Timeline: Present (beginning July 4th, 2012)

Everything before July 4th, 2012 is the same as the show itself. Todd and Heather still switch the babies and Jason is still the biological father, both of which are still unknown to everyone but Todd and Heather.

Couple: Jasam

Point-of-View: Varies, but will mainly be Sam and Jason. I will specify if I think I need to. Mainly, the POV will alternate between Sam and Jason each chapter. However, there are some POV's from some other characters thrown in. I tried to make it as simply and easy to follow as possible. If it ever gets confusing, please let me know.

Reason for writing: Basically, I just can't take it anymore. I hate that the writers keep repeating story-lines and I hate what the show is doing to my favorite couple.

Summary: After everything that had happened between Jason and Sam, the two wondered if they would ever be able to get back to what they once were. Both were hiding from each other, for different reasons. Jason knew how much he messed up. He knew that his stupidity once again had hurt Sam. He knew that by not believing in her and excepting the situation they were thrust into because of Franco, he had pushed her away. He knew he was partially to blame for the death of her, their, son. He knew she needed space from him, but it was killing him. Sam, on the other hand, was devastated. She had now lost a second child. She had held her son, heard him cry. Yet, now he was gone. She told Jason it was his fault. She did believe that he contributed to the death of her baby boy, but she blamed herself more than anyone. Now she had no son, and was about to have no husband either. She missed both desperately. One she had lost forever (or she thought she had) and the other she was afraid she would never get back. As they both grieve, two people come in and use their anger and grief for their own benefit. Will Jason and Sam be able to see passed all the charades and learn the truth? Will it bring them back together, or just push them further apart?

Ok, now that that is done with, on to the story :) Enjoy!

Sam sat on the pier just gazing up into the sky at the bright fireworks that showered over the Port Charles harbor. She could hear John talking next to her. He was mumbling something about how beautiful the sight was. She just nodded. She really couldn't pay attention to him at the moment. She was trying not to be rude, but she was hoping to just sit by herself and watch the fireworks alone. She didn't want to talk to anyone tonight; well there was one person she wanted – no needed – to talk to, but she couldn't. It was too hard to even look at him at the moment, let alone talk to him. She kept glancing towards her right, towards the large building known as Harborview Towers. She could make out the window to his – their – penthouse. She wondered if he was up there on the balcony, right now, watching the same fireworks as she heard someone call her name but she just couldn't bring herself to look away from that window. Wondering, wishing, longing.

"Sam", John spoke lightly, "Sam, you ok?" John was watching Sam, not the fireworks. He noticed that she kept looking towards her right. He knew exactly what was on her mind and for some reason it drove him crazy.

Sam turned to face her companion and looked at him with an apologetic face before she spoke, "sorry John, I just don't feel well tonight."

It really wasn't a direct lie. She did feel fine, medically speaking. Emotionally, however, she felt like she was going to burst at any moment. She could feel the tears sitting behind her eyes just waiting until she was alone so they could flow. She came down to the pier to be alone in fact. Most of the town would be out at the parks or the larger piers; where 4th of July activities were located. She planned on watching the show above alone. Then John had showed up; he always seemed to be running into her. It wasn't that she didn't like John; in fact he had turned out to be a good friend, helping her when he could. But, she really just wanted to sit and cry.

Sam wasn't one to admit that she had a vulnerable side. She had always walked strong and she could definitely hold her own, whether it be a physical or mental fight. She hated when people saw her cry; especially people she didn't trust whole-heartily. She did trust John, but she had only known him a couple months and there was the added factor that he was a cop. She just didn't get that feeling of absolute safety she did when she was with… Sam stopped herself just before she could think his name. Even saying his name in her head would make her cry, she knew it. Instead she just sat and stared at the sky flashing with colors.

"I could take you home if you would like. You do look slightly pale. Maybe that Chinese food you ate was bad", John suggested, "I will never understand how people can eat from little dive Chinese restaurants. The food is horrible." He made a face and just shook his head.

Sam had to suppress a little laugh at his statement. That was another reason she couldn't bring herself to fully trust John; he didn't like Chinese food. Anyone who truly knew Sam knew she was a true connoisseur of Chinese food. It was food of the Gods if you asked her. Before she could stop it memories flooded into her mind.

- flash back (January 2005) -

"Ok you have to try this", Sam told Jason with a smile.

"What is it?" Sam smiled; she knew he would ask that.

"It's delicious, that's what it is." She turned the chopsticks towards Jason, "come on, just try some."

