Title: How important you really are...

About: Okay, this takes place in G1, first time ever writing a fanfic 'bout G1, so, Yay me! I thought of this while listening to Shattered by Trading Yesterday and Look Away by Thousand Foot Krutch.

Summery: During a battle with the Decepticons, Bumblebee is badly wounded and something within the Autobots snap, their fear for their youngling takes over. The Autobots feel guilty, they were unable to protect one of their most precious comrades, and that just keeps repeating within their minds and they learn just how important 'Bee is to them.

Rated T 'cause I'm paranoid

:: Comm. Speak::

~: Bond Speak :~



~~~~~~~~Lets Start!~~~~~~~~

All the Autobot's sparks froze as they herd a short cry of pain. Their fights forgotten, their helms snapped towards the sound, their optics paled to horror when they saw, Starscream had Bumblebee pinned under his foot, his blasters aimed at the small yellow 'bot's helm.

"Dont move Autobots!" Screamer growled, "Or your little spy will get it." Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, could feel both fear and fury radiating off his troops. Bumblebee's helm snapped over to them, his baby blue optics wide, energon leaked from his forehead, running in front of them. Starscream continued,

"Let my troops take the energy and leave. And I might spare him."

"Don't do it!" Bumblebee called over to them, "Stop the Decepticons!" He then gasped in pain as Starscream increased the weight on his chassis.

"You fragger!" Sunstreaker yelled and went to move forward, only to be stopped when 'Bee cried out in pain. The Autobot's optics darkened with fury. Suddenly Bumblebee screamed in fury and, surprising both friend and foe and himself, a hidden blaster flipped out of his wrist and he blasted Starscream's chin. 'Bee looked at his wrist joint surprised as the gun flipped back in, then he glanced at Screamer, who was dazed slightly. Seeing his chance, Bumblebee heaved himself to his feet and stumbled, half dazed, towards his comrades. When he got close enough, he fell forward, causing Wheeljack, who was the closest one to him, to catch him. Ratchet moved towards him.

"Thanks 'Jackie" 'Bee muttered slightly. The other Autobots continued to beat the slag out of the 'cons while Wheeljack and Ratchet checked their yellow spy over. 'Bee's optics moved over to Starscream, who had regained his feet and was aiming his plasma cannons towards something, Bumblebee's gaze followed the Decepticon's gaze and felt his spark drop. Starscream was aiming at one of the energon cubes his comrades had dropped. And it was close enough to the fighting Autobots to blow them all up! 'Bee sat up quickly making Ratchet yelp in surprise as Starscream pulled the trigger. Bumblebee flew to his feet and ran as fast as he could, his optics narrowed in concentration. The Autobots, who had just chased off the Decepticons looked at the minibot shocked as he ran towards them, their optics widening as they realized what has happening. But before any of them could act, Bumblebee jumped. His body jerked as the blasts hit him and the tiny Autobot was sent flying backwards.

"BUMBLEBEE!" Ratchet screamed as he ran towards the fallen minibot, Wheeljack close behind,

"BEE!" The twins exclaimed

"NO!" Optimus Prime gasped,

"FRAG!" Ironhide's swear drew the Autobot's attention back to Starscream and the Decepticons, who had taken off. Ironhide tried to take off after them but was stopped by his commander,

"Ironhide! Don't." Optimus said sternly, "Right now Bumblebee's well-being takes priority over everything else!"

"Slag!" Ratchet exclaimed from where he was leaning over Bumblebee, his helm snapped up and he glared at the gathered Autobots, "We need to get him stabilized right now!" He pulled some tool out (that none of the Autobots knew what it was) and shocked the small mech, making his small body jerk slightly. Ratchet repeated this over and over again. Then he pulled back and transformed,

"Load him in!" The CMO snapped, Jazz gently picked the injured yellow minibot and loaded him into the back of Ratchet's alt. mode. Once 'Bee was in, Ratchet took off, driving faster then any of the Autobots thought possible. The rest of the Autobots transformed and drove after the CMO in silence.

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