"Just make sure that you watch out for Buffy, she will take your life with her magic if you are not careful" Vegeta said to Gohan as he walked out the door to take Videl to the library for a project, as Vegeta, Bulma, and Trunks came over for dinner. "I will but I still don't see why this is such a big deal to you, you know that I could win if I came across her" Gohan replied to a now mad Vegeta. "Well if you do come across her then I hope that you're right" Vegeta told him. Gohan left and headed to the place 2 blocks away from the library to meet Videl.

"Hi Gohan ready to start that history project on the cell games?" Videl asked as they headed to the small very quite library they always used in the past. "Sure am Videl" Gohan said as him and Videl walked to the library. They were in the library for about a half hour, every minute Videl inching her way closer to Gohan. "I think it's time to take a break." Videl said to Gohan. "Okay Videl that's a good idea, I have a snack in my backpack." Gohan told Videl. ~What's he saying a snack that's more like a feast in his dictionary! ~ Videl thought as they headed outside; as they were walking Gohan stopped her, "We can't go outside Videl it started to rain." Gohan told her. "You scared of getting wet Gohan?" "No way it's just that I don't want you to get sick." Gohan said, looking at the shirt she was wearing; it was white. "Okay but lets just go out for a minute I want some fresh air." Videl said. Gohan was trying hard not to blush. "Okay Videl." Gohan said, but as they headed to the door, the library went pitch black. Videl was now hanging on Gohan; she was scared. "What's going on here Gohan?" Videl asked. "I don't know just follow me okay I get us out side so we can see." Gohan told her. "Okay I'll hold on tight." Videl warned him, as he blushed franticly, he was lucky it was dark.

Using his sensitive eyes he guided his way to the door. "Okay I found the door," he said trying to get it open. "Why…Won't…The…Door…Open!" He said. Now angry he used all his strength he had without transforming, but it would not work. "Shit the door won't open." Gohan whispered to himself. "I… CAN'T… GET… THIS… STUPID… DOOR… OPEN!" Gohan said now wanting to go super, knowing that if he did someone would see. "Gohan what's going on?" Videl asked "I don't know but go find everyone get them in the reading room there are no windows and the door will close, this will keep everyone safe. After you do that let me know. Got that Videl?" Gohan commanded her. Videl thought ~Why is he making me do this. ~ Then said "But I don't want to leave you alone, Gohan what if someone attacks while I am away, I've seen you fight and I don't think you would last 5 min. without me." Gohan was now in a very tight spot; he had no choice so he told her "Videl there are some things you don't know about me, that well I just keep to myself. I am the gold fighter, and The Great Saiyaman. And I am the one how defeated Cell not your father." Gohan didn't know why he said all that, it just all came out even he was shocked. Videl mouth dropped thinking that more than likely he was joking. "I know you probably think that I am telling a lie but trust me." Gohan said as he realized why she was being so protective, he finally realized that she loved him, and he felt the same. "Trust me," he said again with passion in his voice and lowered his head and gave her a kiss on the lips for the first time. Videl was speech less; it was their first kiss. When Gohan stopped and stood strait again looking her in the eyes she thought to herself ~WOW! That was unexpected! ~ "Gohan I don't know why but I believe you now I just can't help it."