A/N: My lovely new beta, maddy135, is going through past chapters. So, while this isn't really an update, some little things have been changed - and I think I myself changed one little sentence, to try and fix a slight plot hole. Nothing big, if you don't want to reread it. :P

"Harry! You cannot be serious!" scolded Hermione Granger. "It is-"

Harry James Potter, Saviour of the wizarding world interrupted his friend, laughing. "No, Mione, I am Harry. It is Sirius I am going to… retrieve."

Hermione sighed. "Harry, this is impossible. Even if you do manage the improbable, and call him back from the veil, he is still a wanted man."

"I know, Mione. That's why I've opened up one of the Potter estates in America. Will you come with us?"

"Harry, I promise, if you rescue Sirius I will come along if only to rescue you idiotic boys when you get into scrapes. However, are you simply going to leave Minerva short one DADA professor?"

He merely smirked. "Why not? She will just believe that the curse is still active!"

The brown-haired girl gave up and settled down with a book, her altered walkman, and a glass of pumpkin juice, intent on ignoring her idiotic blood-brother of a roommate.

Four hours later, Hermione wasn't surprised to feel a wet nose sniffing her neck. Used to Harry and his multiple Animagus forms, she sighed, and, without looking up from her book, wearily scolded "Harry James Potter! Do not interrupt my reading." then, aiming her wand behind her head, "Stupefy!"

However, Hermione was surprised when she heard Harrys' laughing voice. He never laughed anymore. Not like this! "Mione! It wasn't me, I swear! It was…"

Realizing that the only other person who could have gotten though the wards of Number 12 Grimmuld Place was Sirius Black, Hermione did the only thing a sensible muggle-raised girl could when confronted with a dead person, and fainted.

Harry merely smirked down at his blood-sister, She had always had a bit of a crush on his godfather. Flicking a hand out to enervate said godfather, Harry then flicked his wand at Hermione and levitated her up to her bed, transfiguring her clothes.

By the time Harry came back downstairs, after changing into his night clothes, Sirius was firmly ensconced in front of the fireplace, nursing a pint of firewhiskey with a morose expression on his face.

"Siri? Is anything wrong?"

Sirius shook his head before looking up with a smile, obviously forced. "No, nothing Pup. Now, where are w... you and I going, again? I assume Hermione is staying here."

Harry laughed, a sudden insight in his godfathers mood, albeit about the wrong person. "Oh, does Siri fancy my Mione? Siri and Mione, sitting in a tree, K-I-S..."


Harry woke up to a torrent of ice-cold water being poured on him. Blearily he sat up, and looked around before growling. "Mione! Why the bloody hell did you do that for?"

Hermione threw a potion vial at him. "Because I had to brew hangover potion for both you and Sirius. You idiots got pissed last night, after scaring me half to death."

"Mione, I didn't have a sip of fire-whiskey last night. Why do you assume I did? I know Siri might very well have, the mood he was in."

"Oh, you idiot!" Mione conjured a small hand mirror, which soon followed the vial. "If you had nothing to drink, then why in Merlins' name is your hair that color?" she turned on her heel and left Harrys' bedroom to finish packing. "Perhaps once you sober up, you can convince your god-mutt to be more responsible."

Harry took one look at his hair, and screamed "Sirius Orion Black! "

As they were waiting in the entrance for Hermione, Harry slowly advanced on Sirius, wand drawn.

"Now, Prongslet, you wouldn't want to do anything rash..." Sirius said rather calmly, not believing that his beloved godson would hex him.

"Oh? Really." Harry paused, as if thinking. "Mutanima*!"

Hermione walked in on a smug-looking Harry holding a small, pink poodle. "Harry? Please do not tell me that is Sirius."

"Fine, Mione, I won't." then, looking down at the poodle, "Come along, Snuffles. We have a floo to catch."

Hermione only sighed and rolled her eyes.

*A completely made up spell by me. It was originally Mutare Animagus, or change Animagus, which, according to google translate, is soul taste. Anyways, messed-up latin.