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Time Units Used (These are probably different from others):

Nanoklik: 1s

Klik: 1.2m

Breem: 8.3m

Joor: 1h

Orbital Cycle/Solar Cycle: 1 day

Orn: 1 week

Vorn: 1 month

Stellar Cycle: 1 year

Prowl's optics blinked online slowly and he let out a groggy groan. The black and white SIC looked at his interior clock and sighed. 5:16:54 am in Earth time, he had slept in and he had a training course to set up. Prowl's pale blue optics floated down to the recharging Bumblebee on his chest and sighed again, if he wanted to get the course done on time, he'd have to have someone watch Bumblebee, and at this time, only three Autobots would be awake. Red Alert, he didn't want Bumblebee to make the Security Officer glitch so he was out of the option. Ratchet, Prowl winced, last time that happened Bumblebee ran off. So that left Optimus Prime, the prime and Ironhide had been the ones to watch Bumblebee back on Cybertron, so the commander was the best option. With his mind made up, Prowl carefully picked the slumbering sparkling up and cradled him. His doorwings twitch as he looked at the yellow sparkling, a small smile on his face plates and he left his chambers.


Optimus Prime looked across his desk, his dark blue optics staring into baby blue ones as Bumblebee sat on the data pads the prime had been working on up until he had herd the knock on the door and Prowl handed him a sleeping sparkling. At first, it had been fine, Optimus sat down and returned to his data pads, and then Bumblebee had woken up. The yellow sparkling had taken one look at him and had blinked, then he had sat up, scaring the frag out of the Autobot commander and had climbed up onto the desk, stealing the data pad in the process. Now, the two Autobots were stuck in a staring contest, neither one wishing to lose. Prime scowled (A/N He's not waring his mask at the moment), "Bumblebee, please get off my reports." He begged. Bumblebee just gave him a smug smile,

"Nope." He chirped, causing the prime's scowl to enlarge and the sparkling to burst into a giggle fit. "Opt's face funny!" Bumblebee giggled, pointing at the expression on Optimus's faceplate. The prime raised an eye ridge and suddenly smirked. Bumblebee's giggles stopped short and he meeped diving to the side as Optimus lunged forward, only to have the commander grab his tiny leg and held him up side down in front of him, the sparkling flailed his arms, much the way Prowl's doorwings would flutter when he was surprised. He must have picked up some traits from Prowl. Optimus thought as he blew on the sparklings stomach. He was rewarded by squeals and laughs, "No~! Opt stop! Ticklez!" Bumblebee squealed,

"What was that? I didn't hear anything~." The prime teased and kept tickling the sparkling.

"Opt! Ticklez! Stop!" Bumblebee giggled. Optimus smirked,

"What was that~?"

"Ticklez Opt! Ticklez!" The sparkling tried to squirm out of the Autobot commander's grip, but only to fail miserably. Optimus laughed lightly before speaking,

"Can I have my data pads back now?" He asked,

"Yesh! Yesh! Opt have data pads back!" Bumblebee said, nodding madly between giggles. Optimus smiled,

"Good." He said, and placed the wheezing sparkling back on the desk, who in return, handed the prime back his data pads with a sheepish grin plastered on his face plates. "Thank you Bumblebee." Optimus thanked, the sparkling huffed and crossed his servos of his chest and glared at Optimus, it wasn't much of a glare though and it took all of the red and blue prime's self control not to burst out laughing at the expression. It was much like what a sparkling would give you if you took his energon treat and it was just adorable. Optimus ran a servo down his face plate with a sigh, "Why don't you draw Prowl a picture?" He suggested, earning a huge grin from Bumblebee. The prime got up from his seat and walked over to where he kept empty data pads. He grabbed one and a few coloured pens then walked back over to the sparkling and handed him the supplies. With a happy chirp, Bumblebee snatched the data pad and pens then started drawing. With a grateful sigh Optimus sunk back down into his chair and resumed working on his reports.


