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I had finished the main story line for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time game when this idea hit me: what if Dick was from the future? As far as I know, no one has done this plot. (I'm aware that in the second season, there's this kid from the future but I haven't watched the second season AT ALL. So if there are any similarities, they're just a coincidence. The only reason I know about the kid from the future is because I was reading an YJ fanfic where an author had asked if people thought if it was cool or not.) Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this!

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"Richard, you know what to do to prevent the future, correct?"

Richard nodded, his face dripping with adult-like seriousness. "Yes, sir."

"Remember what will happen if you fail. Remember what's at stake."

"Of course."

"And remember your training. Don't let your enemies get under your skin."

"I won't. You can count on it."

" . . . I'm already am-"

"Xaiver, they're here-!"


Richard's heart raced as he watched his father start to go up the stairs from the basement where he sat. "Father-"

"Go, Richard! Go through the portal before they manage to destroy it! Go before you can't! Go to save-" Richard's father shouted at his son as he ran up the stairs and opened the door that was moments later slammed behind his back.

Richard wanted to disobey his father but knew if he did, his chance of changing the future would be wasted. That all of his parents' hard work and his training would be in vain. So, with a little bit of sorrow, Richard turned the dial on the grand machine in front of him and walked up the few steps to stand in front of the portal. With each step, Richard's sorrow grew slightly bigger for he knew that when he would step into the portal, his parents would already be dead.

But he couldn't go rush up there to save them . . . Not when the entire world's future was at stake.

When Richard stood in front of the portal, Richard heard two loud thuds against the kitchen floor above his head. Shoving his feelings aside, Richard ignored the voices above his head and stepped into the portal that would take him back to the year 2012.

. . . Or so he thought.

A/N- So was that any good . . . at all? I know this idea is a little out there but when the whole plot flashed across my mind a few days ago, I could NOT resist! This was published on 7-9-12 with the length of 649 words.