Anakin Redemption, like you've never seen it before. This is set during AOTC through to the end of ROTS.

Anakin has a different kind of 'guardian Angel', a stranger who is always cloaked and won't give his real his name, a stranger who knows his past and apparently, his future; can this 'stranger' save Anakin from the darkside and help him fulfill his destiny?


"They'll never get there in time to save him." Padme told Anakin, "they have to come halfway across the galaxy. Look," she pointed to the screen, "Geonosis is less than a parsec away." Padme started to hit buttons and flick switches.

Anakin put a hand over hers, stopping her. "If he's still alive."

She stares at him, "Ani, are you just going to sit here and let him die? He's your friend... your mentor..."

"He's like my father," Anakin told her, "but you heard Master Windu. He gave me strict orders to stay here."

"He gave you strict orders to protect Padme," Jed stepped into the ship behind Padme and flicked more switches. The
engines fired.

Padme grinned at Jed, "...and I'm going to save Obi-Wan. So if you plan to protect me, you will have to come along."


Shaking his head, 'Jed' sighed, he was worried about Obi-wan, but he could hardly show anything other than mild concern; he had to remain a stranger, if his true identity was discovered it would make thing far too complicated, would raise too many questions that could not be answered.

It did not easy his worry though, did not make his fear for Obi-wan's safety any less; but he knew Obi-wan, knew that he could look after himself, he only hoped they would get to Geonosis in time to rescue him.

Jed; the name felt unfamiliar and wrong; he hadn't thought of a name when he had come to help Anakin, Owen Lars had caught him by surprise and he had said the first thing he could think of.

Jed, it would be his new name, he would make it his own.

Watching Anakin and Padme, knowing everything he did, Jed sighed softly; he had to let some things happen as they were meant to, he could not make big changes that could alter the course of history; he was merely a unknown guide, gently pushing Anakin in the right direction.


Anakin piloted the starship close to the ground, weaving around towering rock formations.

"See those columns of steam straight ahead?" Padme pointed them out to Anakin, "They're exhaust vents of some type."

Anakin nodded, "that'll do." He said as he piloted the craft straight down into a column, flying through the steam, and landing at the bottom.

As they left the ship, Padme turned to look at Anakin and Jed, "Look, whatever happens out there, follow my lead." She shook her head and started walking, "I'm not interested in getting into a war here. As a member of the Senate, maybe I can find a diplomatic solution to this mess."

Anakin snorted, "Don't worry." He rolled his eyes at her back, "I've given up trying to argue with you."

Jed chuckled behind them, his face still concealed by the hood of his cloak. "She's still stubborn," walking passed Anakin, he shrugged, "are you coming, Anakin?"

Ok, so not many people seem to be able to guess who Jed is yet. Does this chapter help? I know it's short, but I don't want to reveal too much too soon.

Jed, no one has any ideas who he is? A couple have guessed, but why does everyone say 'Luke'? It isn't Luke, Jed is not Luke; just clarrifying. But come on, guess people.