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Chapter 56

Harry was slowly walking towards the hospital wing. His mind was spinning from all the events that had taken place over the last few hours. He extremely concerned on what would happen to his world once word got out that Dumbledore had been killed. Even though Harry believed that Dumbledore deserved his fate, it didn't mean there wouldn't be any lasting repercussions. He also couldn't figure out how Professor Snape wanting to take the credit for Dumbledore's death was going to benefit anyone.

Harry's thoughts were interrupted when he saw Luna using her body to support a very unstable Neville. Harry quickly ran up to his friends. "What happened?" He asked.

Luna looked up at her friend and gave him a big smile. "Neville was really brave. He attack Rodolphus to help Mokuba. While they were fighting the Death Eater decided to see how well Neville would do if tortured like his parents."

Neville was shaking as he said. "I tried...to stop him...I even tried...to give him the curse before he cursed me...but somehow it didn't work properly."

Harry knew exactly which curse Neville was referring to and said. "You have to truly mean an Unforgiveable to make them work. Any doubt even on the subconscious level can make them not work."

Neville winced at the pain that was coursing in his veins. "That's what Lestrange said before he fled the school in one piece. Next time I see him he won't be so lucky."

"I'm taking Neville to Madam Pomfrey to get a Cruciatus Pain Relief Potion." Luna explained.

"I'm headed there too." Harry put his arm around Neville's waist. "You look like you could use some extra help getting there."

Neville breathed a sigh of relief. Having his friends there to support him was making him feel less pain. "Harry how did the Court fair? I haven't had a chance to contact anyone yet, it just hurts too much to move my body."

"No deaths, didn't ask about injuries." Harry replied.

"That's good." Luna said.

The trio made their way to the hospital wing. When they arrived Madam Pomfrey was frantically escorting several members of the Order to beds for various treatments. When she saw the three students she asked. "What is your elements?"

"Madam Pomfrey, Neville needs a Cruciatus Pain Relief Potion he was on the receiving end of a Cruciatus Curse cast by Rodolphus Lestrange." Harry replied.

Madam Pomfrey nodded her head while she summoned a vial of potion. She handed the potion to Neville. "You aren't the first one in tonight for this remedy, I doubt you'll be the last." She said.

Neville quickly uncorked his potion vial and swallowed it's contents. He could feel the effects immediately. He then went to have a seat while Madam Pomfrey was looking over Luna and Harry. "And you Potter? What is wrong with you?" The school matron asked.

Harry blushed at the fuss the nurse was putting on him. "A few bumps and bruises nothing major."

Pomfrey nodded her head before turning to Luna. "And you Miss Lovegood?" she asked.

"Not a scratch on me," said Luna. "But I think the Nargles are going to start stealing the shoes of everyone in the infirmary. They love to celebrate victories by stealing shoes. You might want to give your patients some Butterbeer Cork Necklaces to keep the Nargles away." Madam Pomfrey rolled her eyes and motioned for the two to join Neville, before going to check on some more patients.

As Madam Pomfrey was mending a broken arm on Sirius, Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick came into the hospital wing. "Poppy, what do you suggest for a mangled body?"

The nurse looked over at Professor McGonagall. "Huh?"

"Some Death Eater is dead in my classroom with his heart missing." McGonagall said. "And there is blood everywhere."

"I suggest transfiguring the body into a stone and throw it into the black lake." Harry suggested.

When McGonagall heard Harry's voice she walked over to him and asked. "Potter, do you know what happened in my classroom?"

"Why ask me?" Harry asked.

"I think I do Professor McGonagall." Came the voice of Ron. Apparently he had entered the hospital wing without anyone noticing.

"Mr. Weasley." Madam Pomfrey said while walking up to him to check him for damages.

"Ron, why are you here." Harry asked.

Ron started yelling at Harry. "Because my girlfriend is traumatized and needs a Dreamless Sleeping Potion." Madam Pomfrey quickly summoned a potion vial and handed it to Ron. She then went over to her other patients.

Harry couldn't figure out what Ron was yelling about. However Luna knew exactly what the problem was. "Zankoo tried to hurt Lavender." Luna cried.

"Who asked you for your input, Loony Lovegood?" Ron spat.

Harry jumped to his feet and got in Ron's face before yelling. "Ron put a sock in it. Luna is a great girl! And not Loony!"

Professor McGonagall jumped in between the fighting boys. "Stop your bickering, the school was just attack by Death Eaters and there is a dead body in my classroom!"

"Two in mine." Flitwick added.

McGonagall turned and looked down at the short wizard. "Who is dead in yours?"

