A/N couldn't sleep last night and a story I read awhile ago popped into my head. Decided to ask the author if I could use bits a pieces (more like chunks) of his story and he gave the go ahead for it. The story is Dark Badger by AJ3kyll. Most of the idea in this chapter and probably the next are his. I took the idea of Harry being a metamorph and meeting Tonks right off the bat. Tonks will be the more dominant one in their relationship and Harry the submissive. He won't be submissive completely, if Tonks tells him to stay out of trouble he'll try to but if Malfoy comes and insults his mom he probably won't take that sitting down. They may or may not be 'close' friends with Angelina, Alicia, and Katie like in the original but its a decent possibility. This will be a correct bwl story unlike Dark Badger and it will feature a manipulative Dumbledore who can do no wrong. The only other story related thing you need to know is that Harry's treatment at the Dursley's affected him worse than canon. He has a stutter and doesn't like people touching him. Anyway that's all for the story. For anyone worrying about Body of Magic, have no fear. This story is somewhat of a backburner story for when I hit blocks in Body of Magic. This story will probably be updated every two weeks or so. Except in this case. I've been on vacation and am going to update a much much shorter chapter two.

Harry felt lost. He was sitting between platforms nine and ten looking for the platform that was mentioned on his ticket. He was about to go and ask one of the station guards where the platform was when he bumped into someone. Looking up he seen it was a tall fair-haired somewhat chubby man. This scared Harry since he had no idea how he would react. The one time he ran into Uncle Vernon he was literally thrown in his cupboard and locked in for three days with no food or water. He shivered at the memory.

"Watch where you goi-" The man started to say forcefully but cut off as he seen it was just a small kid.

"I'm s-sorry sir. I wasn't l-looking where I was going," Harry replied fearfully, while not fat like his uncle the man still seemed intimidating to Harry.

"Ted manners!" chided a woman who was slightly shorter than the man with dark brown hair and dark but kind eyes that seemed to be tinted with a little purple. She looked at the child her husband bumped into and seen he had a trunk with and owl on top of it. "I'm sorry for my husband child. Are you going to Hogwarts?"

"Y-yes ma'am. I was j-just wondering how to g-get on the p-platform." While the lady didn't seem threatening but rather seemed nice and kind he wasn't able to get rid of his nervousness over talking to someone new.

"Ah, a first year then. You just need to walk through the column between the two platforms. Don't worry," she quickly said after seeing his doubtful and somewhat fearful look, "We were just about to go through to say goodbye to out daughter, Nymphadora. You were lucky to catch us here before we went through the barrier." Seeing this didn't help his doubtful look Andromeda decided to give the extremely shy child one more assurance. "Here watch us go through and we'll wait for you on the other side."

"Th-thank you ma'am," Harry replied, extremely thankful for the fact he ran into this couple. He watched, mesmerized, as first the man, then the woman walked right through the pillar that supported the ceiling. Steeling his nerves as best he could, he pushed his cart up against the pillar and, despite seeing it happen mere seconds earlier, was surprised to feel no resistance. Feeling more confident now that he knew the magic worked he pushed the rest of the way through the barrier. Just as he was about to pass through the barrier following his cart he heard a woman yelling about muggles and the platform.

Reaching the other side he was astounded by what he seen. A red and black train billowing white steam and children waving tearful goodbyes to their parent before they had to get on the train. To him it seemed like a beautiful scene and he felt a pang of jealousy at the obvious love families were showing. He quickly squashed that feeling, freaks like him didn't deserve love, his relatives had told him that often enough. Sighing he looked around for the two people who told him how to get onto the platform, he wanted to thank them for helping him.

He looked around quickly and jumped when someone laid a hand on his shoulder. He quickly spun around and raised his arms in front of his head. Usually when the Dursley's touched him it was to throw him into his closet or Dudley and his friends beating him up. He looked through his arms after a second of nothing happening and seen the couple that had helped him through the barrier just minutes ago. He seen the woman narrow her eyes slightly at his reaction and he was worried she would start asking questions he couldn't answer. Thankfully though they let the matter rest. "We were just looking for you. We wanted to introduce you to our daughter, Nymphadora."

