It was a peaceful evening at Capsule Corp, Android 18 and Gohan snuggled, while Krillin frown knowing very well he would never be with his crush. Piccolo meditated under a tree. Goten and Trunks were still wide and awake playing a game they made up. Bulma was having a conversation with her ex Yamcha about their past relationship. Master Roshi sat down scanning the pages of a dirty magazine grinning. Goku watch his friends enjoying themselves, he was proud that the earth was safe from villains like Majin Buu, Cell, Frieza, and even his long time rival turned friend Vegeta. His dark brown eyes observed the saiyan princess as the wind blew through her long dark brown hair( picture the female Vegeta from DBM with longer hair) wearing a black skirt , red knee-high boots, and a red shirt that read's 'I'm sexy and I know it 'across her chest. Goku couldn't help but stare at the saiyan beauty and smile, it was a certainly a new look for his former rival.

Vegeta sensed Goku's prying eyes and scowled" What the hell you looking at clown?" she asked with her rough yet feminine voice.

'Sorry Vegeta it's just that I never knew you like wearing cloths like that, I bet the guys love what you're wearing" the younger saiyan laugh.

"I don't Kakarot your stupid blued hair friend made me put this crap on!' Vegeta growled.

"Ah calm down Geta, it make you look you know, whats the word I'm looking for, sexy!" Goku grinned.

"Well I don't like it and I hate wearing mini skirts" the female saiyan huffed crossing her arms.

"Yeah but Yamcha like it"

"You idiot, Yamcha and I split up years ago, don't you remember?" Goku frowned it was because both he and Vegeta slept together seven years ago causing the couple to separate, Vegeta didn't really care she never liked Yamcha she only tolerated him for the sake of their son Trunks who Bulma named.

"Oh I forgot sorry, I didn't mean to mess up your relationship , and hurt Chichi" Goku felt guilty for what he did and even more when he didn't want to return to the world of the living leavening his wife to have his youngest then later die three years after.

" Well I'm not , just because the weakling knock me up doesn't mean we were together , so save your pity for someone who cares ' Vegeta closed her eyes and continued " And as for your mate Kakarot I do not regret what we did , what happened happened"

"But I do Vegeta, and don't even blame Gohan for being angry with me for abandon him, ChiChi and Goten" Vegeta stiffing when Goku brought up Goten. She has kept a secrete that only Bulma, Yamcha, Gohan, and even Chichi know. This conundrum has eaten at her for years. Even when he returned from the dead and moved in with Bulma and her Vegeta never gave Goku a hint of her secrete that involved Goten.

"Your sons forgive you clown especially Goten" Vegeta reassured her rival.

Goku smiled and hugged a surprised and blushing princess" Thanks for cheering me up Veggie, I need that and thanks for taking care of the boys for me, depict the fact you held a grudge angst me"

She pushed the larger saiyan off and responded "Your welcome, and stop hugging me and calling Veggie" Vegeta hissed

"Aw, how cute" Bulma teased.

"Don't get any ideals woman" Vegeta warned the blue haired woman.

"But you two look adorable together" Vegeta glared at Bulma as she laugh.

"Bulma stop teasing Vegtea" Goku scolded, the blue haired siren stuck her tongue at the happy-go-lucky saiyan. Then Goku body tensed "You feel that Vegeta, something is coming"

"Yes Kakarot and its coming from that direction" the saiyan princess pointed towards the wooded parts of the city as a large vessel landed in front of the cautious earthlings.

"What is it dad?" asked a worried Gohan who ran towards his father, Bulma, and Vegeta.

'I don't know son but its pretty strong" Goku replied to his oldest son.

"Don't be ridicules clown who or what ever it is, won't stand chance angst us, but I can't say the same for the others" Vegeta smirked.

Piccolo growled under his breath, he notice a sliver door opened and was just as shock as every one else" No way…this can't be!"

"It it a…"

"A saiyan" Vegeta said finishing the freighting small human sentence" And it's a female one at that" Her dark brown eyes gazed a pone the attractive female saiyan, her hair was long and unruly, she had violet colored eyes that was unique to the saiyan princess. The tan skinned female amour was black and red that resembled a leotard, her boots was also the same color as well as her gloves. Vegeta walked up to the taller woman who was still slightly shorter then Goku to question the saiyan" Who are you woman, and why are you here on earth?"

The taller female smirked "I 'am looking for a Saiyan name Kakarot, have you seen him?" Every one was very uneasy buy the woman question. The last saiyan that came looking for Goku was his older brother Radtiz, the man who tries to recruit Goku in joining him and the other surviving saiyans.

"What business you have with Kakarot?" Vegeta asked.

'Nothing that concern you now tell me again where is Kakarot?" the female was getting quite annoyed with the saiyan princess.

"None of my concern? Woman do you know who you are talking to I'm Vegeta princess of all saiyans and that includes you!" Vegeta proudly announce to the raven haired beauty.

"I know who you are, but I don't give a rat's ass and you do not rule over me princess" the saiyan shot back.

The saiyan princess chuckled "Well then, its seems that I have to put you in your places!"

