Note* I really don't know as much as I probably should about the Touhou Project and its many characters. I'll try my best to be accurate, but please forgive any inaccurate facts or characters acting… well, out of character. Also, the story is absolutely filled with OCs. Hopefully, that won't sway your opinion too much.

A scream. Everything was completely dark except for a small blue light out of the corner of her eye. Something was coming, descending, piercing Gensokyo's border as though it were tissue paper. All the while screaming could be heard, though it was not the scream of any human or yokai. The scream was as metal scraping against metal. Brief flashes of red covered the faint, persistent blue at almost regular intervals. Always the screaming, the screeching, it clawed at her ears.

Suddenly, the scene changed. Still darkness, though through very little light, a forest could be made out. Large bangs could be heard, and at each one, a single tree was knocked out of existence, to be replaced by a silver replica. Off in the distance, a small cottage lay peacefully. Another loud clang and the cottage was as silver as the trees.

Another scene shift. An eye, green as an emerald, brilliant as the sun, yet dead and soulless, stared into her sweating face. A single word could be heard, garbled and hollow; salvation…

A lightning bolt outside startled her awake. She sat up in a jolt, her face beaded with sweat. Rain poured down on the roof of the shrine, and brief white flashes could be seen outside. Reimu sighed. That same dream again. She thought. "I must be going crazy." She said to herself. Knowing that it was likely useless, she lay back down and drifted off to sleep.

A voice woke her up this time. I just won't get any sleep at night, will I? The voice sounded again. "Reimu!" If she wasn't so tired, she could recognize the voice.

The rain still poured outside as she got up to open the door. She was surprised at who was there. She had short blue hair and was wearing a light blue gown with white fringes. She was barefoot, but her most prominent feature were her icicle-shaped wings. She was completely drenched. "Cirno?" Reimu asked, rubbing her eyes. "What are you doing here this late?"

"Sorry to bother you." It wasn't Cirno who answered. Hidden behind the half-open door was another fairy. This one had green hair and a much darker blue dress. She was soaked through as well. "We've uh… got a bit of a problem."

Reimu let Cirno and Daiyousei in despite the hour and weather. Cirno simply sat with a scowl on her face the whole time, while Daiyousei was more apologetic. "Thank you for seeing us this late." Reimu lit a candle and nodded. "Winter has been prolonged before. Everyone in Gensokyo is familiar with the unnaturally long winters that have come in the past." Cirno remained silent. "We were fine with it before, winter is our favorite time of year, but…" Daiyousei paused. "Cirno says winter isn't coming this year, and I can't explain why, but I believe her." She looked down, slightly embarrassed.

"How can you be sure?" Reimu asked.

"It doesn't matter." Cirno finally spoke up. "I just know. I can feel it."

"I'll need a little more to go on than that."

Cirno stood up abruptly. "I knew you wouldn't listen." She started walking out of the shrine. "Come on Daiyousei."

Daiyousei stood up and followed Cirno, bowing as she left. "Thank you for your time." She closed the door softly.

Reimu sighed. "Fairies…" She lay back down trying to get some sleep. The storm outside wasn't helping. Eventually she managed to drift off back to sleep, hoping the nightmare didn't come back.

The next morning, Reimu was awakened early. It isn't everyday someone slams your door open and shouts something, and it's never pleasant when it does happen. However, when that message is "Flandre's been kidnapped!" you kind of have to pay attention.

Reimu's eyes fluttered open as she tried to comprehend what was just said to her. She saw Marisa standing in the doorway, slightly disheveled, with her broom in one hand. She had a very surprised and frustrated look on her face. "What did you sa-"

"Flandre's been kidnapped!" Marisa repeated. "Wake up and come on!" She slammed the door again and stormed off, muttering as she did so.

When Reimu finally pulled herself together and walked outside, she saw Marisa on the ground arguing with Yukari of all people. "And why should I help you?" Yukari said, turning away and crossing her arms.

Marisa almost snapped. "What part of 'Flandre Scarlet's been kidnapped' do you not understand?"

"And why does this concern me?"

"Think about it. Anyone strong enough to kidnap Flandre Scarlet without any sound or even a clue will certainly be more powerful than pretty much everyone in Gensokyo!"

"What's going on out here?" Reimu asked as she walked toward the two. "What do you mean Flandre's been kidnapped? And what do you need me or Yukari for?"

Marisa sighed. "Last night, out of nowhere, Flandre Scarlet was abducted from Scarlet Devil Mansion. Nobody heard a sound and no clues were found after lookin' through the whole mansion. I want to go see what's goin' on, but there's some kind of barrier that I've never seen before guarding the entire perimeter. I thought either you or Yukari could help me past through it."

And so the truth comes out. A selfish motive as usual. "Did you have to get me up so early for this?" Reimu asked.

"Early?" Marisa and Yukari both looked confused. "Anyway, I'm impatient, so can one of you please help me out?"

"Wait, if there's a barrier around the mansion, how'd you find out about-" Yukari started asking. Marisa simply shoved a newspaper in her face with the headline "Scarlet Devil's Little Sister Kidnapped!"

"If Aya can get through the barrier, I want to too!"