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Note to reader: This is a sequel to my fic titled Wizards, Witches, Dragons and Spellcaster Oh My! If you haven't read it yet I suggest you do so that you aren't lost. For those who have read it thanks for checking out the sequel. I hope you all enjoy the story.

Chapter 1

It was nearing midnight as Draco was standing on the roof overlooking the city of London. He had to admit Kaiba sure knew how to build a tower, from this height Draco felt he could rule the world. He had texted Krista earlier that evening asking for access to the roof. Draco had taken the knight bus to London and waited for his cousin to show up with the access key to the roof.

It had been only two days since Hogwarts started their summer vacation. Draco had returned home to Malfoy Manor to find the Dark Lord in a terrible mood. Voldemort spent the first day torturing his Death Eaters for failing to retrieve the prophecy. He then threatened to kill both Pettigrew and Lucius for the blunder however Draco convinced the Dark Lord he had a better plan and asked the Dark Lord to meet him with his father on the top of the KC building at midnight on Tuesday.

Voldemort had agreed to meet Draco mostly because he was curious what his youngest Death Eater had planned. The Dark Lord decided he would just torture Lucius some more instead of killing him the first night back. Draco had taken great pleasure in watching his father being tortured. He inwardly was hoping the Dark Lord would ask him to do it, but that didn't happen.

Draco looked at his watch it read a quarter to twelve. He knew in just fifteen minutes Voldemort and his father would be joining him on the roof of the KC tower. Draco decided to pass the time by browsing the articles in The Daily Prophet.

The first article made him laugh since it was a reprint of the interview Potter gave in February for The Quibbler. The second article was about the newly appointed Minster of Magic. The man's name was Rufus Scimgeour and Draco couldn't help but laugh at how this guy looked a bit like a lion. Malfoy made a mental note to place a bet with Krista on how long this guy would be in office. He personally thought if this guy lasts a year he'll be lucky. Draco was busy reading a bunch of new rules for safety when he heard a loud popping noise.

Draco put his paper in the pocket of his robe. "You are on time my Lord." He said.

"Tell me, Draco, why did you want us to meet you here?" Voldemort asked.

"All your questions will be answered shortly, my Lord. But something tells me my father has something to say to me since I know he tried to go to Gringotts today and got a rather nasty shock." Draco sneered.

Draco was staring right into his father's eyes he could tell Lucius Malfoy was really pissed. "How could you spend the entire family fortune? I need my money now. You are a worthless excuse for a son!" Lucius yelled.

Draco walked up to his father. "I have a confession father, I didn't so much spend it as I stole it right from under your nose and you can't have it. I have legally put the entire Malfoy wealth in my name. Tomorrow mum will get a key by owl to a vault at Gringotts with money in it for her." Voldemort smiled at the devious nature of his youngest Death Eater as he was certain he had just figured out what Draco had planned and Voldemort wasn't going to interfere but enjoy the show.

Lucius drew his wand he was ready to kill his son. As he pointed his wand Draco he heard his son say "Expelliarmus!" Lucius' wand flew out of his hand and into his son's hand.

"Father that wasn't nice, but then you are about as nice as you are competent." Draco taunted. "However I did ask you and the Dark Lord here for a reason."

"Yes you did." Voldemort sneered.

Draco walked to the edge of the tower. He was glad that this tower was without a guard rail it made his plan so much easier to carry out. "I wanted to show the two of you the view. But to really get a good look you have to stand about five meters from the edge." He explained.

Voldemort walked to the edge standing next to Draco however Lucius stayed back. Noticing Lucius' reluctance to comply, Voldemort said. "Lucius prove you are loyal to me and follow Draco's instructions." Lucius was starting to have fear running down his spine. He wasn't sure what to expect but knew if he didn't comply the Dark Lord would kill him.

Draco inwardly smirked to himself, his plan was going perfectly. "Look my Lord." Draco said while pointing towards the horizon. "When we are successful all this will be yours. We wizards will rule over the muggles and all the world will be yours."

"It is impressive." Voldemort said.

"Isn't it?" Draco asked.

Lucius was looking around as he spoke. "Why am I here?"

