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Esme blinked as her children came in the door, all in varying moods. The boys immediately went outside, while the girls started to go to different areas inside. Worried, she turned to Alice, the only one smiling. "Alice, dear, what happened?"

Rosalie interrupted, glaring at Alice. "The idiot found a pet. A human now knows about us."

"Rose! I didn't tell him." Alice turned to Esme. "He already knew we were Vampires. He just started school today. Apparently he came over from England."

"And you invited him-and his family-over! Did you even think about Jasper?"

"Did you even smell him?" Alice countered, "His blood wasn't in the least bit tempting."

Rose huffed, and continued out to the garage. Alice turned to Esme. "He is such a sweetie! He seems rather small though."

Esme sighed. "What is his name, then?"

"Harry Black... No, Potter. He introduced himself as Black, but his real name is Potter." Alice smirked, "And he and Edward will get along just fine."

As soon as Hermione pulled up into the parking lot after school, Harry jumped in the car. Grinning impishly, he commented "Mum, I made new friends at school today!"

Hermione reached over, slapping him on the back of the head, before pulling out of the parking lot. "Shut it. Didn't I tell you school would be fun?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Yes, Mione. Would you like to know who I met?"

Smiling, Hermione answered "Of course, Harry."


Hermione choked. "Harry! Stop joking."

"Really, Mione. I met most of the vampires who live here. They masquerade as the adopted children of their Sire and his mate, Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Carlisle is a doctor at the hospital here."

"Okay, Harry, now I know you are joking. No vampire could be around that much blood. Be quiet until we get home."

Harry pouted, but inwardly smirked. Oh, Hermione was going to get such a surprise when he dragged her and Sirius over to the Cullen's tonight.

Hermione pulled Harry into the house by his ear. "Sirius, Do you have any Veritaserum?"

Sirius laughed at the sight. "Of course not. How would have I got any?" he grinned at Harry, before continuing. "What did Harry do now?"

Hermione huffed, letting go of Harry. "He insists there are Vampires that go to his high school." she turned and started walking away. "I'm going to make supper."

Harry stood up. "No! 'Mione, I'm sorry. I really did meet some kids at school. They invited us over to their house for supper. It is just that everyone else calls them vampires, so I couldn't resist."

Esme was excited to meet the newcomers to Forks, but also a bit worried. Carlisle was away, at a medical conference. She did trust Alice's visions, but if the children became feral, she wasn't sure if she'd be able to keep the humans safe. And her childrens' attitude left a lot to be desired.

Alice, sitting on the counter and watching Esme cook, chirped up "Don't worry. Jasper wasn't even phased by Harry sitting with us at lunch. Everything will be fine."

"Where are the boys' anyway?" Esme asked. "I don't hear them."

"I sent them hunting, along with Ros..." Alice froze, before clapping her hands. "Oh! Harry and his family are on their way. It seems as if they don't believe him about us being vampires, though they know what vampires are."

Esme pulled Alice off the counter. "Fine. Go find the others, and drag them back here."

Just as they were about to leave, Hermione noticed blood-red lollipops sticking out of both Harrys' and Sirius' pockets. Sighing, she pulled out her wand and summoned them.

"'Mione! Give those back"


"No. You will not tease them about being called vampires. You will not reveal the wizarding world to them. You will not prank anyone."

Harry grabbed all the lollipops. " 'Mione, I was not going to tease them. They really are vampires!"

Hermione pulled them back, replying as if she was talking to a little child. "No, Harry. If they were vampires,the whole school would be bloodless by now."

Sirius just watched, laughing, as a lollipop tug-of-war commenced. A couple of minutes later, however, he interrupted them. "Children! We are going to be late."

Hermione glared at being called a child, but let go of the lollipops. "Fine. Lets' go, then."

"I'm driving!" called Harry, racing to the car.