"Greyback, looks like he was stabbed, and I have no idea what happened to Pettigrew. Maybe a Killing Curse or something similar anyway." Flitwick replied.

"Great we have two dead Death Eaters and a dead werewolf to deal with." McGonagall said.

"You won't see me crying over their deaths particularly Greyback." Remus said as he was entering the room with Tonks. Both were helping Bill to a bed.

Mrs. Weasley was sitting in a chair treating some minor cuts on Arthur. When she saw Bill she ran up to him . "Oh my boy!" She cried.

Mr. Weasley walked up to the side of the bed and asked. "What happened?"

"He was bitten by Greyback." Tonks explained.

"But Bill won't be a werewolf, I mean it isn't a full moon." Ron stated.

"These are still cursed bites there will be some contamination." Remus said. "He will certainly like to have his stakes more on the rare side from now on."

Fleur walked up to Bill and took his hand in hers. "Zat is a good zing. I always say you English eat your meat too vell done."

Madman Pomfrey handed Molly a bowl filled with ointment and a rag. Molly started applying the ointment on the bites with the rag as she said. "He was always such a handsome boy." She sobbed. "And he was going to be married."

"Vhat do you me by vas?" Fleur snapped causing everyone to stare at her. "You zink that Bill von't love me because of zee bites. Cuz he vill. I zink zee bites show how brave he is. Perhaps you zink I won't zink he is good looking anymore. Vell I zink I am good looking enough for zee both of us." Fleur snatch the ointment out of Molly's hand. "And I vill do zat."

Molly stared at Fleur as she watched the young witch treating her son. Finally she spoke. "You know my Aunt Muriel has a beautiful terra that is goblin made and I think it would look great in your hair for your wedding. I'll ask her to lend it to you if you would like to wear it."

Fleur gave Molly a week smile. "Zanks. I'd liked zat."

The hospital wing was silent for several moments. Every member of the Order had the same question on their mind. The silence was broken when Flitwick said. "I want to know how the Death Eaters got into the school."

"No one seems to know." Remus replied.

"I think the exchange students have inside knowledge," spat Ron. "They were too well organized not to have known ahead of time."

Neville stood to his feet and began yelling at Ron. "Luna saw it in a tealeaf reading this afternoon and contacted Krista. Who worked with Kaiba to come up with a plan of attack."

"Then why did Mrs. Kaiba say she and her husband just happened to see them on their way back from Hogsmeade?" Professor McGonagall asked.

Harry smirked. "Because some teachers in this school think Divination is a woolly subject and wouldn't believe a tealeaf reading."

McGonagall snickered and blushed slightly from embarrassment. "I guess I've said that a few too many times huh." Harry only responded by nodding his head.

Mr. Weasley walked over towards the group that seemed to be gathering around Harry. "I'd have believed that coming from Mrs. Kaiba, since she told me she is an expert in Divination."

"She probably assumed that if she told you it was Luna's reading not hers you wouldn't have believed her so she lied to protect her friends." Neville said.

Wanting to make sure no one started fighting, McGonagall stated. "It makes no difference how they knew since it was because of their organized fight style that no students were hurt."

Moody got up and walked over to the group. His magical eye was rapidly moving in every direction. "Has anyone seen Dumbledore? He should be here by now."

Just as he finished speaking Madam Pomfrey stomped up to him and started scolding him about getting up before she was finished with his wounds. This caused Harry to snicker as he watch Pomfrey conjure a chair and demand that Moody take a seat and remain there until she was finished with him.

Harry realized that no one seemed to know anything about Dumbledore's whereabouts, so he decided he better let everyone know what happened. "Ah that was what I was coming to tell you all. Dumbledore is dead." Harry said.

"NO!" Molly screamed.

"I was there, I saw it." Harry explained.

"Potter what did you see?" McGonagall asked.

Knowing exactly what he had to say, Harry took a deep breath before speaking. "We had just returned from our outing and landed on the Astronomy Tower. Then out of nowhere Snape showed up and without warning cast the Killing Curse on Dumbledore."

The entire room seemed shocked by Harry's declaration. Eventually Lupin broke the silence by asking. "Snape killed Dumbledore?"

"Isn't that what I just said." Harry said with annoyance in his voice.

Tonks leaned onto Lupin shoulder. Which caused the werewolf to put his arm lovingly around her waist. "But Dumbledore always trusted Snape." She said. "He said he had undisputable proof that he was on our side for this war."

Luna looked around the room. It appeared like she was lost in a dream world. She continued turning her head while she asked airily. "Harry are you sure it was Professor Snape?"

Not sure where Luna was going with her question, but trusting she had a reason for asking Harry replied. "I think I know what Snape looks like."