It was then that he noticed the girl who looked to be around fifteen years old and was glaring at her mother. She had violent bubblegum pink hair and purple eyes that he couldn't stop looking into. Without him realizing it his hair color changed to match hers and it lengthened to his shoulders. Hi eye color changed from its usual emerald green to a much softer version than Nymphadora's deep and darker purple. He couldn't help but think she was beautiful and he wondered if she would be his friend. He had always wanted a friend.

The three people gasped and seeing this but the most shocked was Nymphadora. She had never met another metamorphmagus and never thought she would unless she actively looked for another. But here in front of her was a young boy who was just like her. Without thinking of what she was doing she dropped to her knees and hugged him for all she was worth. 'Mine!' ran through her mind as she first grabbed the boy. However when she felt him stiffen in her arms she pulled back slightly and looked at his face.

She was surprised to see his eyes screwed shut and his breathing was becoming shorter and shorter becoming borderline hyperventilating. "What's wrong... I'm sorry what's your name?"

Harry barely heard this as he was being bombarded with images of his relatives and pain in his mind's eye. He was reliving some of the rare times his uncle raised his hand and he was beaten. Because of this it took him a few minute to answer. "Harry," he said shakily, "Harry Potter."

Nymphadora looked at him shocked. She had never heard of Harry Potter being a metamorphmagus like her. But she couldn't waste any time thinking on that right now. She had a bigger issue with Harry right now. The way he reacted to her hug was worrisome. Even worse was how he reacted to her mother putting her hand on Harry's shoulder. If she didn't know any better she would say he never had anyone touch him unless it was to hurt him.

She looked up to her parents to see if they had the same idea. One look into their eyes showed they thought the same as her. Something wasn't right with his home life, and they were going to get to the bottom of it. But right now she was going to take care of Harry, after all he would be hers. "Harry we have to get on the train we only have a few minutes to get on it. I'll be on in a moment I need to say goodbye to my parents okay?" Immediately after saying this the ten minute whistle went off.

Harry nodded and said goodbye to the nice couple that helped him through the barrier and went to find an open compartment while Nymphadora said goodbye. The three people watched him go and after he walked maybe fifteen feet his hair became black and short again. Turning back to her parents she talked quickly so she could get back to Harry and find out more about him. "Mom, Dad can you two find out about Harry's home life? He shouldn't act like that when someone touches him."

"I know dear," her mother said. "We'll look into it while your at Hogwarts. For now though go find Harry on the train and look out for him. There are many people ho would try to befriend him just for his fame."

"Alright mom, just owl me when you find anything. I'll owl you if I find anything out too." She looked at her parents for a moment before pulling them both into a powerful hug before letting go and saying, "Bye mom, bye dad. I'll see you two at Christmas." With that she ran to the train and began looking for her little pseudo-charge. As she ran she started thinking of ways to make him like her, after all she did have a habit of trying to be the one who wears the pants in the relationships she's been in.

Scene Change

After checking two cars worth of compartments Nymphadora finally found her little man sitting alone in a compartment reading what looked like his potions book but he couldn't be sure. Taking great care to open the door quietly she poked her head through the gap. "Hey Harry," she called out softly, "can I join you in here?" Nymphadora was sad to see how jumpy he was when he nearly jumped out of his seat when she started talking.

After calming down for a moment after being startled out of his reading Harry looked up into the face of Nymphadora and again his hair changed color to hers and grew to shoulder length. His eyes also changed from their green to a light purple color which seemed to reflect on his shyness. Nymphadora found it adorable he couldn't control his powers yet and seemed to copy her whenever he seen her. He blushed when he heard that she wanted to sit with him. He nodded quickly though he didn't know why she wanted to sit with him, she was beautiful after all and he was just a freak, but if she wanted to stay with him he wouldn't say no. "S-sure. S-so Nymphadora how long have y-you been going to Hogw-warts?" Harry asked nervously after she sat down next him. He was surprised that he didn't sit across from him.

"First of all Harry do not call me Nymphadora. I hate that name," she finished with a glare that Harry shrank back from. Sh sighed thinking of how hard it would be to get him out of his shell. "Its okay Harry you didn't know. Just call me Tonks. And this will be my fourth year at Hogwarts."

