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Chapter 9

Batman was confused.

Really confused.

At first, when Clark had called him, Bruce had assumed that this person was Dick. But his assumption was proven wrong when the boy used the leg that Dick wouldn't have used. Now, Bruce could have taken that and some more.

But it got weirder.

When he and Clark followed the boy down the mysterious stairs, a collection of things met their eyes that left them asking more questions. There had been an oval table with several chairs that bore letters of black and on the table laid a world map with scribbled writing on the sides. There had been pages with pictures and names of countless heroes that defended planet Earth and those pages bore the same scribbles. There had been countless labeled, lead boxes on shelves that were leaning against the walls surrounding the table.

That was when Batman noticed the lead walls.


It hadn't take Batman long to piece Clark's arch nemesis to this little hideout. Batman had been able to smell Luthor (not literally) all over the place when he had taken everything in consideration. The location, the head chair that bore his initials, the lead walls and the cost of the place. After all, Batman knew all about the cost of a personal hideout. Only Luthor would have the money and the motive to do this little project.

What Batman hadn't like was the other chairs and what it implied.

But Batman hadn't been able to focus on that quite yet seeing as the imposter had still been moving about. The boy, seemingly unaware of the two pairs of eyes, had moved quickly and easily around the base as if he had been there before. As he had stepped more to the left, more futuristic devices had been left behind on the walls and shelves.

He's going to blow up this place!

That was when Batman jumped into action, not about to let all this evidence get blown to smithereens. He needed to know and understand every little bit of this place before he would allow it to disappear. He also needed to know just who this imposter was, who he worked for, why he was doing this and just where his little bird was. So, without a word to Superman, he had grabbed the boy by the scruff of his outfit and had lifted him up, his eyes level with the boy's.

This is where Batman started to get confused.

"You were not supposed to be here."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where Batman is right now.

"And why not?" Batman asked coldly, hiding his confusion.

Superman edged forward as the boy blinked at Batman's harsh voice. "I am not authorized to answer your question."

"Why not?" Superman asked curiously, his caution obviously somewhere above ground.

"I am not authorized to answer that question either."

"What are you authorized to say or do?" Batman asked through gritted teeth. This boy was acting more and more like Red Tornado!

"I am not-" the imposter started but was cut off as his head tilted towards the ceiling.

Superman arched an eyebrow. "What is he doing?"

"I have been given new orders. Here is a detailed map of what you must destroy if the future is to be saved," the boy said as he pulled out a folded piece of paper.

"What?" Superman said stupidly as Batman's mind was speedily shifting through the boy's words.

"Have a nice day," the boy said as his body dissolved what seemed to be in a digital manner.

After a few moments of pure shock, Batman snatched the paper from Superman and unfolded it to inspect its contents. As he ignored Superman's whine, Batman's eyes quickly took in the list of locations and items and what they were meant to do. He seemed to be calm and collected for the most part until he reached the end of the page.

Lips pursed with an emotion Superman couldn't identify, Batman spoke words that Superman was shocked to hear.

"This is a list of things to kill the Justice League."

_Dick's POV_

Dick couldn't help letting his mind wonder for a moment as he watched Anarky Poison Oak and Leo fall from a time hole. He needed to let his mind wonder if he was to send them back to the future. After all, he was a bit rusty with using his dark scythe.

Anarky jumped to his feet, a crazed glint in his eyes that spoke of the horror the Joker had instilled into his now-twisted mind.

Ah, his scythe. It was ironic that though that weapon had been forced upon him, it was the weapon he trusted the most. He knew all the movements to kill someone precisely, all the sounds it could make when it reached its target. Yes, that weapon was like a third arm. He needed it so that he could both defeat and intimidate his enemies with little energy.

Reaper chuckled darkly as he flitted to the side, successfully dodging Anarky's switchblade.

After all, they all feared him. Why wouldn't they? He was Reaper, Lex Luthor's right hand man! He was the favorite, the one that Luthor told and trusted with all the secret assignments that reached the ears of no one. Even the ones that were of conspiring against the rest of the Injustice League. Oh, those were his favorites. They held the most blackmail and would be great bargaining chips once he was back in the future.

Leo wasted in no time racing forward and aiming for a powerful punch while Poison Oak blew a dangerous powder towards Reaper.

Dick knew that he would have to distract Luthor from sending more villains from the future. If he didn't, Luthor's actions would end up distracting the Justice League from following his map. They would end up walking right into their destruction yet again. So, to prevent that from happening, Dick could only do one thing . . .

Reaper merely let a dark smirk dance upon his lips as he reeled his mind back in for the fight of his life.

So they want a fight, do they? Well, who am I to deny them?

Only Anarky's stiff stance, Poison Oak's uneasy glance and Leo's shaking hands told Reaper that they were frightened by his unusual display of emotion.

Pulling his black scythe off his back, Reaper chuckled darkly. "So who wants to die first?"

. . . Dick would have to go back to the future himself.

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