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The Girl in the Room

It was a peaceful night and the Strider couple had recently gone to bed. Dave was exhausted after doing paperwork for the club all morning then watching the little ones. Not to mention the weekly trip to the grocery store, which always was a chore with two four month olds. Needless to say, he and Jade had gone to be early that night in a hope to catch up on some much needed sleep. At nine thirty the pair had slipped into bed after putting the twins to bed and where out almost instantly.

Dave had always been a light sleeper. After growing up with Bro's 'surprise midnight puppet attacks' and the paranoia from The Game it was no mystery as to why. When he heard running in his house his eyes shot open. He hopped up easily and remained silent for a moment, listening. The footsteps seemed to be heading… Toward Elizabeth's room! Panic shot through the tall male as he thought of a burglar entering his little princess's room. Dave ran across the room to grab his katana off the wall and flash stepped to the door of Elizabeth's room. In his panic he had forgotten his aviators on the nightstand but at this very moment he didn't care.

Looking into the room he saw the silhouette of a lean figure with long hair standing over the crib of Elizabeth. Pulling he sword out of its sheath he growled at the stranger, "What the fuck are you doing here."

The intruder, a female, spun around to face him. In the low light Dave couldn't see the person's face well, but he wasn't looking much at the intruder's face at the moment. Rage was consuming him and all he cared about was cutting this person who was threatening his daughter. Then the woman spoke.


Dave's eyes widened. Daddy? He was by no means this person's father. This person was a trespasser, an intruder, a threat! Not to mention the fact that it was impossible this teenage girl was his daughter when he was only twenty-four years old.

"What do you mean by 'Daddy?'' he spat back.

The girl took a step forward, letting more light on her as she began stuttering, "I-I mean it's me! It's L-Lizy!" Her eyes were pleading, looking terrified. That was when Dave noticed her eyes. They were a ruby red, the same color as his own and Elizabeth's. And now that he looked closer, here hair was the same light blonde shade as Elizabeth. But no! It was impossible! This girl had to be at lease fifteen, if not older. It was physically impossible!

That was when his eyes momentarily glanced down at her dress. It was only for half a second but he recognized the symbol immediately. He looked back to see the gear he grew to know so well, the same gear he had a necklace of. This gear was on a red dress, a dress of the same design as Jade's 'Witch of Space' God Tier. That was when it clicked.

This… This really was his daughter. This was not just any daughter though, this was Elizabeth. He could almost feel his throat closing up but he forced himself to speak.

"Elizabeth?" The girl only nodded, eyes glued to the floor. Terror ran through his being. His daughter was playing The Game. That was the only way she would have been able to be here now and in God Tier. Did that mean Cameron was playing as well?

"Oh my Gog…" he breathed, his heart pounding against his chest "Is… Is this real?"

He didn't need an answer. He knew it was real, oh so very real. And it terrified him.

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