Vegeta was ready to attack the taller woman when Goku finally deiced enough was enough "Vegeta! Calm down you don't know if you could even defeat her!"

Vegeta halted and turned her angry eyes to her rival "Do you doubt my strength Kakarot! "

"No I don't it's just that she could hiding her true powers, we can't underestimate an opponent we know nothing about" Goku said trying to reason with irate woman.

The female stalked towards Goku and kneeled" I finally found you Prince Kakarot"

'What did you say?" Goku asked in shock.

She stood up and giggle for a moment , the olive toned female caressed Goku's surprised face and had a cheeky grin on her own and whispered in his ears" I said I finally found you Prince Kakarot"

"What that's impossible, this clown is nothing more than a mere low-class saiyan. Only I and my son are the ones with royal blood" Vegeta growled.

"Dad is a prince? That's so coool!" Goten yelled happily jumping around.

"So mom does this mean Goku your brother since he a prince and you're a princess" Trunks asked his mother.

"Hell no!" Vegeta roared. She had already slept with the man hoped they aren't related no way shape of form" That the stupidest thing I ever heard from you boy" Trunks shoulder slumped and walked away.

'Come on Vegeta go easy on him he just a kid" Yamcha lowed down to his blue-eyed son level to comfort him" Hey buddy, its okay your mother being grumpy, how about later I take you to the park?"

Trunks face lit up with joy as his father chuckled, Goku glance over to his former friend and felt guilty that he broke Yamcha family apart by having sex with Vegeta "I'll make up to you guys I promise"

"Well do not worry your selves Vegeta and Prince Kakarot are not related, He is the descendent of King Kales the 1st his great grandfather and is the son of Queen Parsley and is heir to the throne, distant to rule Planet Kales and its people, the saiyans" This was shocking news to the Z fighters, particularly for Goku and Vegeta who believed they were the last of their kind.

Vegeta shook her head when the woman mentioned Parsley" Wait did you say Parsley is a queen and is Kakarot's mother?"

"Yes she is" the tan skinned woman nodded.

"Vegeta did you knew my mother?" Goku questioned.

"Yes Kakarot I did, she and my mother were very close friends, she used to train me before my father gave me to that demon Frieza, his own daughter" she almost wanted to cry but she didn't show, Vegeta refused to feel like some weak woman infront of any one, not even Goku" She was supposed to be my bodyguard but she was pregnant with you so my father choose Nappa join me on Frieza's ship"

Yamcha was interested by this story, there was so much he didn't know about the mother of his son" I got a question lady, if Goku mom was is a queen why did she live on Planet Vegeta?"

"My name is not lady sir its Okra and Queen Parsley a princess at the time left her home world because she didn't want to marry Pear an elite she was bestrode to buy her father so she ran away to Planet Vegeta" the woman name Okra explained to the ex bandit .

Then Bulma finally spoke" So how did she meet Goku's dad and escaped the destruction of Planet Vegeta?" Bulma wanted to know how was it possible for her to escape if she gave birth to her long best friend.

Okra sadden as she stared at Vegeta and Goku" Prince Kakarot mother met Bardock a few years before the planet's untimely end. She never liked him at first but he some how grew on her, so they became mates the only one who knew was Princess Vegeta's mother Queen Vera, later they bonded Kakarot and his twin sister Kakaretta were born." she closed her purple eyes and sigh" You probably know the prince was born with a low power level and sent off to earth which his mother was never told of, Kakaretta was sent off as well but fortunately she over heard name of the planet."

"But it still doesn't explain how she escaped "Vegeta growled as she clenches her fist out of rage and frustrated

Okra opened her eyes bit her lower lip not wanting to tell what happened to Vegeta's mother" Queen Parsley was kidnap by her father's men, your mother tried to stop them" the taller woman sigh sadly" She was murdered Vegeta , I'm so sorry Princess"

Vegeta face was emotionless on the outside but the proud warrior saddened in the inside, it was just like when she found out her Father and Vegetasai no longer existed in this dimension. Vegeta had figured she died when her home planet exploded but so did her Father. Now she discovered her mother died at the hand of Kakarot's grandfather's men. This might of gave the saiyan princess a reason to blame the man she hated with a passion so long but Vegeta knew better , he wasn't responsible for her mother's death his damn grandfather was "Is he still alive" Vegeta silently asked.

"No, he met his end twenty years ago" Okra explained as her arms crossed looking at the harden woman.

"Good to know, I was planning to end him myself, I guess he got lucky" Vegeta said with her eyes closed.

"Okra, I need to know something, why did it take so long to find my dad when my uncle found him first?" Gohan asked the older saiyan woman.

"You mean your father half-brother Radtiz?"

"Wait half-brother!" Goku yelled in shock.

Okra blankly stared at the suprized saiyan then chuckled "Yes milord. half-brother. Our super computer picked up a usual high energy spike from earth, come to find out that it came from you. So your mother sent me to find you and bring you back to take your place as our prince and future king" Okra pride fully smirked" Your mother never through you were weak she knew in her heart that you Prince Kakarot would become something great. The queen heard rumors of you defeating Frieza and has searched for you ever since, she was very proud of you milord as well as your people, that is why you need to come with me to lead the saiyans like a true king and one day your sons and future offspring will take your place" Okra spoke with pride, she was loyal to her queen and proud to be a saiyan.