"Because I have a score to settle with you, I don't like having my job now ten times more difficult. You are a disgrace as a Death Eater. You had only two things to do retrieve the prophecy for the Dark Lord and don't kill an exchange student. You were in charge so the death of the exchange student named Rebecca is your blunder as much as Wormtail's!" Draco yelled.

The Dark Lord smiled as he spoke. "You are correct, Draco, your father shouldn't be a Death Eater. I believe he has out lived his usefulness. He no longer has any money to bribe the officials and he can't follow the simplest of instructions."

"Are you going to kill me, my Lord?" Lucius asked.

"Oh no father, the Dark Lord won't be killing you tonight." Draco sneered as Lucius let out a sigh of relief. "I am!"

Lucius got a deer caught in the headlights look as he looked at his son pointing his wand at him. Lucius knew since he was without his wand he was at his son's mercy. "You don't have the stomach to kill, you are worthless." Lucius somehow managed to say.

Draco walked up to his father so that he was directly facing him as he took a step forward Lucius took a step back. Draco continued this until he had Lucius right on the edge of the building where he needed him. "You think I won't kill you?" Draco taunted.

"No, you wouldn't risk casting a Killing Curse while you still have the trace on you. You aren't that dumb." Lucius said.

"I would cast the Killing Curse on you and not think twice about it, but if I did then I wouldn't be able to do this." Draco sneered. "Stupefy!" A red beam shot Lucius with such force he was thrown backwards off the top of the KC tower.

As Lucius' stunned body fell down the tower it hit the pavement with a loud crash. "Isn't gravity a bitch." Draco said as he threw his father's wand off the side of the building.

"I must say I'm impressed Draco, you just killed your father." Voldemort said.

"I didn't think you would mind if I did it." Draco stated.

"I don't he was worthless. But tell me why stun him so that he fell, why not just cast a Killing Curse you had Lucius' wand you could have used it." The Dark Lord inquired.

"Because I wanted my father to feel the pain of the impact of the pavement when he hit it, and also a stunning spell made it look like suicide he just found out today he was penniless and couldn't handle the stress. The magical cleanup crew won't suspect murder if they think it was suicide." Draco explained.

"You are a very valuable Death Eater." Voldemort said.

"Thank you, my Lord." Draco said.

"Now you have a job to do, and because of Lucius' blunder it has gotten more difficult." Voldemort said.

"I will be successful at bring the exchange students to our side my Lord." Draco stated.

"I don't doubt it. I do have a question for you." Voldemort said.

"I will answer truthfully, my Lord." Draco said.

"Do you know what happened to Bellatrix?" Voldemort asked.

Draco smiled inwardly he was glad he thought to ask Krista for the details of his Aunt's condition so he could come up with a convincing story for the Dark Lord. "The Queen of the Underground cast a dark spell that she created herself. The spell is designed to torture Aunt Bella with physical beatings for the next year, which makes the Curious Curse feel like a pat on the back. After the year is up Aunt Bella's soul will be extracted, leaving her body completely soulless."

"I can't believe I lost one of my best Death Eaters, but then to lose her to such power is great. I must add the witch responsible to my ranks, with that kind of power I'll be unstoppable." Voldemort said.

"She will join us, but first I need to clean up the mess my father created at the Ministry the death of the Hopkins girl will make it more difficult to win them over quickly." Draco said.

"Time isn't a problem. Now I want you to spend the summer with them as planned." Voldemort ordered.

"Yes my Lord. I suspected as much, that is why I sent an owl to the Queen of the Underground earlier today to meet me here to take me to where they are staying this week." Draco explained.

"I'm going to head out now. Expect to have me summon you throughout the summer." Voldemort said.

"Yes my Lord." Draco said just before Voldemort apparated out. Once the Dark Lord was gone Draco took his little bag out of his pocket and removed his duel disk and his cell phone. He quickly sent a text to Krista. While he was waiting for Krista to show up he took off his robe and put on his duel disk. He was just finishing putting his robe and phone away when a shadow portal opened next to him.

"I got your text are you ready to go to America?" Krista asked.

"Yes, let's go before the magical cleanup crew gets here. I don't need to be seen here when they find my father's body." Draco said as he followed Krista though the shadow portal to Professor Hopkins house.

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