For BaKanda [aka dewdroplotus]. This is in sort of an AUish setting. It's also separate from the other drabbles I've been slacking on lately |D I dunno if this counts as a drabble, more like a one shot, but fuck it. With a total of 1,244 words; it's called "Life." [Five years into the past with a taller moyashi than everyone's used to- taller than Kanda. But he'll always be Kanda's moyashi x3]

The room was fresh, still new smelling as they entered it, carrying boxes of various materials with them. The walls were bare, the floor had been recently waxed, the fridge empty, the sink empty. Everything was cleaned spotless for their arrival. Only one piece of furniture sat lonely in the middle of the polished hardwood dining room.

This was their new home. They had bought it on impulse a few months ago after deciding they needed a new place anyway. Allen had talked Kanda into it, somehow, and while he hated the idea of having to move all their shit just to throw it somewhere else in a meaningless pile, he thought he'd like a fresh start, so why not?

It was a little over two years since they had their son, Mana; the small bundle of energy trotting in step in between his dads. He was the constant center of attention to both of them since he'd been born, and he was a curious one. He could even open doors by now, which was scary, and also the reason they'd gotten locks for each of the doors.

"Augh, your hell spawn is going to end up killing himself with his curiosity," Kanda comments, only half joking. He was still frowning like usual, but his tone was lighter; almost playful.

"He's yours too," Allen counters right back, reminding him with the flash of his smile. Sighing, he set down his box of stuff on the counter, dreading the thought of numerous trips he'd have to take back to the car to unload everything.

"Tch..." Kanda moves to sit on the sofa in the dining room, footsteps echoing as he walks. The place is huge, almost too big, but he's happy with it. There's a little bar-type area that acts as a window with a view of the dining room. It even has a place to sit and set drinks on. Kanda places his box there, making sure it won't teeter, but a small bit of it still juts out past the available space on the counter. Oh well. There's enough of it on the ledge so it won't fall.

He waves off his doubts and sinks into the comfort of the sofa, sighing in a satisfied way. He's exhausted, much like Allen, but Mana is still wide awake. Closing his eyes, he decides Allen can take care of it—after all, he carried the thing for nine months, and the surgery was not fun to get the damn thing out.

Kanda's eyes fluttered shut for a moment as he leaned his head back against the cushion of his seat. He always felt like he needed a break since the birth of their child, and he was always tired. Not nearly as tired as Allen since he was the one humoring the boy half the time, but he still had to help. Watching Allen somehow gave him the smallest glimmer of hope, however, if you could call it that. He could admit it to himself this time, without feeling like it was wrong. He'd learned how to express himself a little better, and granted it wasn't nearly as much as he needed, but he'd still made progress.

Allen always seemed happy, no matter how exhausted they both were at night. They barely had time for each other—just each other, brat free. Kanda sort of missed it. The only time they could really escape is when they dropped him off at Usagi and Lenalee's place to babysit. Everyone was in love with that brat, and it was pretty convenient.

"You tired?"

Eyes opening, Kanda glances up at Allen, whose presence was made clear as his thoughts began to collect. The dark haired man could hear his heavy breathing from a mile away.

"Just a little, but I'll be fine, I just needed to take a breather, moyashi. Quit worrying." Allen's eyes weren't focused on Kanda though, but that didn't bother him. He was watching Mana run around in circles for a little. They were only a few feet apart, but they had to watch him constantly or he'd run into trouble.

Smiling, Allen leaned down and pecked him on the forehead. He doesn't bother saying "It's Allen" this time, because he's too tired to let it aggravate him. Besides, he knows showing his affection in front of Mana would bother his lover more, mostly because he doesn't like being flustered in front of people other than Allen.

Kanda makes a feeble attempt to swat him away, but it barely registers to Allen because that's how tired they both are.

"Mana is wide awake," the snowy haired boy points out.

"I'm aware, Captain Obvious."

"Okay, Lieutenant Dickbag, but seriously, I'm so tired I can barely feel my legs."

"Tch," Kanda can feel his lip curl into a small grin. "Last time we tried putting him to bed, he just kept crying until we took him out.

"We can't just leave him out, he'll break something. Or hurt himself, or—"

"Okay, okay, please daddy I'm not in the mood for your whining shit."

"Yes, mommy."

Dark eyes snapped open, a cold, hard look slithering onto Kanda's otherwise handsome complexion.

"No. You will not call me that." He didn't even have to speak further, Allen understood, but he loved to tease anyway.

"You don't have to be such a—"

Suddenly, a crashing noise, and both parents were up and about, their natural reflexes kicking in instantly. For a split second, Allen had taken his eyes off of Mana, directing his attention to Kanda for the first time in the last 24 hours, and already their child has put himself in danger.

They were careless again, simply thinking about themselves instead of the more important thing.

Kanda was there before the cardboard hit the ground, pushing the box out of the way, keeping it from falling on top of Mana. But a pair of scissors was about to fall out of it, and he only had the choice of grabbing it with his palm, sharp ends pointed down.

Well, better me than that damned Moyashi, he thought, letting the blades slip between his fingers, snagging them by their plastic ends, just shy of Mana's face.

Allen had his arms around Mana by then, pulling him away and beginning to scold him for getting into business that wasn't his. Kanda sighed heavily, recovering from the mini heart attack he'd suffered in the midst of all the commotion.

"That damned brat," he muttered under his breath, tossing the scissors back on the counter. Resuming his position on the couch, he didn't dare close his eyes. He just sat there, facing forward, until Allen plopped down in the seat next to him, the box on top of the fridge, pushed as far back as possible this time. Mana settled to sitting down in the middle of the large, open space, staring right back at them with a smile as bright as the sun.

"What the fuck just happened?" Kanda asks in annoyance, when he was finally able to recollect himself.

Allen laughs, almost unable to believe what just happened, shaking his head.