Prowl stalked towards Optimus Prime's office, his doorwings jutting out in a regal position that demanded respect. At the moment, Prowl was not a happy mech. He had walked into the training room only to find all the training equipment he needed, glued to the ceiling. It took him nearly two joors trying to get them down. And in that duration of time, Sunstreaker and Sideswipe had taken pictures of him trying to detach the items from the ceiling, which was well out of his reach. The pictures had been passed out among the soldiers and after a breem Ratchet, Ironhide and Silverbolt, feeling sorry for the poor SIC had come and helped. A klik after that, Jazz had waltz in. After rolling around laughing his aft off (and a few wrenches to the helm), the TIC also offered his help. Between the five of them, Prowl's equipment was finally detached from the ceiling and the troops were called in. In total, it had taken him a total of joors for the training to start. It was mainly Transform-ups and laps for the troops because Prowl didn't have the time to set up the training course, much to the troops' distress, all of them despising Transform-ups. After that, Prowl had stalked out of the room and fallen victim to yet another one of the twin's pranks. The SIC was now cherry red with sparkles, and when he had gone to get the paint and sparkles off his beloved white and black paint, he found the red paint was even brighter. A scream of "TWINS!" had echoed around the Ark and now, Prowl was absolutely livid, just fuming death threats at anybot who so much as looked at him. Most Autobots were ducking out of the pissed off SIC's way as he past, the one's who didn't, were greeted warmly (A/N did you pick up my sarcasm?) a glare that could melt them into slag. Soon, the angry police cruiser reached the commander's office and knocked on the door. He was greeted by an "Enter" from the prime and he stepped into the room, the doors swishing closed behind him. Optimus didn't look up from what he was working on and tiny sparkling Bumblebee was deep in recharge.

"Ahh.. Prowl. How was your-" The prime looked up, and a shocked flash crossed the un-masked Prime's faceplates, "Day? Prowl, what happened?" Optimus asked and his mask covered the bottom half of his face as he took in the red and sparkly mech. Prowl scowled,

"I'll give you two guesses." The SIC growled.

"Sunstreaker and Sideswipe."

"Got it in one." Prowl's answer caused Optimus to groan

"What punishment do you have in mind?" Prowl smirked, it was a very evil smirk that even caused the Autobot commander to shiver slightly.

"Triple monitor duty and helping Ratchet in the med bay with anything our dear CMO might need." Prime regarded his tactician,

"You can be very evil sometimes. You know that, right?" Prowl smirk grew and he simply sniggered. Optimus's optics flashed slightly. The Autobot commander was not fearless, contrary to popular belief, if you asked him what he feared most, you'd be expecting something along the lines of Megatron, or his troops being injured, but no. The thing he feared most, was Prowl in a bad/evil mood, and at the moment, the SIC was both. Prowl leaned over and picked the slumbering Bumblebee up gently, nodded to the prime, and turned and left. Leaving a worried commander in his wake. The old prime now officially, felt sorry for the trouble making twins.


Sunstreaker lay on the berth he shared with his brother, flipping through the pictures the twins had taken of Prowl, there was when he was jumping to try and grab his equipment, one of Prowl glaring at the ceiling, one of paint and sparkles falling on Prowl, one of a spluttering Prowl after having paint and sparkles dumped on him, ext. ext. ext. The sun-ray yellow(he refused to call it sunshine yellow) looked up as his twin brother, Sideswipe loped into the room.

"Hey sunny!" At the nickname, Sunstreaker blinked but didn't do anything. The only ones who could get away with calling him Sunny, were Sideswipe, Bumblebee, Ratchet ('cause he was afraid of him) and Ironhide (afraid of him too).

"What's up Sides?" The yellow twin asked his red brother.

"Prowler's d-" He was cut off by the doors flying open, revealing a smiling Rachet,

"There's my new slaves!" The CMO chirped. Both mechs looked at him horrified,

"W-what?" The squeaked in alarm. Ratchet looked at them with false pity,

"Oh, didn't you hear? Your punishment for pranking Prowl is triple monitor duty, and you get to serve me at my beck and call."

"NOOOOOOO!" Sideswipe yelled dramatically, dropping to his knees as Ratchet smirked.

"C'mon my little slaves. I have lots of things for you to do..." He giggled and turned and left. Leaving horrified twins in his wake.

"Primus no..." Sunstreaker whispered.

"Help." Sideswipe whimpered and dropped his helm into his servos and proceeded to shuddered violently. Sunstreaker got off the berth and sat down beside his brother, patting his shoulder and attempted to calm the red mech down.

Sorry 'bout the wait! I had writer's block! DX Anyway; here's chapter 5! I decided to pull a prank on poor Prowl, then, I felt evil and decided to pull two pranks on our favourite second-in-command :) MAWHAHAHA! Hope you liked it :)

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