Hello summoners! My name is Torashi and I have an addiction. Ever since I picked up LoL, I forgot I had a social life. I'm currently level 30 and have 1283 ELO. I play support on my ranked team and I main taric. So anyways I've wanted to do a League Of Legends crossover with Naruto since thats what I prefer to write. Lets see how this turns out.

"Normal speech."

"Normal thought."

All the characters that aren't in the game or apart of the lore are going to be high elo players and streamers.

Note: All of the champs are around 20 years old, including Naruto.

So I just read the reveal for Zyra and decided to do a little special chapter. This is all a flashback continuing off of the Ezreal and Amumu flashback.

Might have to increase the rating to M if this is too inappropriate. Tell me if you think I should.

"Ugh, out of the humid desert to a humid desert and into a humid jungle. You've really out done yourself this time Uzumaki." Naruto said wiping off sweat growing on his brow. He just departed from the ragtag group of the explorer and the mummy. Heading south may not have been the best idea, having ended up in a place many people know of as the Plague Lands.

Naruto felt the sense of dread in the area. As if everything in the area was slowly dieing."Probably why its called the Plague Lands..."

Suddenly a large source of positive energy appeared west of Naruto.

"What could be producing enough energy to rival the Rokubi?"Naruto wondered as he looked to a light shining through the treeline about half a mile away."Well only one way to find out."

"This power...Its...Intoxicating!"Zyra said with glee as she began to cackle. She stopped as she sensed a strong presence nearby."Isn't this lucky? Maybe I'll be able to test my limitations?"

As she looked up to a branch, Naruto bursted through the forest landing on it.

Naruto looked down and blushed."Oh! Um, sorry I'll be on my way."Looking away from the naked woman, Naruto shook his head trying to get the thoughts out of his mind.

Looking back on the young sorceress' memory, she was usually wearing something the humans called 'clothing' which she seemed to be lacking. Zyra used some of her newly found mana pool to conjure up clothing. Testing her voice, she called out to Naruto,"Can you help me, young man?"

Naruto froze in his step and slowly turned, hoping she had clothes on, he opened his eyes and while not completely satisfied with the amount, then decided it could've been worse."Of course." Hopping down to the ground, Naruto realized some differences in her. She had what he assumed to be 2 pairs of ears that looked like leaves. Her clothing seemed to follow a similar them being made out of leafy material. She also had 2 vines that were connected to...her...forearms...

"You're not human are you?"Naruto asked getting straight to the point.

"Aw you caught me. Just when I thought I could have some fun. To answer your question, no. I'm not human, nut I'm more human than ever before!"The woman said with a dark tone to her voice as her eyes seemed to let off an ethereal glow. She lifted her arms and pointed her index finger at the Uzumaki. "Attack."

With that one word, the forest came to life, shooting vines from almost every direction at light speed flying towards him.

Luckily for Naruto, he was faster, he pulled out two kunai which he then added wind chakra too.

Slashing the sharpened vines into many pieces, he looked back to the woman but noticed she wasn't there."Where'd she go?" Naruto froze as he felt a sharp blade touching his jugular.

"Now that wasn't very nice."Zyra said holding what Naruto felt to be one if his kunai.

Assuming she stole it just now, Naruto sighed,"There's no playing around with you is there?" Naruto pushed himself into the blade making the clone explode into a puff of smoke.

Coughing, Zyra stumbled out of the smoke and looked in front of her."You have any more surprises I should be wary of?"

"I guess you'll have to see."Naruto said as he chuckled.

Zya sighed and dropped his kunai,"I'm not nearly as experienced in this body to use this power. I submit."

"Really? That simple?"Naruto asked as he picked up the fallen kunai and slipped it into his pouch.

Zyra smirked,"Did you want to play some more?" She noticed parts of the human she had just devoured's personality leaked into her. One of which being extremely flirtatious.

"...Lets change the subject. How did you get your human form?"Naruto asked,"you said you're not nearly as experienced? That must mean you received this body recently."

"How observant of you. Well its quite a long story, you see..."


Naruto pulled the sticks of fish he had cooking on a fire away and handed one to Zyra."That is quite a story. So you are sure you are, err, were the last of your kind?"

"Pretty sure." Zyra said shrugging as she bit into the fish. She moaned as the new flavor was a very welcomed taste."You're a very good..what do they call them? The ones who make food?"

"Cooks or chefs. Either one." Naruto said amused. While gaining knowledge of the human language helped, it didn't give you professor level understanding of English."I'm alright at it I guess. Living alone for most of my life taught me how to live off of the environment."

"You're a strange one Naruto." Zyra said taking a few more bites from the fish.

Naruto raised his eyebrow,"How so?"

Zyra rolled her eyes,"Most humans, judging from the sorceress' memories would be disgusted with how I came to this form."

"Like I said, I lived off of the environment. You did the same, only in your own way."Naruto said as he threw away the bones of his finished fish.

Zyra smiled and stared at the stars appearing in the Valoran sky."This world is a lot more diverse than the jungle I'm used to."

"Yes it is. That's why I'm determined to see all of it. I've been on this adventure ever since I entered this world."Naruto said as he also began star gazing.

Zyra looked at Naruto."Hey Naruto..."

"Yes Zyra?"Naruto asked looking back to the plant mage.

"You wouldn't mind if I accompany you, would you?" Zyra bit her lip nervously,"I mean if it doesn't bother you."

Naruto stared at her and smiled,"Of course not. I would be happy to have your company on my trip."

Zyra smiled back and leaned in to plant a chaste kiss on Naruto's chin like the sorceress did to her older brother when he left to join a hunt for food with the rest of the village hunters.

Naruto froze but then his smile grew,"Well if we want to be able to leave early in the morning, we both need some sleep."

Zyra walked over to Naruto and sat next to him laying her head on his shoulder.

Naruto unsealed his camping blanket and placed it on both of them laid back onto the roots of the big tree."Good night Zyra."

"Good night Naruto."Zyra said as reached over and fell asleep hugging Naruto.