, Rin reached out once more and took it with a confidence that flowed into her. There was a tingle of some sort that ran through the teal haired girl that sent her heart racing. She couldn't even suppress the smile that invaded its way onto her lips.

With a small grunt, she hoisted up the blonde onto her feet and motioned her to follow as she turned to walk back to her home. She barely saw the other nod in affirmative but she heard the footsteps trailing behind her as they made the trek home.


Days went by since Miku found Rin in the alleyway near the church and the poor girl had no idea where she was, and how she got there. The teal haired girl felt bad for her, letting her stay until she was ready to leave her place.

And in that time, they had become very close. Even though they only knew each other for a matter of days, she felt as if she had known the blonde other ever since they were children. It was such a nice feeling, having a close friend like her. She felt some sort of connection that drew her to the other but she wasn't sure what it was, it always puzzled her.

But every day, when her fiancé came home from hard work in the city, she noticed that the blue haired girl stared at the man coldly, with a slight sense of malice. If she kissed the man, the other would glare at him with utmost jealousy, it was strange and it bothered her a little.

Why it bothered her, she had no idea. It just made her feel uneasy, but at the same time, it made her feel special. But again, she had no idea why she felt so special seeing the other's envy.

I wonder why I feel this way…

She continued to contemplate as she scrubbed the dishes in the sink, the soapy water covering her arms up until her elbows. When the last plate was rinsed and let to dry, she turned off the tap and sank back into her thoughts.

Why does she have wings?

Are they real?

Miku had offered to lend clothes to the blonde but she had always flat out refused. No matter when she wore the clothes, they stayed spotless and in perfect shape. She would go to bed in the same white belly top and shorts and when she exited her room in the morning, they were left unwrinkled. As if the clothes themselves were frozen in time.

It's so strange…

And the wings: they bothered her to no end. They looked so real, yet she couldn't help but think they were fake; that they were just attached to the back of her shirt. But there was one day in which she accidentally slammed them in the door and Rin cried out in such pain, it worried her immensely. When she reopened the door after that, the wing was all bent out of shape, twitching and throbbing.

At that time, she started to believe the wings were real and she felt terrible for doing such agony to her new friend. She offered to treat it for her but the blonde flat out refused with gritted teeth, disappearing into her room for the day. The teal haired girl felt so bad for the rest of the night, but the next day, the wing was healed.

Is she a being from above?

"Rin, why do you have wings? Are you an angel?" She didn't realize she had said it aloud until she heard the other answer her question.

"I do not know why I have wings. Angels have halos, do they not? I, on the other hand, do not have a halo," the blonde's response was quiet.

Miku furrowed her brows as she grabbed the cloth beside the sink and wiped her hands. "Perhaps you are a fallen angel," she suggested as she threw the used rag into the basket.

She walked into the pantry in search of flour and spices to start dinner when she something clatter and a heavy thud. Her eyes widened as she jumped and rushed out of the pantry to find Rin sprawled on the floor, clutching her head for dear life, crying out in pain. The girl on the floor writhed as she screamed.

"Rin!" the teal haired girl yelled as she bent over and shook her, as if to help her get a hold of herself. "RIN!"

After what seemed like an eternity, the blonde calmed down and lay on the floor, panting heavily. Her wings were bent slightly in the a painful looking way but she didn't seem to notice.

Reluctantly, Miku asked, "Rin, are you alright?"

When there was no response, fear ran through the girl as she shrieked again, "Rin! Are you alright?"

The other managed a weak nod.

Still frantic about what had just happened, she blurted, "Was it something I said? I am so sorry for causing you so much pain!"

"I am fine, Miku," her voice croaked at her attempt to speak. With much effort, she lifted herself off the ground and struggled to stand. "I will be retiring to my room now, just let me rest."

Still unsure whether or not her friend was alright, she complied hesitantly with her request and returned to the kitchen. Out of the corner of her eye, she watched as the blonde stumbled into the hall. She heard the door shut and swiftly, she sneaked to the front of the guest room and placed her ear on the door.

Muffled sobs could barely be heard through the wood, sounding pitiful and despaired…

She's crying! Devastation filled her being as she sank away from the door, guilt filling her being. Is it my fault?

Unable to listen to the whimpers, she snuck back to the kitchen and began cutting the radishes. But even as she tried to distract herself, the cries were still heard and it cut deep into her very soul.


"My darling, Miku," the man pointed at the dark flowing dress that lay just beyond the glass. With one arm wrapped around her waist, he stated, "I want you to wear that gorgeous gown on our wedding day."

"But it is black, and that is improper!" the teal haired girl pointed out. In the corner of her eye, she saw Rin scowl at her fiancé. She felt her heart skip a beat.

"My dear Miku, I do not care about those trivial matters, I wish for you to wear that black wedding gown on our faithful day," he poetically replied. "I will go purchase it, you stay here my love." And with that said, he rushed off into the store.

