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Buffy stud looking at Gohan and Videl as they realized what they were wearing. "I think I need to change the atoms fear in the room." She said looking and thinking. "First thing you need to know is that if you don't do what you are told, then I will not hesitate to kill you. Second thing is to pay close attention to the first rule. Get it, got it, good. Now for a change in attire." She said and waved her staff, at Videl. Next thing Videl knew she was wearing a black hater top, which ended mid way, with a sliver row of stars at the bottom. She was also wearing a black shiny mini skirt. Black shiny boots 5 inches high, that came up to her knees and black fishnet stockings. She even had big silver hoop earrings that hung half way to her shoulder, a black choker replacing the collar, which also had a silver star, positioned perfectly in the center, several thin sliver chain bracelets on her left arm, and a sliver star band almost identical to the choker on her upper right arm. Her nails were also longer than usual and painted a metallic black.

~What has she DONE I NEVER dress like this! But damn I look good. And Gohan is blushing aaww that's so cute! ~ Videl thought.

Gohan turned a slightly darker shade of red at the site of the now midnight black and sliver dressed beauty standing in front of him. Then Buffy turned her sights on Gohan "Now what to do with you?" she said calmly, then a thought struck her. She gave another wave of her staff and looked at Gohan. Gohan was now dressed in a normal black tank top and black pants that were almost skintight. He had a blue piece of cloth raped wide and thin on his upper left arm, and 2 bracelets on each wrist; a chain and a wide spiked and sold colored bracelet, one silver and one gold. He also wore 2 blue belts; one thinner was than the other and worn normally, the other thick and slanted to the side (kind of like a cowboy has his guns). The collar was also replaced but it was still there, it was now in the shape of a black belt buckle choker. His shoes were black and had silver studded bands over the top of the foot and the back of the heel. One last thing completed his outfit, a necklace. The medallion at the end was the same symbol as the top of Buffy's staff, hanging on a long thick chain that matched the bracelets.

~Man the only thing she didn't change is my hair! Or wait that's the one thing that I can't see, I hope she didn't change it! But at least she has some style. ~ Gohan thought looking at his outfit.

"I hope that you like you new attire. You two will make a great couple. Now I want you go out and DESTROY Red Clay City! And if you don't I will make you pay the collars that you were wearing are still there, and if you disobey me they will cause you much pain." Buffy proclaimed. Gohan and Videl were still looking at each other and with a nod decided they would follow orders. With this said they were let out of the cages they were in and they set out to destroy Red Clay City as ordered.

"Gohan what was Buffy talking about when she said that you were the one that would take charge on the world, but she would change that?" Videl asked as they were flying to Red Clay City. (Hint Hint Hint Flying Videl she doesn't know how to fly)

Gohan thought about what she said but it just wasn't hitting him. The one that would take charge on the world, then it hit him.

**Flash back**

(Trunks saga)

Trunks pulled Gohan over when he was alone. "Gohan there is something I need to tell you." he said.

"What is it Trunks?" Gohan asked.

"One day in the future I can't say when you will have to make a choice." Trunks said.

"What's the big deal? I make choices everyday Trunks." Gohan said.

"Not normal choices like saving the world or running and hiding but Take you power to the next level and destroy the world as we know it, or surrender the world to the villain. Gohan does that make sense?" Trunks asked.

Gohan looked at him strangely and said simply "Trunks I think that you are going mental and that if that actually happened I would lead the world the wrong way. So just drop it."

**End flash back**

"Videl I was suppose to make a big choice but if she had control over me I can't make it." Gohan answered hoping that would do.

Videl eyed him strangely then seeing that he really didn't know what he was talking about dropped the subject. "Gohan how can I FLY? And how can YOU FLY?" she asked Gohan just now realizing what she was doing. Gohan took a deep breath and began to explain everything.

"Well first of all Videl you have to gather all the energy."

**5 minutes later**

"That's how you are flying. Any question?" Gohan said. Videl looked at him and just smiled and nodded.

"Yeah I do," Videl said as a thought struck her, "why can I fly now and not before?"

Gohan thought for a moment and then said, "I guess that when she placed the collar on you it gave you the ability to just do it I don't honestly know."

When they arrived at the city they weren't sure of the approach they were going to take, they were used to saving cities NOT destroying them.


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