Goku was flattered, the saiyan prince really wanted to go but he to protect the people of earth and its life forms, he couldn't just leave his home unprotected and what about his sons? Are they willing to leave the only world they call home? Then there were his friends who he grew up with. This was one of the toughest decision of his life" Man Okra this is a tough one, I would be honor to leave with you but I have my sons to think about not to mention my friends, so I decline your offer, I m sorry please for give me?"

Okra was hurt and her heart began to ache , her eyes started to swell in tears , she had a mission and failed , she couldn't disappoint the woman who took her in when she was a child , she can't she won't" You have to Prince Kakarot, you have a responsibly to your people! You are obligated to, it's your destiny our destiny "she blushed a little and quickly covered her mouth.

Vegeta growled under her breath "Our destiny, you speak if you are claimed by him, the clown is no king let alone a prince I should be the one to lead the saiyans, its my god giving right to become future queen and for my son to be future king when I pass to the next world" Vegeta did not like the ideal of her rival sharing the same title as her, it was insult to her honor. He is only a low-class and that's all he'll ever be.

"It maybe your god giving right Princess, but Prince Kakarot is the true heir to the throne not you!" then she had a devilish smirk" Unless you want to marry the prince and bare his cubs"

Vegeta blushed and hissed at the taller woman' Like hell woman, I have my dignity to keep!'

The female snickered at Vegeta's reaction " I guess you don't won't to be the future queen, maybe I could be his mate and bare his children" Okra quickly planted her lips on the startle saiyan prince. Goku was in awe, he wasn't prepared for this kind situation it reminded him when Vegeta kissed the pure hearted saiyan out of no where.

The saiyan princess was actually jealous, how dare this woman kiss what belongs to her. Vegeta was always a bit possessive over Goku when ever another saiyan wanted to face him or a woman who wanted the widower "That enough" Vegeta sneered at the taller woman.

Okra released Goku and licked her lips, while Trunks and Goten gag at the sight" How was that my prince?" Okra purred

"Unexpected "Goku responded blushing.

"Man Goku one lucky son of a gun" Master Roshi grinned

"Yeah but Vegeta doesn't look to please at all" Krillin commented glancing over to the pissed of princess.

Yamcha simply snorted" So it's not like there together, Vegeta just being a bitch"

Bulma frowned she felt sorry for her ex. Had she never accused Yamcha of cheating they would have still been together, but the scared face man stilled loved the saiyan princess. Bulma was angry at Goku but she like ChiChi blamed Vegeta for seduced him in the fist place.

"Now milord would you still like to meet your mother and sister?"

Goku was still un sure , he could take his sons to see their aunt and grandmother , truth be told he want to me his new family members as well " Yeah sure Okra I'll go with you" Goku turned to his sons and Android 18" So kids you wanna me your grandma and aunt?"

"Yeah sounds cool dad" Gohan nodded happily.

"I wanna come to daddy" Goten danced around in excitement.

"I'm going to, plus I need a vacation "18 responded coolly push in a strained of hair behind her ear.

"Hey mom, dad can we go to!" Trunks pleased to his parents.

"I guess what about you Vegeta?" Yamcha asked the mother of his child.

Of course, I will accompany Kakarot, it's been far too long since I saw Parsley" Vegeta responded with a very stern look.

"Well count me in Goku, I mean Prince Kakarot" Bulma joked, Vegeta grunted as every one of the Z gang went into the golden falcon shaped ship.

Goku walked next to Okra, she smiled at him" So Okra how long would take us to reach Planet Kales?"

"A week give or take" Okra shrugged.

The ship has left earth and flew passed Pluto already heading for its destination. The earthling are slept in there rooms, Vegeta was the only one up, she walked in to Goten's and Trunks room. She gazed at the resting saiyan child. Goten moved around unaware of the saiyan princess prescience. The former mercenary eyes swelled up, she hasn't cried since the princess opened up to Goku about what Freiza did to their people." My dear son, I'm sorry, I never healed you in my arms when you was just a baby" she gently picked him up holding tight, her voice sang to the small boy, Vegeta seemed so out of character but then again she is a mother ,the mother of the youngest super saiyan.

"Vegeta, why are you holding Goten" Goku asked obviously tired

She didn't answer, Vegeta eyes just bore on the newly discovered saiyan prince, and she placed the boy back on his bed and trolls towards Goku and gave him a sneering kiss. They both moaned simultaneously finally breaking away. She then whispered in his ears "You'll find out soon enough Kakarot" The older saiyan left the younger man alone and confused.

"What does she mean I'll find out soon enough?" Goku ponder to him self.

In the shadows Okra watch the whole thing, the saiyan elite scowled and walked off. The tan skinned woman went in her room hurt but determined "You will be mines my prince one day" she lied in her bed shutting her eyes dreaming about her child hood crush.

Okay folks this is my seconded version I hope you enjoy my story and check out Daughter of a Saiyan peace out!