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Everyone was all taken aback by the Queens announcement especially Goku, Okra, and Vegeta. This was news to the saiyan elite, Okra knew Goku might be betrothed to a powerful female saiyan she just didn't think it would be her. Vegeta couldn't believe it either, did his mother implied that there a chance she or the other woman have shot at becoming his mate and future Queen?

"Wait hold on a second lady." Yamcha question with out showing a slight fear of the Queen icy glare" You're telling me that the mother of my son is going to basically marry Goku?"

Her face morph in to a coyest grin" I never said a thing about, are you joules boy?"

"No" Yamcha denied as his he looked furthered by the older woman's comment" I just think that your implying it… since you were looking at there direction."

She stalked towards the nervous man making him uneasy by her presence" Even it that were true…Yamcha I believe, what could you do about? It's up to her weather she wants to be with my dear son."

Yamcha was lived , he had barely forgiving Goku for sleeping with the mother of his child, now there a chance he might lose her for good " Stop it Yamcha!" Bulma interjected" Can't you see your making a fool of your self!? She never loved you in the first place, so just grow a pair and move on!" Bulma didn't mean to be so cruel, but the blue-haired beauty but she was sick and tired of her ex sulking over a woman who selfish and self centered. She just wishes he could move on and be happy.

"Whatever go, ahead fuck your precious Goku! But don't come crying to me when cheat on you like he did Chichi!" Yamcha sneered causing every to gasp.

Vegeta clench her fist out of pure fury "How dare you speak to me like that weakling!"

"Yeah Yamcha, that was un call for!" Goku shot back.

"Enough!" everyone eyes were now on Gohan who looked like he was going blow is top off" Don't you see your fighting over something that happened eight years ago? " Gohan then started to calm down a bit but still in raged by the adults" Yamcha you and Vegeta were nothing but a fling, you can't delude your self that you and Vegeta have something special just because of you impregnated her with Trunks just move on please!" Gohan then turned his eyes on his father and his lover" Dad" he said in a low voice" Their something I wanted do since you returned from the dead" Out of no were Gohan lunged at his father and caught him in a devastating right hook, Goku flew toward the wall hitting it creating a huge dent" THAT'S FOR CHEATING ON MOM AND LEAVING US YOU BASTARED!"

Goku wasn't angry at his angry son, he knew how much he hurt the mother of his sons and everyone he cared about, he need to make amends for the sake Gohan and is youngest.

Goten bailed up his own fist at of anger try not to transform as his flashed blonde and black, which didn't go unnoticed by his grand mother and aunt" Why…did…hit.. Daddy …Gohan…why"

Gohan face sadden as he watch his little brother cry, he hated showing this side of himself, it was the dark side that he also believe cost his father his life and his for younger brother to not really know his father. He felt like a hypocrite telling Yamcha to move and for get about the pass when he couldn't do it himself. If any thing if it wasn't for the demi-saiyan prince toying with Cell his father could have been alive raising Goten with his mother Vegeta. No she was the cause for all of this, have she killed cell in the first place before he absorbed 18 none of this would have never accrued, had she never seduced his father his mother wouldn't have been resentful towards the man he looked up to.

"I'm sorry dad that I blamed the you for everything "he breathes slowly turning attention to his brother's mother who slipped in to a fighting stance" I blame you Vegeta!"

"What?!" she growled not taking her eyes of the young demi-saiyan.

"You broke up are entire family because of your selfish pride and your obsession with my father!" Gohan growled "Your nothing but a…whore! "

"That enough Gohan!"

"No dad! Stop trying to defend her!" Gohan shouted without any remorse.

"Hey my moms not a whore you jerk!" Trunks said flaring up in his white aura.

"STOP THIS FOOLISH NOW!" the queen of all saiyans roared surprising everyone in the throne room "This …was supposed to be a reunion, a celebrating of the return of a son who I have not seen since he was an infant. I will not allow this to go on in my kingdom"

She picked up a crying Goten" There there little one, no need to ruin that cute little face of yours" she cooed "You can not act so dysfunctional in font of the children, saiyan or not! This not the way my Grandfather's empire his ruled" She walked over to Vegeta giving Goten to her" Hold your son" she said in unknown language that only Vegeta knows.

"She knows he…my son?" Vegeta uttered in her own head.

"Gohan, you must not let your anger consume you, I seen many great warriors parish because of it, don't be one of them grandson" Gohan never would have believe that his own grandmother, a full-blooded saiyan be so grace use. All the saiyans he met with the exception of his father were mostly aggressive. But not his grandmother, she was a different kind of breed.

"Okay…grandmother" Gohan replied with his normal soft-spoken voice.

"Its okay boy, unfortunately these kinds of things happen, just doesn't let it destroy you. Now why won't you and your lovely mate head to your new room" 18 blushed as the older woman gave her a wink

Gohan and 18 are escorted to their new chambers. Parsley turned to the others" Now that's over you should all prepare for tonight's big celebration!" the queen cheered in a manner similar to her only son" You may follow the servants as they show you to your bed chambers, Okra I want you to show Kakarot and Vegeta to the royal bathing pool and then take Vegeta to the best hair stylist on the planet so she could show off her… womanly assets"

"Yes my Queen" Okra bowed staring at Goku who already gotten up his feet from being punched in the jaws by his own son and Vegeta who handed her son to Bulma "Let's go my prince and…princess"

Goku and Vegeta followed the elite to the bathing pool, Kakaretta walked up to her sighing mother" Mother?"

"Yes my little princess?"

She hated being called that, she was far from being little" What are your plans for Vegeta, Okra, and my brother?"

She had a mischievous looking smile on her flawless face" Now why would I tell you my plans my little princess? I don't want to ruined my son's party"

What ever her mother planed its bound to be full of surprises, unknown to the saiyan royal a certain green giant heard their little conversation" Now what is that woman up to, I hopes its not anything sinister"

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