Chapter 21

Epilogue: 3 years later

Jacob pulled Saigon to a stop atop the rise and looked out at the estate. A smile came to his lips as all the memories of the past three years came flooding back. After a quiet Christmas with Mary's family they had come back and enjoyed a peaceful few months before an announcement came in the post inviting them to James's wedding to Georgiana Darcy. They had decided to go, before Mary was confined to bed rest. The wedding was wonderful and Jacob finally saw that his cousin had found a woman to spend the rest of his life with.

Three months after the wedding, Mary and Jacob welcomed a son they named, Henry Thomas Rawlins. He was the spitting image of his father and they couldn't have been any prouder. Hannah was currently three years old and the older sister to Henry, who is two and a half and Keera Beth, who is four months old.

Cathy had married her best friends brother, Adam, four months after James's wedding. They currently lived in an estate located ten miles from Jacob's estate. They have a two year old son, Richard and a four month old daughter, Emma. They were frequent guests at each other's estates.

Victoria had married the man that was in love with her and they lived in London. His name was Justin Colby and he was an Earl; the kind of man that Victoria had wanted to marry. They had only one son.

Kitty married Nathan Lucas two years ago and they lived close to Mary and Jacob. They were also friends with Cathy and Adam. They have a one and a half year old daughter, named Annie and another baby on the way.

Jane and Charles welcomed another child two years after Madison was born, a son named Charles Jr. Elizabeth and William welcomed a son, named Thomas a few months after the Christmas get together. They also have a one and a half year old daughter, named Jane and another baby on the way.

Jacob pushed the thoughts aside and looked out at the estate again. He could see Mary and the children sitting under the big oak tree. Hannah and henry were following Max, Angel and the litter of kittens that had been born earlier that year. Keera was sitting in her mother's lap, listening to Mary read aloud from a book.

Jacob spurred Saigon forward and they galloped down the hill. Jacob went to the front of the house and handed his horses reins over to the stable boy and proceeded around the side of the house to reach the big oak tree. He had almost made it there when Hannah and Henry spotted him.

"Papa." Hannah gleefully yelled and started running across the grass towards him, with Henry struggling behind.

Jacob smiled and stooped down to pick up the little girl. "How's my little girl, doing?"

"Good, playing' with kittens." Hannah said and pointed to the kittens wrestling in the grass.

Jacob chuckled and walked over the Mary. He set Hannah down and watched her run off to continue playing with the kittens with Henry. Jacob sat down next to his wife.

Mary turned to her husband with a smile. "I didn't expect you home until tomorrow."

Jacob put an arm around her shoulders. "I finished my business early and didn't want to be away from you another day. Has anything new happened in the last two weeks?"

"Rose had her foal last week, a pure black colt. Hannah named him Blackie. He looks exactly like Caesar." Mary said with pride.

"I can't wait to see the colt. I spoke with a man I knew a few years ago about buying some more mares from him. He has a few that are promising and I'm planning on leaving for his estate in two weeks. I would like to start bringing some new blood into the herds." Jacob said.

"I love watching foals grow up. It would be exciting to see more foals born on our estate." Mary said with delight written across her face.

Jacob chuckled and was about to say something when a ball of fur came barreling towards him. He felt a wet tongue on his face and pushed the animal away and came face to face with little black puppy. He looked towards Mary and saw that she was laughing.

"What is so funny and who is this puppy?" Jacob asked and pushed the dog away from him, who decided to lie at his feet.

"This puppy is Tucker and your face made me laugh when he was licking you." Mary said with a straight face, but her eyes didn't hide her amusement.

"Where did Tucker come from?"

"One of the tenants had a litter of puppies and Henry wanted to take one home. I didn't see the harm in it. Every little boy needs a puppy."

"Yes, they do." Jacob said and patted the puppy on his head.

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