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Chapter 2

I am in the sky.

I'm watching as me and my friend walk through a stupendous garden. It has every floral species I can think of, in every colour I can imagine. The petals glow in the bright sunlight as a sign of good health. I know I can never grow flowers to be this beautiful, I wonder whose garden this is…

I watch as I look to my friend and I smile brightly at her. She smiles back at me with an equal amount of joy. I can feel my heart start to race in my chest, I feel happy that she's smiling. The feeling makes me lighter, I feel almost weightless.

My friend, she is precious to me, I can feel it. She has shoulder length blonde hair and she is wearing white. Her belly top shirt along with her shorts is a pure white that blind me if I stare at it too long. But I can't see her face.

I want to see her face. I try to float closer but I can't, I'm stuck in mid-air in the same spot, only to watch.

My friend offers me a flower, a stephanotis to be exact. She says something but I can't hear it. But my clone on the can and she shakes her head sadly and mouths "no."

I can't see the pain on my friend's face, but I know she is hurt by the rejection. It's almost as if I can feel her pain in my chest. I can feel it tighten up until I can barely breathe and I can feel my stomach turn to stone, hanging heavy on my abdomen. Tears pierce the back of my eyes as I watch her hang her head and force words out of her lips. In her hand, she crushes the flower into dust.

"What are you doing? How could you reject her?" I scream at my other self sitting next to my friend but "I" cannot hear me. The tears slide down my cheek as I continued float and be a spectator.

My blonde friend smiles sadly at "me" and at that moment, I catch a glimpse of her eyes. They are a deep sapphire blue: beautiful. But they are only filled with sadness and agony. Seeing this makes me die a little more on the inside as I watch her get up and start to walk away.

"Chase after her! Tell her you're sorry!" I shout at "me" but "I" don't respond. "I" can't hear me and all "I" am doing is standing there, looking at the ground that starts to die. "My" eyes look cold and uncaring as "I" let her walk away.

"NO! RUN AFTER HER!" I am shrieking at the top of my lungs now, but I can't get my voice through to my clone. I watch my friend walk slowly away from "me" and as she does, the flowers lose their shine and they begin to wilt.

She continues to walk away; I can see she is slowly sinking into the Earth below her. My chest is in so much pain, I can't bear it. Please turn around, don't leave me. You're precious to me!

When she is halfway into the ground, the garden is half dead. It looks as if it wants to survive but it is starting to lose its will to live. "I" am still standing in the same place, watching the beautiful blooms become corrupt with blank, icy eyes. I can't stand it.

I look towards my friend and I notice two black nubs growing out of her back. They're moving in the strangest way, rippling the skin in ways that aren't humanly possible. Not even a second later, dark wings as black as night burst from the nubs and spread as if she were to take flight.

At this point, "I" look up from the ground to stare blankly at my friend's back. She turns around to face "me", with only her torso and up still above the ground. Shooting a sorrowful smile my way, I catch a glimpse of her eyes, now red irises with a black cornea. Her demon eyes shut as I watched a grey blotch slowly consume her human skin colour. She leaned backward and slowly, but surely, fell through the floor and completely disappeared.

I reach out with all my power to try and catch her but my attempt is futile. My friend is gone, gone forever… The pain, I can't stand it. What have I done? What have I done?

Unable to do anything else, I clutch onto my head for dear life. Through the tears, heartache and anger at myself, I scream.


Miku sat up in her bed, shrieking at the top of her lungs while choking on sobs and whimpers. The sweat that leaked from every pore from her body was cold and unpleasant. Gripping her soaked sheets, she shuddered and panted for the breath she had lost from yelling so loud.

The tears slid nonstop out of her light blue eyes but she couldn't care less at the moment. The guilt had felt so real, so did the scene. She coughed up the mucus that had been stuck in her throat as she slept and spat it out in the trash basket near her bedside.

It was only a dream… it was only a dream…

After she had calmed down a little, she looked to her right to see that her fiancé was still sound asleep within the covers. She smirked and sighed, how could he still be sleeping after she made such a ruckus.

Letting out a raged sigh, she threw her covers off and padded off to the kitchen to get a glass of water, hoping it would help calm her a little further. It was only a dream after all, there is no possible way someone could just fall through the floor.

At least I hope so…

In the kitchen, she grabbed a cup out of a cupboard above the counter. Using the moonlight as her guide, she reached the sink and filled the glass up to the rim with the cool liquid and graciously gulped it down. When she was half done, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

She felt much better now, but the dried tears that crackled on her face started to bother her. Again, she turned water back on and drenched a cloth. Using that same cloth, she wiped her tear stained cheeks and sighed once more. Throwing the rag into the basket, she leaned against the counter and stared out the window.

The moon was still high in the dark sky, and around it were many clusters of multicoloured stars, twinkling like gems. Miku automatically assumed that it wasn't even close to morning and she felt suddenly embarrassed.

I wonder if I woke any of the neighbors with my loud screaming…

Immediately shrugging the thought off, assuming that she hadn't screamed that loud, it was only loud enough to wake the people in this cottage. But the feeling she wasn't able to shrug off was the loneliness that came into effect after she calmed down.

The dream had occurred every night since she found herself in town square after dark. So to calculate, it has been about a month. And in that month, this one dream had haunted her every time she fell into a slumber. It always left her waking up feeling a little emptier, a little guiltier. What was the dream trying to tell her?

I don't understand…

She brought her left hand to clutch the spot on her chest covering her fast beating heart. That spot ached unbearably every day, never letting her feel joy. Even when she knew that she should be enjoying moments, like spending time with friends, acknowledging her wedding was in a matter of days or successfully growing a tomato, she just couldn't bring herself to. Although frustrating, it also became a desperate curiosity in her mind.

Who is this person I keep dreaming of? Blonde hair, blue eyes…

Beautiful blue eyes…

I want to find you. You can help me understand what my heart is trying to tell me.

At that moment, she reached out to touch the glass of the window. Through her eyes, it looked like she was touching the moon. With all her might, she pushed against it, hoping her hand will magically run through it so she can reach into the sky. That hand that held hers, she searched for it.

Why am I searching in the sky? She fell through the ground.

It made absolutely no sense, but perfect sense at the same time. With all her dead heart, she wished she could fly to search for the person in her dream. She would hold that person in her arms and never let her go, because she knew how important that person was. The hand that held hers, she wanted to feel that warmth and reassurance right now.

I no longer want to be this empty shell. Please save me…

Tears spilt from her eyes once more but she ignored them as she stared into the sky with so much sadness and agony, it hurt. She felt so blank, it was painful to try and think or feel.

"I cannot search for you, I cannot even remember your name," Miku croaked through her sobs. "So please, if you can hear me, come find me." Her whispers were so pitiful, even the crickets stopped chirping in sympathy.

She sniffed quietly as she wiped her eyes and murmured, "Please find me, help me remember. Please save me." And with that, she shuffled off back to her room and tried to fall back asleep.


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