【 And still the second hand will catch us, 】



He didn't understand what part of him was angered by the fact she hung out with Dave all the time, because he was Dave; just not the Dave that she wanted to be with. In a way, he was just a copy – the future of the guy she liked, an orange-cream carbon copy. But, Davesprite knew that this Dave, the original Dave, did not think much of the inky-locked human girl – at least not yet, of course.

He cursed himself, the Dave in present time, with a vial hate. It was unfair to him to have to watch Jade attempt to win Dave's affections over when she already had Davesprites', the Dave from the future, love.

But she didn't want him, she wanted Dave.

I'm Dave.

The Dave now wouldn't dare realize how much he actually did care for Jade, his focus was elsewhere – he was more focused on the game than the emotions of one of his friends. Davesprite cared; he cared so much it hurt sometimes.

"I don't understand how you can just like him even though he's a total asshole to you, Jade."

"Well, you should know, Davesprite. You're a copy of Dave, right?"

She rubbed her arm bashfully and pursed her lips to the side, green eyes straying to the ground. They were standing outside Dave's apartment; or rather Jade was standing, Davesprite was…floating.

"Yeah, but I'm not in control of what the punk thinks, says, or does at this point."

He wanted to hold her.

So badly he wanted to just take her in his arms and never let go. She felt that if she allowed herself to fall into Davesprite's hold that she would be betraying Dave, like she was cheating on him for his twin brother – which they knew was not the case. Davesprite couldn't contain the angry words that wanted to fly from his lips when she said that.

I am Dave.

She wouldn't be cheating on anyone; the present-day Dave hasn't even realized his feelings for her yet, so where would the harm be in that? The Jade from the future doesn't exist, she died not long before he became Davesprite. So, when he ventured backwards in time…

His feelings came hurdling back.

And he wouldn't lose her again, at least not this time around.




【 like it always does. 】


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