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Chapter 6 – Happy Times Together

Oz woke up after resting for a few days in Sharon's house, Alice came to visit him regularly ever since and he somehow felt happy that she did. Alice always said cruel things and called him 'manservant' all the time, which actually didn't make him feel sad, it made him feel comfortable in some ways. But deep inside his heart he could feel that something wasn't right.

Since Sharon was such a good healer, he could now walk around the village. Sharon told the villagers to be friendly with him and to never show their powers, the witches' powers, to him. Oz didn't realize where he was and he didn't ask, thinking that they were just a small village out of nowhere that was hidden in the depth of the forest. He didn't even know that he was still in Pandora Kingdom.

"Alice!" Oz ran toward the girl, "Hey, Alice."

"What is it, manservant?" Alice said.

"Hey, I've been looking all over the village for you." He said, "Look! My wounds are completely healed."


"That's so cold of you, I thought you will look at least a little happy." He said.

"Why?" She asked, "Why would I be happy?"

"…Uh… because I'm getting better?" Oz said, "You should look happy, we can do lots of things together now."

"Lots of things? Why would I want to?" She asked

"And I want to try the famous roasted boar that you always talk about." He said, "Say, do you happen to have any?"

"No, none for you, manservant." She said

"Please." He pleased with puppy eyes.

"Ugh… well… if you do me some favor, I'll rethink about it." She turned back and said

"What is it?" He asked.

"Uh… help me hunt some." She said.

"Now?" He asked

"Sure, why not. Boars are getting scarce in this village, we need some more, especially since you came here." She said, "What do you say, want to try your hands at hunting?"

"I don't have any weapons." He said.

"Just take a knife and go, even I use them. There's no need for a fancy weapon." She explained, "Here." She threw a small knife at him he took it with his hands.

"T-Thanks." He said, "But I don't know the basics." He said.

"That's why I'll come with you." She said, "If you know how then I would never come with a manservant like you just to hunt some boars. I'll directly command you to hunt, stupid manservant."

"Alright." He said.

"And you'll help me from today onwards." She said.


"Remember, food is scarce." She walked into the forest, Oz followed her, "You don't work, you don't eat."


Oz followed Alice all the way in the forest, since he didn't know the ways around the forest he didn't realize that he was still in the kingdom.

"There, go for it, manservant." She ordered after seeing a boar passing in front of them.

"I can't! You haven't taught me anything!" He complained.

"Sigh… You are a man, can't you at least be brave?" She said, pushing him in front of the boar. The boar, upon seeing him immediately thought of him as a threat thus pushed him into a nearby river. Fortunately enough he was still fine, fine enough to laugh when Alice came to him and laughed in front of him.

"Hahahaha, look, you're so pathetic, manservant!" She laughed.

"That's harsh." He said, "Wild boars are so aggressive."

"Hahahaha….!" She was still laughing.

"Ha… Hahahaha…" He also laughed along with her, after all, what's more important than spending the happy time while you still can?

"Ha!" Alice jumped into the river and splashed water at him, "Take that!"

"Hahaha!" He tried to block the water by his hands but water is water, he wouldn't be able to block it. "Wait!" He splashed the water at her now.

"Wah!" While trying to run from the water, Alice slipped and fell into the water causing her clothes to be all wet, "I'm wet…"

"So do I." He said, "Hey, let's play more, since we are all wet already, going home now will be a waste. Let's enjoy ourselves more."

"Why not!" She said, "After all spending time with a manservant is one of my hobbies."

"Hobbies?" He said, "Ohoho… are you trying to say that you like me?" He smiled a mischievous smile.

"W-W-What!? No way! Don't get too cocky you stupid manservant, I was simply enjoying myself here, don't get me wrong." She blushed, but Oz didn't see it, he was busy smiling and grinning that he wasn't able to realize that she was blushing.

"Ha-ha, don't try to cover things up, you kno – Ummph…"

"Take that." She somehow caught a fish and threw the poor fish, which was still alive to his face.

"What was that for!?" He complained, rubbing his face.

"That's what happen when you try to be cocky." She said. They played for a long time that they didn't realize that the sun was setting. Upon realizing the darkness, Alice finally said to him, "Now… I think it might be better if we return now."


"Sometimes I can get lost if the sun sets." She said, "Better safe than sorry, don't worry if you like to hunt so much I'll let you hunt tomorrow, that way the food will be sufficient."

"You're treating me like I'm a professional already, don't you think that's too fast, I haven't learned anything today." He said

"Oh, yes you have. You learned to splash some water into my face, that is classified as 'learn'." She said sarcastically, "You even make me trip and wet my clothes."

"Hahaha… That's victory for me." He said proudly.

"You're also soaked, I call it a draw." She replied, "Don't say anything anymore, I'm going home, don't say anything anymore, save it for later, manservant." She commanded and started getting out from the water. Oz followed behind her to the village, all the villagers who met them asked how they had gotten wet. Some even wondered how they returned without bringing any boars with them.

"Change your clothes, manservant!" Alice commanded.

"Eh, why?" He asked.

"Do you want to walk around with that clothes?" She asked, "Beside, I'll look bad if my manservant aren't properly dressed."

"I… see… Okay I'll change." He went inside Sharon's house, the house that he had been staying in for a few weeks.

"You like him, right?" Sharon, upon suddenly appearing out of nowhere said.

"W-Why do you think so?" She asked

"I can see it from your face…" She said, "Oh my cute little sister is finally growing up…"

"I'm not your sister." Alice said.


"Okay, okay, I understand." She said.

"The relationship of sisters doesn't rely fully on bloodlines you know. Plus, in this village, I see everyone as siblings…" Sharon explained, "Don't you think so, Alice?"

"Sure, that's a nice thought." She said.

"… Yes it is indeed." Someone suddenly appeared behind Alice.

"B-Break?" Sharon said

"That's a nice kind of relationship indeed." He said.

"Is your eyes fine?" Sharon asked.

"This is nothing, I'm fine, milady." He said.

"M-Milady?" She asked.

"Uh… do you mind if I call you that?" He asked

"I, actually I don't mind, but why if I may ask?" He said.

"It just suits you well, milady." He said, "Can I?" He bowed and smiled at her.

"O-Okay…" She blushed and turned her back against him.

"Nice knowing that, milady." He said, "Nice to meet you too, miss…" He looked at Alice and smiled, after doing so, he went away.

"He seems to like you." Alice said, "Don't you think so, Sharon?"

"U-Uh… Y-Yeah…" She answered hesitantly, still blushing.

"Anyway, I'll be coming to see Oz, you wait here, okay? I promised him that I'll make him eat the boars." She said.

"Alright, I'll wait here." She said.

Alice went into Sharon's house. Her voice and Oz's voice could be heard all the way to the village center since the voices was so loud, they were really excited, just like a pair children that was looking forward to a trip.

"They sure get along well." Fang suddenly came along with Lottie.

"Yeah, maybe I wasn't wrong." Sharon said.

"That boy can't see my face." Lottie said.

"Yeah, I know, I have heard the story already." Sharon said, "You should try not to see him."

"But Sharon, you can't hide the reality for a long time." Lottie said, "One day he will find out. And I have a feeling that it won't be such a long time from now."


"You know that right, witch… It won't be long… just you wait." A shady figure smiled behind the shadow, "I'll destroy your kind… In a painful way..."