Luna snickered into her hands before saying. "I mean obviously it looked like Professor Snape, but did you verify his identity?"

Professor McGonagall was completely dumfounded by Luna's antics and said what she knew everyone in the room was thinking. "I don't see where you are going with this, Miss Lovegood."

Luna looked up at McGonagall. "I've been watching a lot of muggle TV murder mysteries on my smart phone. I find them fascinating to try to solve the mystery before the episode is over. And in each one the one accused didn't do it, they were what muggles call framed."

McGonagall nodded and said. "Potter saw it. Hard to be framed with an eye witness."

"Hard in the muggle world, but not ours." Luna stated as if it was completely obvious what she meant. "How can you be so sure that it wasn't someone else. Someone who took Polyjuice Potion. If you are going to commit a murder in our world, and you want to have someone else take the fall. It is the best frame up, and the murder most likely knew that Harry would be a witness so it is an even better framing."

Ron glared at Luna. "By that reasoning we could all be imposters even you." He spat.

Luna looked hurt by Ron's words and that didn't go unnoticed by Harry. Harry looked at Luna and asked. "Luna what form is your Patronus?"

Luna gave Harry a big smile. "A rabbit."

"That's Luna." Harry said.

Professor McGonagall pressed her fingers to her temples. She could feel a major headache coming. "I am certain no one here is being impersonated, but until we know for sure about whether or not Professor Snape was impersonated we are at a standstill."

"We are going to have to decide what to do about the students." Slughorn said.

McGonagall figuring it was time to get organized said. "I want everyone to go to their houses and do a head count. Professor Slughorn, you can represent Slytherin until we find out the truth about Professor Snape."

"We will have to send them home soon." Professor Sprout said.

"Dumbledore deserves a proper funeral first." Molly stated.

"And next year we should keep the school open." Flitwick said.

"Without Dumbledore most parents might not send their kids here. Mothers will want to keep their children close to them." Slughorn reasoned.

"If even only one student wants to learn, I'll be here to teach." McGonagall said.

"Me too." Flitwick added.

Sirius had spent the last few minutes tuning in and out of the conversation. He kept trying to text on his phone. Finally he put his phone back in the pocket of his robe and asked. "Harry, where is my daughter?"

"Text her, but I think she is in the dorm." Harry replied.

"I tried at least a dozen times and didn't get an answer. It isn't like Krista to not answer a text from me." Sirius said. His voice was filled with frustration.

Krista entered the hospital wing right as her father was speaking. "That's because my phone is currently broken. It got a bit damaged when I ran into Zankoo. The electrical circuitry didn't like being soaked in blood."

Harry looked over at Krista and observed her appearance for a few moments. She evidently had quickly changed out of her blood stained clothes and into her signature dueling outfit. Harry even noticed that she had not warn her robe. Evidently she had added a clause in the contract that stated once Dumbledore was dead the Penalty Game sealed into the contract was void.

As soon as Sirius heard Krista say Zankoo's name he ran up to her and gave her a hug. He then asked. "Zankoo didn't...did he?"

"He tried, but didn't succeed." Krista stated.

"He's lucky he didn't run into me," said Sirius. "I was determined to rip him apart with my bare hands. After you told me who he was and what he did to you. I was out for revenge on him."

"So were a lot of others, but fate decided I should take care of it." Krista stated.

Professor McGonagall look at Krista and was hit with a gut feeling that she wanted to act on. However, she didn't want to make any false accusations, so she asked causally. "Mrs. Kaiba, are you responsible for the dead Death Eater in my classroom?"

Krista smirked and crossed her arms over her chest. "Professor McGonagall, I did kill that raping bastard if that is what you mean? When I arrived at the scene he was about to rape Lavender Brown, I successfully distracted him while she and Ron ran back to Gryffindor Tower."

"What do you expect me to do with my classroom?" McGonagall asked.

"I don't fucking care what you do with Zankoo's mangled body. I refuse to touch it. But I felt that I should get rid of the blood so I magically cleaned the room." Krista stated.

Harry was rubbing head as he suddenly remembered something McGonagall said earlier. "Krista, I have to know, did I hear Professor McGonagall correctly when she said Zankoo had his heart missing?"

Krista nodded her head. "Yes, I used a combination of Sectumsempra and telekinesis to kill him. I may have done a few other things to his body to torture him before hand too." She explained before adding sarcastically. "I seem to vaguely recall impaling him on several spikes."

Ron ran up to Krista with his finger pointed at her. "I knew you were a dark and evil witch, you cast a very dark spell and used torture!"

Krista felt her temper snap and started yelling. "You ungrateful prick! I fucking saved your girlfriend from the worst war crime imaginable and this is the thanks I get from you!"

