Ok, so let me start by saying I am so, so sorry for the long delay! I just finished reading a 48 chapter Jasam fanfiction (which is amazing by the way! Go read it! It's called This Love by SaraLyleth) and was so mad when I got to the end and realized it wasn't complete but hadn't been updated in years! Then I remembered that I basically have done the same thing to you guys so realized I needed to start updating again :) Still not 100% where I am taking this story; like I said before, I hadn't really planned on continuing past Danny coming home. However, I do have some ideas so I do plan on continuing this story. Just be patient with me :)

Now that that's over, on to the story! It is a short chapter but I wanted to update as soon as I had something to let you guys know I was back:) Enjoy, and as always Review! :)

P.S. italicized is flashback

Sam had just sat down at Kelly's when her phone started to ring, she looked down and saw it was Monica calling. "Monica? Is everything ok?" Sam questioned as she answered the phone. After Danny came home, she talked to the older woman more, making sure she had a part in her grandson's life; but they weren't exactly super close so Sam was surprised when she saw her name pop up on her phone. "No Sam it's not. You need to get to the hospital."

Sam's hands were clenched to her sides and her heart racing as she watched the buttons of the General Hospital elevator slowly light up from one floor to the next. "Fuck come on!" Sam yelled out; the elevator seemed to be going slower than ever and all she could think about was that the two most important people in her life laying hurt and alone six floors above her. Finally the light to the seventh floor flickered and the elevator came to a slow halt. Frantic and scared, Sam squeezed out of the cold, metal doors before they were even fully open, moving so quickly she didn't even see the person standing outside the doors waiting to step on to the elevator.

"Shit," Sam cursed as she felt herself begin to stumble backwards. "Geeze Sam, sorry." Patrick said sincerely as he quickly reached out to grab a hold of the small brunette's arm to steady her before she hit the floor. Sam looked up when she heard the person she ran into issue a quick but sincere apology; "Patrick! Hey sorry I wasn't looking," Sam rushed, "hey were you here when they were brought in?" Sam quickly asked, hoping Patrick would be able to give her the answers Monica couldn't when she hurriedly told Sam that Jason and Danny had been in an accident and she needed to get to General Hospital as fast as possible.

Sam's heart almost stopped when she heard Monica say those words. "Sam? Sam, did you hear me?" Monica asked worriedly when Sam didn't respond. Coming out of her moment of paralyzing fear when she heard Monica calling her name, Sam quickly started rattling off questions to her mother-in-law and doctor. "Hospital? What happened? Is it my mom? Or was Molly or Kristina hurt?" Sam quickly asked. She suddenly felt a twinge of guilt because whether she'd admit it or not she was hoping Monica would answer with a yes, saying either her mom or sisters had been in a small accident; the alternative was too much to bare; because if it wasn't her mother or sisters then there could only be two other people Monica would be calling about and deep down Sam knew exactly who the doctor was calling about. If she was being honest with herself, she had known something was wrong the moment the phone rang, she could just feel it.

"No Sam, your mom and sisters are fine; it's Jason and Danny," Monica paused as her voice caught in her throat, "they were in a car accident, the ambulance is on the way here now with them." Sam once again felt like her heart was about to fail her; if they were being brought in by ambulance then it must be bad otherwise Jason would have just gotten to the hospital himself as he hated waiting and would have been too impatient to wait for an ambulance to arrive, and if Monica was the one calling her then something must be wrong with Jason because there is no way he wouldn't call her the moment something happened to Danny. Sam's heart fluttered between a face paced racing and stalled to an almost complete halt; the idea of Jason and Danny hurt enough for her mother-in-law to be calling her had Sam so panicked she couldn't even think straight. Monica tried to fill the silence in hopes it would pull her daughter-in-law out of the panicked state she knew Sam was in, "the EMTs called in and said Jason is unconscious but Denny is awake and alert, other than that we won't know anything until they get here."

Sam jumped up from the table, almost knocking it over in the process, and ran out of the diner all while throwing a million questions at the doctor on the other end of the phone. By the time Sam jumped in her car she was tired of hearing "I don't know" and slammed her phone on the passenger seat. She felt a momentary twinge of regret for just hanging up on Monica like that but all she could think about was what happened the previous times Jason was brought into the hospital from car crashes. Monica had said he was unconscious in the ambulance, did that mean he had another brain injury? And God, Danny was just a little boy, not even a year old. Just thinking about her precious little boy sitting in an ambulance with people he didn't know, hurt and scarred, made her eyes start to water. She wouldn't, couldn't lose him again, not after he was just returned to her life. Sam took a deep breath and said a silent prayer to whoever might be out there before racing out of Kelly's parking lot and towards the hospital that she has unfortunately frequented too often.

Sam looked up at Patrick with desperate and wet eyes, pleading for him to smile and say her boys were just fine and it was all just a miscommunication, only a minor accident with no lasting injuries. The doctor looked down at the woman in front of him and sighed; he could clearly see the pain and fear sprawled across her face. The anger and resentment he once held for Sam and Jason over Robin's death had slowly subsided over the past year as he came to see more clearly the Robin would have risked her life for any patient, not just Jason, and that blaming him wasn't doing him or his daughter any good. Patrick reached out and grabbed Sam's arm, holding her steady, knowing he wasn't going to give her the answer she was so longing for. "Sam," Patrick paused from twinge of pain when he saw the gauntlet emotions run across Sam's face as terror filled her eyes when she realized he wasn't about to reassure her that her husband and son were ok. "No!" Sam screamed at him as she pulled her arm back from his grasp. Sam could see it on the doctor's face standing before him, this wasn't the first time a person in a white medical coat looked at her with those sympathetic eyes. She didn't even let Patrick finish his sentence; not wanting to hear the terrible truth, she ran from his grasp as he shouted her name and turned the corner to the nurses' station. She came to an abrupt halt when the blond, older doctor turned her head and looked at her with sad eyes and tear stained cheeks. Sam took a labored breath and took two small slow steps toward Monica, willing herself to ask the question that was caught in throat making the necessary act of breathing almost impossible. Whereas before she couldn't move fast enough to find answers, now it was like her feet were swollen in hard cement blocks. "Is he still alive?" Sam asked in a calm but dejected voice. Her body was entirely numb to the point of feeling no emotions at all, waiting to hear the answer that might change her entire life forever.