"Squid", Jason asked, looking absolutely disgusted with the little piece of seafood in front of him. "Come on just try it. Just close your eyes", Sam begged with a little pout. Jason just laughed. "Ok, you don't have to close your eyes, but just try it." Jason knew he couldn't resist anything Sam asked him for, especially with that little pout sitting right on her lips. He knew she didn't have a clue how much power that pout held or even that she was doing it, but that just made it even sexier if you asked him. He opened his mouth and allowed her to feed him the squid. The moment he tasted it he made a face.

"What", she asked. "It's not going to replace hamburgers anytime soon", Jason answered with a laugh. It actually wasn't horrible, but he wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of knowing that. Sam laughed and continued to eat her food. "Are you kidding me", Sam laughed in between a bite of her squid, "did you just crack a joke? 'Cause if you did I must be hearing things." Jason laughed, "You're hearing things." He reached for the chicken as she continued talking. He loved the sound of her voice.

Sam once again brought up the subject of her wanting to help out around the penthouse. He didn't know how many times he was going to have to tell her not to worry about that. He wanted her to know that she was there because he wanted her there; she didn't need to do anything to stay. He laughed when she told him her reasoning for not being able to clean. "I can't do windows because I'm too short", she said honestly. He just smiled and nodded his head. She was pretty small. He loved it though. To him she was perfect.

"But, if you give me some scuba gear and a salvage operation, I can definitely get the job done", she continued. "I'll keep that in mind", Jason laughed. He watched her as she continued on with her list. "I'm an expert safe cracker, excellent shot with a hand gun", Jason couldn't help but smile at her list of skills. She had no idea it only made him more attracted to her. "If you ever need my help, I'm a good backup." Jason looked at her with a straight face now. He needed her to know she couldn't be anywhere near his business. "You're kidding right?" "Yea, I am" she smiled innocently. "But seriously, Sam, you'll have to promise me you'll never get involved in my business." Sam just smiled at him, "I was really just kidding. I understand your work is completely off limits. You do what you do, and that's fine; that's part of being with you." Jason just looked at her. He had to make sure she was being honest. Not many people could handle the life he lived. He knew it was dangerous and he would never ask someone to be a part of it unless he was a hundred percent sure it's what they wanted. "You're ok with that?" "Yes. I told you, Jason, I'm not afraid of you or your job. I'm not going to judge you. Nothing you could do will change how I feel about you." Jason just looked at her with wonder. He truly did love this woman sitting next to him.

- end flashback -

"Sam?" John knew Sam was thinking about something to do with Jason. She had the pained look on her face that she would get anytime someone mentioned Jason. He couldn't understand why she was so in love with him. He knew he had no right to question it. It really shouldn't bother him, but for some reason it did. He couldn't really figure it out. He loved Natalie, he truly did. However, there was just something about Sam. He couldn't help but look at her. He desperately wanted to move that little piece of stubborn hair that kept falling in her face.

Sam looked at him. She was kind of glad he brought her out of the past. She knew if she thought about what had come next she wouldn't be able to stop the tears.

"Sam, you have to stop thinking about him." Sam just laughed and looked at him. Was he serious? How was she just to forget about her husband, the love of her life? "John, please don't." Sam really didn't want to hear John go on about how she deserves more than Jason. She has heard it enough over the years from her mom. She really didn't need, or want, to hear it from someone who had no idea the depths of the love between her and Jason. "John, I really don't want to talk about Jason to you; no offence." John wasn't going to tell her that her statement actually did bother him. "No offence taken Sam. I just don't like seeing you hurt." Sam just closed her eyes and looked back to the fireworks.

John looked behind Sam and saw a shadow of a person behind the side wall. He knew it was Jason and decided to take this moment to show Sam that she could forget Jason and to show Jason that it was over between him and Sam. He grabbed Sam's face and pulled her into a strong kiss.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the first chapter! I have the second written but I am going to wait and see if anybody actually wants to read it. Yes, so far nothing majorly different is going on; but trust me, I am definitely not going to go the path the new writers of GH are going. I am a Jasam fan first and foremost. Also, as a warning I should tell you I really do not like Elizabeth. That is actually putting it mildly. I will try not to do any serious Elizabeth bashing, but I make no promises:) Second, the flash back scene that Sam had is basically directly quoted from the actual script. I watched the scene on YouTube and wrote the dialogue. I only did this because I did not want to rewrite history. It is from 2005, and it is the dinner where Jason proposes to Sam, the first time. If you would like the link just message me or ask in a review. Ok that's all for now:) Please review and be honest. Let me know what you would like to see happen as well. I am definitely open for suggestions!