This is my first War Horse fanfiction. It is OOC, so don't read if you do not like that. Most of it follows the movie storyline and plot. It is from David's POV.

The first time I saw him, was when his family moved in to the farm that my dad was the landlord of. I immediately hated him. He was too nice to everyone including me. He did realize that I didn't like him. Still, that didn't change the way he treated me.

I was rich and he was poor. He's nice and I'm mean. We were total opposites.

Today, my father and I were going to the auction to get a new horse to help us with our work. Surprisingly, Albert's father was there too.

The auction had started. The men working for the auction brought out a quite reluctant young brown horse. He had shaky legs and was awfully thin.

I insisted to my father that I was going to have that horse. For what reasons, I don't know.

The bid for the horse had started. At first no one was bidding, then came a voice from across from where we were. It was Albert's father. Then my father placed a bid on the horse. The bidding war was going on for a long time until finally I told my father that the young horse would be useless.

I had no idea how Albert's father was going to pay for the horse, apparently neither did he.

I went home after that. I was quite frustrated that I couldn't get that horse, besides it was useless. What more, since it was going to Albert's father that obviously meant that it was going to Albert. Just the thought of this made me infuriated. He had finally won something I couldn't have.

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