"W-why don't you like your n-name? I think i-it's really p-pretty. If I c-can't call you that then call you N-nym, or D-dora?" Harry was somewhat scared of what the beautiful girl's reaction would be so he played with the edge of her shirt while he waited for an answer.

Tonks eyed Harry for a moment deciding if she was okay with what he asked. She noticed he was playing with hi shirt and had a faint blush on his cheeks. "Hmm, I guess you can call me Dora. However," she continued after seeing him smile brightly, "only you can call me that, got it?"

"Y-yes!" For some reason, unknown to him, it made him happy being the only one allowed to caller her Dora. She smiled at his enthusiasm and was pulled into a hug just as the door opened. She noticed he stiffened again as she pulled him in but decided she would ignore it for now and just get him used to affectionate contact.

Standing in the door was a bushy-haired girl. Her hair was brown and her teeth were slightly large Behind her was a nervous looking pudgy boy with black hair. They were both already in their robes. "I was wondering if you've seen a toad?" the bushy-haired girl said in a self-assured tone. Tonks found it adorable that Harry buried his face in her hair since there were new people in the compartment. Even though she wanted to help him come out of his shy shell she still found it endearing that he seemed to trust her. He even relaxed into the hug.

"I haven't seen one but I know of a spell that can summon objects to you. I haven't practiced it yet since I'm supposed to learn it this year but I can give it a try." She adopted a look of concentration on her face as she tried to remember the spell and the theory behind it. "Ah I remember now! What's the name of the toad?"

"Trevor," the nervous pudgy boy answered.

Tonks nodded her head and again a look of concentration feel upon her face and pulled out her wand. "Accio Trevor." Suddenly the hood to the pudgy boy's robes gave a few jerks causing the boy to fall over before the spell faded. "It looks like your toad is in your robes," Tonks said between giggles cause by what happened and was also happy to see Harry came out from her neck... she really needed to do something about his shyness or at least figure out what caused him to be like this. "Why don't you two take a seat. I'm Tonks and this is Harry."

"My name is Hermione Granger and this is Neville Longbottom." After taking her seat she looked at the two and tilted her head. "can I ask you some questions?"

"Sure go for it."

"Is that your guys' natural hair color? I've never seen anyone with pink hair before, or purple eyes now that I see it."

"We're metamorphmagi. We can change certain things about our appearance like our hair and eye color." Tonks answered knowingly. This answered one of Harry's questions about her pretty hair but he didn't think he was one, he felt he could never be anything as cool as that. He was also confused as to why Hermione asked about both of them.

"I'm n-not a metamorphmagus, a-am I?" Tonks looked at him weird before he realized he probably didn't know what he was doing.

"Of course you are Harry. Didn't you realize that you have pink hair right now?" After asking this she grabbed a lock of Harry's hair and moved it in front of his eyes. He was surprised to see his hair was, in fact, pink. His surprise showed in his appearance for a moment when his haired cycled through a few colors, green, yellow, orange, purple and then back to pink. Hermione and Neville were surprised to the sudden rapidly changing hair colors, though Tonks just giggled from next to him.

"I have one more question. What is your wand made of? It looked like it kept changing colors and shape slightly."

"It's made of wood from a changeling tree. It makes pretty nifty wands, though they usually pick metamorphs for their partners." Hearing this, Harry thought back to when his wand picked him.

"Hmm, tricky customer, eh?" Ollivander muttered under his breath as he picked up yet another wand and handed it to Harry. "I'm sure this on will be it holly and phoenix feather," he proclaimed handing the wand to Harry. He only got part way through waving it before it was, once again, snatched out of his hand and laid back in it's box. "Hmm, there are only a few wands left. Maybe... yes it could be." Ollivander continued muttering as he walked to the back of his store once again.

Minutes later he returned with the dustiest box yet and pulled out a most curious looking wand. It was nearly twelve inches, perfectly straight with a handle made from what looked like leather but was actually dragon skin. The wand also seemed to be changing colors before his eyes. It went from deep purple to a light brown never settling on one color. Looking closer he could see that the wand wasn't actually perfectly straight, it seemed to wiggle very slightly.

