A/N: Updating more once I'm in college? What a joke! :P Rather short, but I'm trying to keep this seperate from my 'Dark and Shocking' in my mind and one way for me to do that is to keep this one to shorter chapters. But! Harry and Eddie interaction, finally!

Harry stopped laughing suddenly, with a gasp, making Alice look at him oddly. "Bugger! Crap. 'Mione is so going to strangle me!" She was. Oh, yes, she was. Hermione was worse than Mrs. Weasley ever had been about curfews.

Alice blinked at him, automatically pulling into the garage next to the house. "Why would she? You said you'd' be home late, right? After all, we did leave after supper. And she doesn't expect us to tear out your throat anyone, does she?"

"No, no, no. Its'... complicated." quickly, Harry pecked Alice goodbye on the cheek and climbed out of the yellow porsche, before apparating away.

Alice just shrugged and gathered up the shopping bags. She would give Harry his later. Perhaps send Edward over with them. Hmmm...

Harry apparated outside the front door, but then paused, blinking. How odd. Only the kitchen light was on. Usually, if one of them was missing, Hermione would leave all the lights on. After all, they might apparate into any room in the house, even if they did usually apparate outside. He stepped inside, gingerly calling "'Mione? I'm H…"

Hermione popped up, casting an silencio on him, whispering "Shush! Embry is asleep." Her whisper then turned into a hiss. "And where the bloody hell were you? Could you not call me? Sirius did get us both shiny new cell phones."

Harry rolled his eyes, and pointed to his mouth, mining zipping it.

"Fine!" Hermione cast finite incantum. "But! Whisper!"

Harry nodded. "I was with Alice, shopping. I meant to get back an hour ago, I swear! But then Alice dragged me to a bookstore,and then to supper, and… And, well. I'm sorry."

Hermione sighed. "It's fine, Harry. It doesn't really matter." She sighed. "Would you like tea? I made some for Sirius and I."

Harry smiled at her. "Sure."

The next day was a Saturday, so Harry slept in. When he woke up, all he registered was a face staring at him. He sat up in one smooth movement, wand in hand, before he realized who it was. "Bloody hell, Eddie-boy. Do you realize how creepy that is?"

The vampire coughed. "I… apologize." He then gestured to the stack of bags in the corner. "Alice sent me over with these. And your sister let me in, muttering something about 'bloody vampires' and 'scentless charms'?"

Harry sighed, lowering his wand. "Yes, we have a shifter staying with us." He then shook his head. "But why in Merlins' name did you decide to hover over my sleeping body, hmm?"

Edward frowned. "I… I don't know. It was like… Like I was compelled to watch you. It has never happened before."

"Did you run into my father on the way up?" questioned Harry, suspiciously. It was the only thing he could think of to account for Edwards' behavior. If Sirius had got it into his head to play a prank… Anything was possible.

"No. All I saw was Hermione."

"Hmm… Strange." Harry was about to throw off his covers and stand up, when he remembered his state of… undress, under said covers. He pointedly stared at the door. "Now, would you please get out, so I can get dressed?"

Edward blinked (causing Harry to blink back – how many human mannerisims did these bloody vampires have?) "Oh. I see. Of course. Sorry."

And so the vampire scurried out, leaving Harry to laugh. If vampires could blush… Hm…the vampire was quite handsome. Harry gave himself a mental slap. No, bad Harry. Bad form.