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A/N-This starts off on the last day of school. And Leon is a GIRL!

"I hate you!" I screamed as a glass beer bottle shattered behind me. My white-blonde hair stuck to my tear-streaked face and my sea-blue eyes burned with anger. My mother swayed drunkly in front of me, her own black hair matted and unwashed.

"Get out!" she slurred. I held my ground, not knowing where to go since I have just moved here and my cousin was in school. My mother must have sensed that I wasn't going anywhere because she flew at me and slapped my face. I stumbled backwards, clutching my cheek. I stood up straight and shrugged.

"Fine, I'll leave" I said harshly, kicking past Ginger, my mom's poodle. Once outside I hopped on my old black bike, hoping to catch up to Alice. I got to the school in record time, only to find that Alice was still sitting in class. I walked across the street to the candy store and bought a bottle of Pepsi and a bag of chips. I sat down on the curb and stared at the school doors.

I started to think about my life before me dad ran out on me and my mom was a normal mom and didn't drink. I was a good kid up to the point when my dad left. When he went he robbed me of that. I was constantly in and out of jail and my grades dropped, making mostly C's and D's. He left four days before my tenth birthday; I was sitting on the couch watching a movie when he hugged me and told me that he loved me. He handed me a five dollar bill, which still laid in my drawer, and left. My mom and I waited for six hours before we reported him missing and they found him in Florida. I went to jail for the first time when I was eleven for shoplifting and I just went downhill from there. But my mom took an even bigger plunge then me, turning to booze to erase her sorrow.

I looked up as the bell went off. I stood up and looked around for Alice, finding her walking down the sidewalk. I mounted my bike and rode over to her.

"Boo!" I yelled, causing her to jump. She turned around and roll her eyes.

"Jeez Leon," she smiled, lightly shoving me. I dropped my feet to the ground to keep from falling over.

"Sorry," I smirked, "Need a ride?" I nodded towards my handlebars and she hopped up.

"Maybe I should drive," Alice suggested, noticing that I couldn't see over her. We switched places and we rode in the direction of my house.

"How was school?" I asked. She laughed.

"It sucked. You wanna come with me to come with me tonight to the train station?" she asked. I shrugged.

"I don't know, why?" I screeched as she swerved a person.

"I'm helping some boys with their movie," she said. I grunted.

"Not really my thing," I said. Alice shrugged.

"If you change your mind we're meeting at the water tower at midnight," she said. We reached my house and I hopped off.

"You can borrow the bike," I told her. She thanked me and told me bye as she rode off. I took a deep breath and opened the door slowly. I walked in and seen my mom was passed out on the couch. I sighed with relief and headed to my room, which was painted pink by the previous owner. I threw myself on my blue bed and looked up at the ceiling which had an Elvis poster taped onto it. I smiled to myself as I though of the hot male singer. Leon Presley, I thought. I glanced at my clock and thought about what Alice had sad about making a movie. I stood up and grabbed a short blue jean skirt and a blue belly shirt that was just long enough to cover up the needed part of my chest. I slipped on my baby blue converses and sat back on my bed, it was only 3:13! I groaned and laid back on the bed.