I backed away from him, trying to get the time to summon my weapon, Way To Dawn, but he was moving too fast! I got away, about to summon my sword, he's on me again, attacking ruthlessly. I finally got far enough away and summoned Way To Dawn and blocked his attack. This has been going on for hours and now I can summon my weapon? He really meant what he said about wanting me dead. But why?

"Stop!" I said, still blocking, "Listen to me!"

"You're the last person I'd listen to!" he growls, bringing his Keyblade down on me, causing me to jump back if I wanted to not get sliced in half. Which I didn't.

I tried to attack back but he jumped away and shot light at me. I dodged it but he sent another one that I didn't see and it hit me dead on, right in the chest and I yelled and I was knocked to the ground and he walked up to me, his Keyblade dragging across the ground.

"Wait! Don't!" I tried.

He just glared down at me and pointed his Keyblade at my chest.

"I'm done listening to you. You've betrayed me for the last time, Riku." he says, his tone unreadable.

"Don't!" I said, trying to get up but he pushed me back down with his Keyblade.

"I said I'm don listening to you!" he growled, digging the tip of his blade into my chest, causing me to gasp in pain.

"Wait...Sora!" I gasped, his Keyblade digging deeper as he glares hatefully down at me.

"Shut up!" he growls, sounding something very close to the way Roxas said it when I asked him why he had the Keyblade.

He lifted his Keyblade up over his head and screamed, "This is the end!"

"Sora...!" I gasped, "I thought we were friends...!"

His Keyblade came down and pierced my heart. I gasped and my eyes widened.

"I stopped being your friend the moment you killed her." he says sadly. His eyes water and tears fall.

"S..ora..." I gasp.

"Don't." he say, his eyes hardening once more.

He pulls his Keyblade out of my chest, turns and walks away from me. I watch as he leaves. What has become of us? That we killed those closest to us? Sora...? My eyes flutter closed, and everything just...stops.

A one-shot challenge given to me by Justice333. Hope she and everyone else enjoyed!