"Here we are, now give it a wave, give it a wave!" Ollivander seemed extremely excited at the prospect of the wand working as he placed the wand in Harry's hand.

Harry immediately felt like something inside of him break free before a gentle warmth spread over him. The warmth for some reason felt like what he imagined it love felt like. Unbeknownst to him his hair and eyes changed colors rapidly as he stared, transfixed, at his wand before settling back to his normal black color. His concentration on examining the wand and feeling of warmth was interrupted with the gleeful clapping and laughter of Ollivander.

"I was wondering when I would be able to sell another one of these wands." Ollivander seemed unable to contain his glee. "It's eleven and three-quarter inches made from the wood of a changeling tree with a hair from the most recent metamorphmagus as it's core. It will be quite masterful with transfiguration and not too shabby at charms either I must say."

Harry couldn't help but stare in wonder and awe at his wand. He couldn't wait to start his classes and learn how to do magic. Maybe he could even make some friends while he was there.

"T-that reminds me Dora. You s-said that you're a metamorphm-magus right?" Receiving a nod he continued. "Did you e-ever donate a hair to O-ollivander?" Receiving another nod Harry pulled out his wand and showed it to her. "I think I h-have your hair in my w-wand." She giggled a little at his poor attempt at a joke when it suddenly dawned on her that the wand she donated a hair to picked him. To her that was just another sign that she should get him. Besides maybe if her hair helped pick him, he would compliment her personality. She filed that away for another later though, she would need to work on him when they were alone (A/N: not like that people who think like that _). She felt a change in topics was needed though, she could see he didn't like the attention he drew to himself.

"So what houses are you all hoping to be in?" she asked as innocently as she could.

"I'm hoping to be in Gryffindor," Hermione instantly replied. "Professor Dumbledore was in that house, it must be the best."

"Just because someone was in a house doesn't mean it's the best Hermione," Tonks admonished. "Think about it this way, your sorted to the house where your most likely to get along and share many of the same views with. If you love knowledge then you should embrace it, not go to a house just because someone you admire was in the house." Hermione looked down thinking about what Tonks had just told her. It made sense but all the books told her that Dumbledore was in that house and she wanted to be that great.

"Hermione, y-you shouldn't try to be s-someone your not." Harry was speaking so quietly everyone had to lean in to listen. "Be yourself, n-not someone else. You c-can be great being y-yourself. Just believe i-in yourself." Again Hermione was forced to think. What Harry had said makes sense. She didn't want to be known because she was like someone else. She wanted to be known because she was herself. Finally she nodded ascenting to Harry's point who gave a small smile in return.

"What about you Neville? What house do you want to be in?"

"I don't know. My parents were both in Gryffindor but I'm probably not good enough for that. I'll probably be in Hufflepuff." This was met with outrage by Tonks.

"Oi! I'm a Hufflepuff and there's nothing wrong with that. We're loyal to the end and the hardest workers there are. If you have a friend in the 'Puffs you'll have a friend for life." Tonks was quite forceful in this declaration which startled Neville since he always heard Hufflepuff was for the rejects. Harry on the other hand thought this sounded nice. He always wanted friends. He had hoped Dora would be his friend and the sound of more friends in Hufflepuff sounded like something he wanted.

"What about you cutie," Tonks said ruffling Harry's still pink hair from next to him and hoping giving him a nickname wouldn't," what house do you want to be in?"

"Hufflep-puff sounds amazing. I'd l-like to go there if I could." Tonks was very happy hearing this it would mean that she could spend more time with him.

"That's great cutie, I hope that we can spend much more time together she said tightening her arm that was still around him comfortingly. He blushed quite a bit when he realized that she had her arm around him and his hair changed color to match his now red face. He didn't know how he forgot that her arm was around him, he just felt comforted.

"Hey cutie." Tonks said interrupting Harry's thoughts. "Do you want me to teach you how to control your metamorphmagus powers?" Harry seemed to perk up at this. He wanted to be able to control this instead of just copying Tonks. He didn't mind copying her but he didn't think having no control over his ability was a good idea.

Just as Tonks was about to start to explain how he was supposed to explain her friends popped into the compartment.

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