Chapter 1: First Day Gone Wrong

I slowly walked up to the 10th squad's captain's office. Before I even knocked, there was a faint "Come in" from the other side of the door.

My fingers gently grasped the handle of the door. I paused wondering how he'd react. I imagined his shocked face. On the inside I smirked evilly but yet I showed no emotion.

I pulled open the door. The captain didn't even look up. I slowly walked up to his desk and placed a manila folder in front of him. Finally, he looked up, his icy blue eyes meeting my dark lavender ones.

I never even spoke to him or saw him ever since then. We were childhood friends. But, everything had to change when it happened.

"Good afternoon, Hitsugaya-taichou." I said bluntly. "I'm the new 10th division's transfer 3rd seat, Miyuki Himitsu."

His eyes widened in shock when he heard my name. I kept my calm composure, not a single drop of emotion leaking through my emotionless mask. "I'm being transferred here from squad 6." I stated.

"M-Miyuki….Is that really you?" He asked me. I avoided his stare and looked at the ground beside me, seeing it so interesting all of a sudden. "Is there any paper work that needs to be filled out? I'd be glad to handle them for you." I said completely ignoring his question.

There was a pregnant silence between us until he spoke up. "The lieutenant's paper work is unfinished and I can't find her anywhere. If you really are willing to, you can do hers while I go and look for her."

"I see. No need to go and find her. I'll go myself." I answered, turned my back and walked towards the door.

Just as my fingers grasped the handle for the second time, he spoke up once more. "Miyuki, are you still upset about what happened between us?" I tensed at the question but slowly relaxed. "I'll return soon." I said and left with a click of the door.


"HhhEeeyYy there MiiiiIiIiyyyYyYuuuUuKkkKIiIi-ChAnnnnnnnn" Rangiku slurred with a bottle of sake in her hand as I entered through the door.

"Rangiku-san." I said keeping a straight face. "You have paper work to do back at the office. Hitsugaya-taichou wishes you to come back as soon as possible."

"Huhhhhh? But I don't wannaaaaaa! You just transferred over to our squad, come onnnnn have a little funnnnnnn!" said the intoxicated lieutenant.

A stress mark appeared on my forehead. "Rangiku-san, please come back to the-" "Alert, alert! Ryokas have been sighted in the seireitei. All squads form attack and defense command units and stay on guard. These are the Head Captain's orders." A hell butterfly said flying past my face and interrupting my sentence.

"Ryoka?" I whispered under my breath and my eyes widening.

"Pretty little butterflyyyyyyy~" Rangiku sang and chased the hell butterfly around the room.

Suddenly there was an explosion that blew a hole in the wall to my right. I covered my face with my arms as the pieces of flying debris flew past me. One piece grazing the left temple of my forehead causing me to bleed.

A shinigami with bright orange hair struggled to stand up. His chest covered in several slashes, blood flowing freely from his wounds. I glanced at something reflecting light and saw his giant zanpakuto that he was leaning on.

"A-are you alright?!" I called and started to walk towards him. The shinigami turned around and his hazel eyes locked onto my dark lavender ones making me stop dead in my tracks.

We both stood there staring at each other until there was a sudden crunching noise of footsteps.

Ikkaku Madarame stood behind the anonymous soul reaper. "Don't ruin my fun, Himitsu." He growled at me. "He's a powerful ryoka and he is my opponent." Blood dripped down from his forehead and from a giant cut on his shoulder.

I took a shaky step backwards. This guy in front of me, is one of the ryoka. He's even challenging 3rd seat Madarame and actually wounded him.

Knowing I couldn't stand a chance, I turned, grabbed the lieutenant, and ran out the sake shop. As I ran away, I heard the clanging of swords and another explosion from the shop.

Soon, I was finally able to drag Rangiku back to the 10th division barracks where the office was. Right when I was about to pull open the door, it was forced open and I was met face to face with my panting captain.

"Mi-..Miyuki." he huffed and saw that I was carrying his intoxicated lieutenant and that I was bleeding. He helped me drag her over to the couch and place her on it.

"I need to go make sure the attack unit is set up for our squad, I'll return shortly." I said and stood up.

When I took one step, I felt a cold familiar hand grasp my wrist. I glanced back into a pair of blue eyes. "You're hurt. Let me at least treat your wound."

A flash of a younger version of the white haired captain smiling appeared in my eyes making me jerk my hand away.

Toshiro stared up at me with eyes of a hurt puppy. "I...I'm alright. You don't have to treat me like I'm helpless." I said sternly. I walked to the wooden door and stopped. "I don't need anyone else to care for me. I'll be fine on my own. I was always on my own after Onii-chan died anyways." She said whispering the last part. But, Toshiro heard her loud and clear. Her words made his heart twist painfully in guilt. Without another word, the 3rd seat shinigami left.


"Attack unit 1 and defense unit 3, you guys will be patrolling for tonight. At midnight, switch with attack unit 3 and defense unit 2. That is all." I commanded.

"This is a pretty good battle plan!" remarked some shinigami in the attack units. "What'd you expect? I heard she was the top strategist back when she was still in squad 6." Another said.

I ignored their comments and walked out of the barracks. It was already dark outside. I decided I wanted to speak to Kuchiki-taichou about his strategy plans. As I walked my sharp eyes caught the shadow of a person.

"Who's there?" I called. My right hand gripping tightly on my zanpakuto. I started to walk over to the person cautiously.

I heard a grunt of a male voice. I soon stopped in front of him. "State your name, squad, and position." I said looking up at the person. (I was fairly short.)

Before I had a chance to react, the person started to sway and he fell atop of me. I tried to keep my balance and support his body. While I did, I caught sight of his face and his bright orange hair. "You're…one of the ryoka.." I whispered.

I suddenly felt a wet substance on the hand that I used to support his chest with. I slowly lifted it into view and saw red. "You're hurt!" I exclaimed. Now, I didn't really care if he was a ryoka or not. I can't take him back to the barracks so I took him to one of my secret places. The old house I used to live in back when I wasn't a shinigami. The house that held many memories.


When we got to the house, I placed him down carefully on my older brother's old creaky bed. Then I proceeded to healing his wounds.

I slowly took off the top of his shinigami uniform. The sight of his lightly tanned muscular chest made me blush several shades of red. I stood up and left to the bathroom to get a towel and a bowl of water.

When I returned, I made quick work of cleaning his wounds. The orange haired shinigami stirred in his sleep. Grabbing the bandages, I wrapped them carefully around his cuts and started to use kido to close up his injuries.

Once I was finished, I puut an old blanket over him and left the room quietly to cook dinner. This first day as 3rd seat of the 10th division, was not what I expected at all.