It's was a rainy, unusually dark Friday night. Mom and dad were on vacation in Hawii. Megan was in her room on facebook reading all of the bad comments about her when she heard a knock and quickly switched it to fanfiction while saying "Who is it?" She listened carefully and then Drake says "It's me drake." through the door. Megan rolled her eyes and slowly made her way through her room. She pulls the door back and drake barges in her room.

Drake takes a seat at her desk. Megan looks at her brother and see's his distress and decides to not taunt him . She walks back to her bed and looks at Drake. He has a red face and looks really nervous. He looks cute. Megan had long gave in to her feelings. She knew they weren't normal. She went along with it anyway.

She wished they weren't related so she could have a chance though she doubts that they would date If they were not related. She is suddenly broken out of her thought when Drake clears his throat. Megan looks up and notices something different in his eyes. Is it fear? Megan couldn't be sure because Drake started talking.

"I need to talk to you about something. I don't know how your going to take it." He paused gauging his little sisters reaction. She didn't look like she was going to stop him. With that he continued. "It might make you hate me. It might make you sick. It might make you think I'm weird- scratch that you might think I'm mental. but will you promise me something?" He asked. Megan had no idea what he was about to say or that what he was about to say was going to change their lives. She looks up and says "That depends on what it is.." Drake asks Megan "Will you promise me that you won't stop talking to me. I couldn't stand it if you stopped talking to me.." At this Megan smiled. Her heart stuttered.

Megan started talking "Of course drake." to reinforce the promise she raised her right hand and said "I promise on my life." drake smiled. He wanted to get this over with "Megs, I've been feeling very weird lately. I really want to get this off my chest." Drake paused and took a deep breath. "I really like you... but not in the way I should. Not like a brother." He let his eyes wander not wanting to look at Megan. He felt ashamed. His own sister.

How could he fall in love with his own little sister?

Mean while.. Megan felt butterflies in her stomach. A smile crept up to her face. Just then Drake said "Megs I know I shouldn't burden you with this and I won't blame you If you hate me. I'm so sorry Megan."

Megan felt it was time to confess. She also felt it was time to end her brothers suffering. She now said "Well you shouldn't be apologizing for feeling something." he looked up at her and he smiled, glad she did not hate him. She wanted to confess now more than anything. "Can I tell you something Drake?" She asked. He smiled and answered "Anything." She cleared her throat and said. "I feel the same way." a look of confusion adorned Drakes face.

Megan just rolled her eyes and jumped on his lap hugging his neck. She closed her eyes and let his warm arms pull her closer. She leaned her head on his shoulder while also strattling his lap.

Drake's point of view

"Can I tell you something Drake?" Megan asks. He smiles and says "Anything." and he meant it. She cleared her throat and says "I feel the same way." He looked at her in confusion. Megan rolled her eyes and what she did next confused him even more. She jumped on his lap and put her small, fragile arms around his neck. She let him put his arms around her and pull her close to where He could feel her chest against his and she leaned her head on his shoulder. Along with strattling his lap. Drake enjoyed this. Just hugging. Just touching was good enough for him.

He felt the chair was too small to hold both of them and still be comfortable and he playfully picked her up and she sqealed. She laughed and asked "Drake! What are you doing?" He spun her around and said "I wasn't comfortable in the chair and theirs a bed right here." She giggles and says "Ok." He leans down and pulls back the covers and sets Megan down on the side of the bed and gets in beside her.

He pulls Megan close and she rests her head on his arm looking up at him. He pulls the blanket over their shoulders and had his arm around Megans waist. With out warning Megan leaned up on her elbow and reached up to Drakes lips. His heart stopped and he began to kiss back. Megan licked drakes bottom lip and somewhere along the way slipped her tongue in. Drake moaned. Megan was out of breath by the time they had stopped. Megan layed back down on Drakes arm and put her arm over his stomach. She then said "I love you Drake." Drake was stunned. He didn't expect her to say that. He answered back with a simple "I love you megs." And she fell asleep in drake's arms. They both slept soundly that night.

She had completely forgotten about the comments awaiting her on facebook.