Miku let out a breathy chuckle, her fiancé could be so stubborn sometimes. But as soon as the breath left her lips, the smile left with it. Staring at the black dress in front of her, doubt started to come into her thoughts. As she desperately tried to pat those thoughts away, she was surprised that she doubted her decision at all.

Why do I suddenly doubt my love for him? She was confused by her feelings. Without thinking, she snuck a quick glance at the blonde that stood beside her. Seeing her sea blue eyes stare back caught her off guard and her gaze swung back to the dress, hoping the other didn't notice.

Her heart was racing now, as if she had run a marathon just now. It puzzled her, what was the reason of this kind of feeling? I don't understand…

"Miku," as her name was called, she spun to look at the owner of the voice. The other's dazed look told her that she hadn't called her on purpose but she didn't mind.

"Yes, Rin? I have not forgotten you were there," she replied. The teal haired maiden watched as the other flexed her jaw as if to say something, but the voice did not respond.

After a few moments of trying to say something, the blonde shook her head and shot a small smile at her that made her heart skip a beat. "Never mind, I forgot what I was about to ask of you, my apologies."

"I see," Miku mumbled in reply. She turned back to stare aimlessly at the glass window in front of her, displaying the beautiful black gown that her soon-to-be husband was purchasing for her.

Why do I love her smile so much? It makes my stomach flutter and chest tighten. What a strange feeling…

She sighed and shook her head in her puzzlement. Nothing was making sense at this given moment.

Suddenly, catching her completely in surprise, she was pulled back by a white gloved hand. She felt her back smack into someone's chest. When she turned to see it was Rin who had pulled her back, she opened her mouth to ask what the motive behind the action was. But she couldn't get any words out of her mouth as it was covered by the other's lips.

She sharply inhaled as she felt soft lips touch hers and the sheer contact made her heart fly. But why it did was something she couldn't understand.

I'm not supposed to feel this way!

It was a sin against God if you loved someone of the same gender; it was even heavier of a crime if that person was an angel. In her mind she kept trying to tame the beating of her heart, the flipping of her stomach and the joy in her throat. But she couldn't, it was going to consume her.

I can't let this happen. A fallen angel comes to earth in order to repent, not to sin further.

With all of her remaining will power, she regretfully pushed the other off with as much strength as she possibly could with her weakened hands. The teal haired girl slapped her hands over her lips, knowing that her face was probably a tomato at that moment. She stared wide eyed at the fallen angel, unable to think of an excuse in which why she broke the connection she loved so much.

"Rin, you cannot do that!" she blurted out, frantic to say something, to explain. "You are an angel, I am a mere human. This will never work…" she trailed off into silence, still trying to think of something to say afterwards. But her mind came up blank; she wished she had another way to explain it. Just anything but the truth of her feelings would have been fine.

Miku watched as the blonde's face contorted with hurt and sadness. The sorrow swam through the other's lovely deep blue eyes and it made her heart sink so low that she didn't think it'd ever go back. She watched as Rin forced a smile onto her lips and replied, "I understand, I am sorry I startled you."

Hearing those words made her heart stop and her blood turn cold. What had she done? She shifted her gaze to look at the stone floor of town square and searched desperately for something else to say. "No, I meant…" she trailed off.

When she looked up to say something else, Rin was no longer standing there. With only a single white feather left on the ground in her place, the owner of it had vanished.

Panicking, the teal haired girl picked up the feather and clutched it tightly in her black gloved hand. Half dragging her dress on the floor, she ran throughout town square, searching for the blonde.

"Rin?" she called over and over as she zigzagged through the bustling crowd. She couldn't find any trace of her beloved friend anywhere.

Even when her husband came out of the store about twenty minutes later holding the gown, she sent him home straight away as she continued to search. She was desperate to see the fallen angel, to apologize for rejecting her and possibly make up for it somehow.

Soon, it became dark and the streets glowed with the faded yellow from the street lights. But that didn't stop her. She continued to search until she was sure she had covered the entire square and finally, collapsed tiredly on the bench in front of the church.

Where did she go?

She despaired at the loss of her friend: Rin had run from her knowing that only hurt would follow if she stayed. Even knowing this fact, it still hurt to know that it was her fault. The guilt crushed her being as she clutched the white feather close to her chest, wishing her to come back.

But at that moment, the strangest thing started to happen. She opened her palm to look at the pure white feather in her hand only to see it slowly disintegrate. Tiny white flaked peeled off of it as it glowed slightly in the darkness. Watching the process in much fascination and confusion, she continued to observe until the feather was no more.

Staring aimlessly at her hand for a few moments, and then she felt puzzled. What was she still doing here in the square after sunset? Did she lose something? Forget something, perhaps?

Why does it feel like I've forgotten something important?

Sitting on the bench, she scratched the side of her head for a minute, thinking deeply for some sort of answer, but she found none.

Simply shrugging it off, she pushed herself off the bench and started on her long walk back home to her cottage. But she still couldn't help but think that she was leaving something precious behind in the dark…


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