So I was nervous doing this because I wrote everyone but Allen, and Allen is my forte since I RP him like, constantly. Tell me how I did, and what I could do to improve, if you will xD Otherwise, enjoy the read! Reviews are always welcome~

It was unusually quiet in the Walker house tonight. The occasional stir of a body might've been noticed, but otherwise not a sound could be heard throughout the entire manor.

He was supposed to keep quiet, for fear of waking up parents, mainly Kanda, a.k.a Yuu, a.k.a Mommy. Waking up Kanda could and would be quite disastrous, considering he wasn't much of a morning person in the first place—and if someone like him were to wake up Yuu, then he'd finally have a valid reason to slice him up the way he'd been dying to all these years.

The tall red headed boy known as Lavi was to assist Mana for the day, while Kanda and Allen enjoyed their free time-getting sexy with each other, Lavi guessed, feeling a tad uneasy at the thought. He often teased them about it, despite his feelings, knowing how badly it embarrassed the both of them. No matter how much the actual thought of them getting down to business freaked him out, he loved to pry, albeit jokingly.

Lavi was to get to their house bright and early to untangle Mana from their hair for a bit. It was around maybe five am right now, the sun still low in the sky as he made his way into Allen and Kanda's room to grab Mana. Allen had always loved mornings with Kanda, so they'd requested it only if Lavi was up to it, which of course he was. He wouldn't miss something like this for the world. Time with Mana meant he could teach him things… and of course, he would do anything for his friends.

Lavi tiptoed quietly next to the crib, leaning over it to retrieve Mana. His signature grin stayed wide across his face to keep the baby from crying, heart beginning to race at the very thought of being heard. His training would come in handy right about now. If he could just be quiet...

As he made his way, he nearly tripped over something lying on the ground. He exhaled shakily, imagining the disaster that would've occurred, had he slipped and fell, most likely breaking his face on their floors. Kanda would be pissed that he woke him up, AND rubbed his blood into their new carpet.

Lavi smiled, despite the sweat forming on his brow, and kicked the toy, which landed near the door with a quiet squeak. Thank god he hadn't stepped on it. "Alright little guy," he whispered, gathering the child into his arms, blanket and all. He'd met Mana maybe once, hoping the child would recognize him enough so he wouldn't start crying. He was deathly afraid of being caught, especially since they're supposed to be up and in position at the slightest movement, or tiniest sound…

'Whoa,' Lavi thought, suddenly startled by the weight of Mana. It hadn't been that long, had it? He felt like he was holding two children instead of one. From down below, Mana hadn't even looked so heavy. But holding him now, he felt like a sack of bricks was in his arms.

"Lenalee will have fun cooking for you," he whispered to Mana. The boy was wide awake, soundless, and just decided to watch Lavi with curious, light colored eyes. The red head absently wondered how such a quiet child could have been produced by none other than Allen-freaking-Walker and Kanda-FUCKING-Yuu.

Lavi turned to the two, curled into each other in a peaceful slumber. He didn't want to seem creepy or anything, but just watching them there like that; Allen's strong grip so protective looking around Kanda, and the way Kanda was so calm and collected for once in his life... it was amazing the way they complimented each other despite how… fucked up they acted towards each other. They were a bittersweet couple, so different and so alike at the same time, but looking at them then, you'd never even guess..

"Yuu and Allen look so cute, don't they?" Lavi said to Mana as he tried once again to pick up all of his weight this time, hefting him carefully into his grasp.

Shadows danced along the walls as Lavi slipped out of their room. Right as he was about to get out of there, his foot landed on a familiar something...


Though in actuality the noise was quite small, it felt to Lavi as if he'd just blown a fog horn in the room. Not only did the noise erupt from the toy so suddenly, but it startled him no less, causing him to lose his balance and fly backward.

Miles of legs flew along with his endless torso, until he landed hard right on his ass, somehow still securing Mana in his arms despite his glorious fall. A few things managed to fall out of that bag Allen had prepared for them with everything Lavi would need to take care of Mana. And on top of that, Mana began to whimper.

Lavi clenched his teeth as he hit the floor, waiting for the silence to return. Mana's cries turned softer, quieting almost as soon as they started. The redhead hadn't even noticed, but he wasn't breathing. He was too busy listening for sounds, but the only one he could really hear was his heartbeat; he could count on Allen's hometown to hear it from here.

The fool tensed, daring to turn around, fearing the worse was waiting for him.

To his surprise... there was… nothing. Allen still held Kanda tightly, and Kanda snored softly; neither of them stirred once.

Lavi raised his shoulders, loosening his grip on Mana as he relaxed, turning more to see if he was really in the clear. In his mind, he must've made a hell of a lot more noise. Sighing, he carefully rose to his feet, moving quickly to get whatever he knocked over back to its original location. Inwardly, he breathed a sigh of relief. He didn't dare do it now; he didn't want to blow it for real this time, He half expected Yuu or Allen to jump up and strangle him for that little dumbass stunt he just pulled.

'Wow, I can't believe my luck,' he thought. 'How the hell do they do this parenting thing..."

Not even a step out of the door, and he was suddenly aware of a sound. He thought he might be listening to himself speak, but it wasn't something he was used to that well. It was something familiar, but definitely not his.

"Usagi." The source was undeniable, now. "Hurt my brat like that shit you just pulled, and you'll never see the light of another fucking day."

He was frozen; completely immobile, but he managed to croak out one sentence.

"... will do, Yuu." His teeth nearly chattered as he spoke the words.

"Don't fucking call me that! Get out of my fucking house before I make you regret it."