So, watching the new BTR this week, I was thinking about Jo and where she could be now and then at the end of it I decided to watch a recorded episode of the new show, Baby Daddy, and then my mind put together the two and made this story. Enjoy!

Chapter One:

The first thing that went through Kendall's mind when he woke up that morning was one month and one year. One month since he began to date Lucy, one year since Jo moved away. A date full of ups and downs, filled with memories he already had and ones he would soon make. So he put away all thoughts of Jo and decided to focus on Lucy.

Already, he has made reservations at some restaurant James suggested to him, bought her a gift that his mother actually helped him pick out, and cautiously asked Gustavo for the day off. Kendall was going all out, he had to.

James was the first to talk to him that day, even taking the detour to come into his room, "Are you ready for tonight, Kendall?"

"Of course, I am," Kendall answered. He stood near his dresser, where his phone was balancing on the edge. He was going to leave it alone for as long as he can, he wanted nothing to distract him. "Nothing can ruin today. Not even Gustavo"

"Nothing will," James replied, "You got us the day off and your mom is making Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes."

"Then what are we doing in here?"

Logan and Carlos were already in the kitchen, eating as much pancakes as Mrs. Knight would allow them to have. Kendall took his plate, stacked half of the already cooked pancakes onto it, and covered them all with syrup until you couldn't fathom what they were.

"Do you know what day it is Kendall?" Logan asked in between mouthfuls.

Kendall nodded his head.

"Can you go through the day without thinking of…you know…of her?"

"And you are helping so much," he stuttered, "I am going to think of Jo today guys. No way around it."

Jo. He hasn't heard from her since he left a whole year ago, but she still managed to enter his thoughts almost every single day. Actually, no one has heard from her. She had quit doing her movie after about two weeks of filming, no reason given, and nobody has heard from her since. No phone calls, no tweets, no anything. Nobody has a clue of where she was.

Carlos tapped his helmet, "You could try. I manage to do it all of the time."

James laugh and speaks with his mouth full, "That's because you have no thoughts, Carlos."

There was a pounding sound then, someone knocking on the door. Kendall was quick to volunteer to get it, rushing quickly, almost stopping to take his plate of pancakes. Almost. He expected Lucy or Camille to be there, or Bitters with a complaint. But when he swung the door open, he was truly surprised.

He noticed the orange envelope first, leaning against a black and pink polka-dotted diaper bag that seemed to be overfilling with miscellaneous items, with KENDALL written on it in thick, black marker. It was an odd thing to notice first, especially since there was something bigger right next to it, lying in a pink butterfly car seat, gazing up at him with familiar green eyes.

"Guys, there's a baby."


"She's just staring at me!" James dribbled his fingers on the table, doing the exact same thing that he just said the baby was doing.

Carlos nodded his head, "She's staring at me to, dude."

"Can you just open that envelope, Kendall?" Logan was the only one to not glare at the baby. The one acting the least confused, "There should be a note. Maybe a fan left her here as a joke."

His finger shook as he sliced open the top. It was thicker than he thought when he slipped all of the contents out. He focused on the top paper and on the curly handwriting he instantly recognized as Jo's. He didn't want to read it, but with everyone now staring at him, including the baby, he didn't have an option.

"Kendall," he began, "I like to say first that I am sorry. I haven't talked to you for a year and now I leave her on your steps. But I just don't want to deal with her. I'm so young; I want to live my life. I know you are the same age as me, but you have so much more to offer her. I just need a break. A permanent break."

"Hard, man." Logan shook his head, "That's hard."

"There's still more." He took a breath before continuing. "Everything about her is inside that folder but I'll tell you here. Her name is Presley Nichole Knight. She is currently three months old, just turned so about two weeks ago. Her birthday is March 11. She was two whole weeks late but I wanted everything to be all natural, so that was mostly my choice. Everything I buy for her is usually pink. I packed some of her clothes, a lot of diapers, and bottles and formulas, inside of her diaper bag. I'll have the rest of her clothes-which, really, isn't that much-shipped to you. They'll be there in one, maybe two days. Inside of the envelope, as you might already know, is her birth certificate, the small medical records she has-she's lactose intolerant by the way, and the paperwork I've already signed to give you full custody. Just find a lawyer and look it through. Your mom will help you. With Everything. Good Luck with Presley. She never really liked me anyways, so she must be a daddy's girl by birth. Once again, I'm sorry. Jo." He threw the paper onto to the table. "That's it. That is the end of the note."

"So you have a baby Kendall. You have a baby!" James paused, thinking, perhaps, on what all of this means, "What's her name again?"

He looked down at the birth certificate in his hands, where his name was printed in the line for 'father'. He just focuses on the name part, "Presley Nichole Knight."

Jo even gave her his last name. Maybe she has been planning this since Presley's birth.

"Like Elvis Presley," Logan pointed out.

"Yeah, Elvis was one of Jo's idols when it came to singing. Makes sense that she would name her Presley."

Again, the all just stared at the baby-Presley-lying in the car seat. Until a cry broke out from her, echoing loudly throughout the house. Logan, Carlos, and James all stepped away, muttering, "Your child." Kendall shook his head and, slowly, unbuckled her out of the seat. He did what he sees on television, holding her close to his chest and rocked her up and down.

"Do you hear a baby?" His mother's voice appears from the direction of her room, where she had taken shelter shortly before Presley had shown up on the doorstep.

Katie suddenly appeared at the doorway of the hallway, probably after hearing the cries. She just looked at Presley, then at Big Time Rush, "Did you guys steal a baby?"

Mrs. Knight came up behind her, eyebrows furrowed, she too assuming what Katie did.

Presley's cried died down, but one wrong move and they would suddenly reappear. Kendall pointed to Carlos and then at the note, and he did exactly that, even concluding that her needed to hand the letter to Mrs. Knight. She read it through thoroughly, before handing it to Katie.

"You can't raise a baby Kendall, you're seventeen. Thirty-minutes ago you were eating Mickey Mouse pancakes."

Kendall looked at the ground, still trying to keep the baby from sobbing. He knew she was right, he was only seventeen, but from what he could tell, she was his daughter. They had the same eyes, but was that proof enough? "I know mom, I do, but do I really have a chose? Where else will she go?"

She stared him down, taking her time to speak. There was a lot of staring going on that day, mostly coming from the infant. But this day was different, it was stranger. "You're going to have to cancel your date tonight."

He might have said that nothing was going to ruin the day, but this was an exception. He hadn't been expecting a baby. "Maybe Lucy could come over here and you could make tacos."

"We'll talk about that later. Now, are you devoting to be Daddy?"

Kendall nodded his head, "I'm devoting to being Daddy."

Sorry if it isn't the best thing in the world, but I wrote it up real quickly. And the name Presley? It was the best thing I could think of. So, I hope you like it….

Thanks for reading.