Finally, I have finished the second chapter. Sorry about the wait. I have made some changes from the original plot line of the movie. It has been a while since I watched the movie. Thank you to the people who have reviewed and read the first chapter. My chapters will probably be short every time. David's POV. OOC.

The next day we made a visit to Albert's family. They were all begging my father to give them an extension for the rent. It was quite pathetic. Although, I couldn't help but feel sorry for Albert, it truly looked like he was afraid of what would happen to his horse. Where the hell did that come from!

My father ended up giving them an extension, on the condition that they plant and harvest by the end of the month, or else the horse would be taken away. The relieved sigh and slight smile on Albert's face made me happy. What is wrong with me!After the meeting we left.

That evening my father and I went back to Albert's and his parent's farm. Albert had already started training his horse. He didn't seem to be having much luck with the horse. I was laughing at him, making sure that he noticed. He didn't want to give up though.

It had started to rain. I thought that Albert would quit trying to train his horse but he just kept going on. Everyone who had been watching ran back to their cars or homes. I decided to stay, using an umbrella of course. I told my father that I wanted to watch Albert fail miserably. He accepted that reason and left.

Albert and his horse were taking forever to dig the soil. I took a seat on a nearby fence and continued to watch them. I actually stayed there until he finished the job. He literally passed out when he was done, straight into the mud. I didn't realize that I was halfway off the fence when he fell down. I guess when Albert went down I got startled. I then saw his parents and his best friend run to him. His best friend Andrew was trying to help him up. I smirked, Andrew's efforts to pull Albert up were useless. It took the three of them to drag him up. I could have carried Albert in my arms all by myself. Not that I would have anyways.

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