Hello summoners! My name is Torashi and I have an addiction. Ever since I picked up LoL, I forgot I had a social life. I'm currently level 30 and have 1283 ELO. I play support on my ranked team and I main taric. So anyways I've wanted to do a League Of Legends crossover with Naruto since thats what I prefer to write. Lets see how this turns out.

"Normal speech."

"Normal thought."

Just thought of this, all the characters that aren't in the game or apart of the lore are going to be high elo players and streamers.

"High Councilor Relivash! Someone's awaiting at the gate!"A messenger shouts charging into the councilor's chamber.

"What's so special about this person? People come and go all the time Naryt."Relivash says placing his quill back into the ink pot.

Naryt was out of breath with his hands on his kneecaps before standing up straight. "He says he has news of the disappearance of High Councilor Ashram!"

Relivash couldn't have moved faster out of his room. Him being in the High Council was not a wanted position. Ashram and he used to be good friends. When the news of his mysterious disappearance came to him, he also heard he was being elected to take his position.

Hospital Wing

"Ow! Can you stop pressing down so hard?" A strong male voice said behind the door that Relivash was standing at.

"I'm sorry but you wouldn't want it to get infected do you?" says the nurse on duty, Rachiel.

Relivash gathered up all the courage he could before pushing the two doors apart, startling Rachiel.

"H-high Councilman!" Rachiel stuttered before shaking her head and bowed.

"Good afternoon Rachiel, I saw your match earlier today. We expect many good things from you." Relivash said approvingly before turning to the man sitting on one of the many beds. "Now I understand we have never met. I am High Councilman Relivash. You are?"

"Naruto Uzumaki at your service." Naruto said bowing. Naruto was wearing a white t-shirt that had an orange Konoha symbol along with ANBU style black pants. He had blue ninja sandals with his giant scroll resting next to his feet.

"Well then Uzumaki. I understand you have information on my old friend, Ashram." Relivash states thinking about how unusual Naruto's attire is.

Rachiel understanding this was private, bowed and then left the room. Closing the doors behind her.

Naruto's smile was immediately wiped from his face."Ashram...He's the one who told me to come here. Said I would need to tell you all something."

"Why couldn't he come tell us himself?" Relivash asked regretting it immediately.

Naruto looked out the window staring at a single blue bird who was making a nest. He turned to Relivash and uttered two words. "He's dead."

Hospital Cafeteria

Rachiel sat at an outside table out on the balcony of the rather fancy cafeteria of the institute. "I wonder what Naruto could know..."

"Hey Rach!" A slightly younger voice calls out.

Rachiel turns to the voice and sees one of the many champions of the league. Ahri.

"Hello Ahri." Rachiel said slightly exhausted.

"What's wrong?"Ahri asked sitting next to her, her tails flowing like the wind. "Rough shift?"

"No no no. We had a newcomer show up today who had important intel. Well, atleast it seemed important." Rachiel then took a sip of her tea.

"Oh. That must've been exciting. Did you hear anything of it?" Ahri asked curiously, her eyes twinkled almost child-like.

Rachiel thought back." Apparently it was about High Councilor Ashram. you know, the one that went missing."

The fox gasped. "Ashram? Thats huge news. Who was this messenger?"

"Someone named Naruto Uzumaki. He has strange clothes. Kind of resembled an ioni-" Rachiel was interrupted by the sudden shaking Ahri was producing by grabbing her shoulders.

"Did you say Naruto Uzumaki!" Ahri shouts still shaking her with her tails spinning.

Rachiel pushed Janna's hands away. "Yes. Why do you ask?"

"Where is he?" Ahri asked desperately.

"In the hospital wing talking to Relivash. Why?" Rachiel answers when suddenly Ahri sits down before grabbing her head.

Ahri's head pulsated as she began to see visions. A boy in a sewer-like area shouting up at her. An teen version of the boy fighting her. A man looking similar to the boy placing a seal on the ground opening her cage and letting her go free.

Ahri let go of her head as it quickly turned to the hospital. Her eyes narrowed and she got up to her feet.

"Where are you going?" Rachiel said trying to touch Ahri's shoulder.

Ahri then dashed though the occupied cafeteria. dodging every person in it before pushing the door out of her way. 'I can't believe your alive...Naruto-kun...'

"I see, Naruto." Relivash said before leaning back into the chair.

Naruto put his hands down, getting rid of the excess chakra after using a memory sharing technique. "I'm sorry. There was nothing I could do. Nothing he would let me do."

Relivash then stood up."It is alright Naruto. I will have food brought to you in half an hour. You will have to repeat this to the rest of the council in the morning."

"I understand High Councilman." Naruto said as he lifted his scroll onto his bed. "There is also some things that I will have to bring up during the meeting that are vital to this institute's fate."

"Well then Naruto. I hope you get a good night's sleep. We will all need one." Relivash then left the hospital through the doors.

Naruto laid down and stared at the ceiling noticing it was see-through.

Looking at the stars, he sighed before suddenly on the alert. After years of training, Naruto has become an excellent sensor. Being able to recognize mana and the slightly less used energy, he was shocked when this source was oddly familiar.

The being he sensed used mana as a primary but had a second pool. One that was many times larger but less used. A cross between mana and energy.



"Move out of my way!" A voice shouted outside that Naruto instantly recognized. The doors then bursted open.


The retired ninja turned to the entrance and grinned."Miss me?"