Ron seemed to not hear a word Krista said and continued yelling at her. "Where is the Half Blood Prince's book? I want it back! You obviously have it since you cast the spell that got me detention until I graduate!"

Krista took a deep breath to calm down. The last thing she needed was to instigate a Shadow Game in front of the entire Order, although it was very tempting right now. "You really need to get some fact straight! First I've never denied being able and willing to cast dark spells. I just deny being evil! Two I took that book and hid it where it can never be found again. The spells in that book are dangerous in the hands of a student! Three I learned to cast that spell from the Half Blood Prince himself not his book!"

"Who is he?" Ron asked.

"That is for me to know and you to never find out," sneered the Royal Sorceress.

McGonagall once again decided she better try to keep Ron from being cursed by someone. She pulled Krista aside and asked. "Can you get rid of the spikes on the wall of my classroom too, I tried transfiguring and vanishing them before coming here but that didn't work."

"I already did." Krista replied. "I was the one who conjured them, so I was the only one who could get rid of them."

"Mrs. Kaiba can you help clean up my room too." Flitwick asked.

Krista looked down at the short professor. "Seto already is taking care of it, as he was responsible for stabbing the werewolf causing your room to get blood everywhere. But since we are unfamiliar with how you English Magicians deal with the dead bodies from the enemy, they are your responsibilities."

"I like Harry's suggestion of transfiguring the bodies and throwing them in the black lake." Sirius said. "In fact I volunteer myself to do it." Harry and Krista started to snicker while McGonagall just rolled her eyes. However there was an unspoken understanding among everyone present, that Sirius was now given the job of getting rid of the dead bodies.

Mr. Weasley knew he had to ask one question so he walked up to Krista. "Mrs. Kaiba."

Krista turned to look at Arthur. "Yes Mr. Weasley."

"Where is Ginny?" He asked.

Krista could tell that Arthur was concerned for Ginny, but she knew she could tell him the whole story. So she said the first logical thing that came to her mind. "Well you know how much Slytherins value self preservation and how Ginny being a Gryffindor would do anything to help protect her friends. As soon as I informed Draco about the possible Death Dater attack that Luna saw in her tealeaf reading. He wanted to make damn sure that Ginny wasn't killed in battle trying to play heroine because that would cause him to die too so he and Ginny snuck off school grounds and went to his manor to remain there until the end of the battle. I don't expect to see her again until next September. But I will keep in contact with her this summer."

Ron was over taken by anger at how his father seemed to respect Krista. He began yelling so loudly his voice echoed throughout the entire room. "How do you expect to be here next year? You took your NEWTS already."

Krista was getting truly fed up with Ron's attitude. "I may not be a student next year, but what the fuck makes you think I won't come visit my cousin and his betrothed?"

Totally ignoring Krista's question Ron continued his rant. He was determined to make his father see just how evil Krista was. "How the bloody hell do you hate me and like my sister?"

"Your sister is engaged to my cousin, she is a brave, kind, intelligent woman. And you are just an annoying, greedy, ignorant prick." Krista took another deep breath to center her emotions. She pulled out a card from her cocktail purse. "Here I'm sure you'll see Lavender before I do. So when Lavender feels up to talking about what happened to her tonight tell her go to the address on this card. I've already made sure that Dr. Baxter's schedule is free. He knows and believes in magic and knows to keep his mouth shut. He is a shrink for the London's Isis Foundation. All counseling there is free of charge."

Ron took the card, but was unwilling to change his opinions of Krista. "You are still a dark witch even if you don't consider yourself evil, I will find a way to prove you are evil."

"Hey asshole, I can't wait until the day you will be eating crow." Krista stated leaving Ron wonder just what she meant by that.

McGonagall decided to put an end to this argument by asking Krista another question. "Did you hear about Dumbledore?"

Krista gave McGonagall a look of disbelief. But was grateful that her professor had intervened before she caused too big of an issue with Ron. "I did and if you are about to lecture me to shed tears for a man who I feel deserved his fate, save your breath."

"You really didn't like him did you?" McGonagall stated.

Krista stared at her professor for a few moments. She was observing the body language of her transfiguration teacher. "You seem shocked." She stated. "I've never pretended to like him, and I never made my feelings unclear. How many times over the last two years have I ever shown Dumbledore respect, or loyalty. I constantly called him a manipulative old fool to his face in front of witnesses."

Madam Pomfrey finally finished fixing up Moody's battle wounds when he said. "Eventhough we can't know for sure if Snape was impersonated tonight, we should still take percussions."

Krista leaned over and whispered to Harry. "I think I missed something earlier said earlier, his comment seemed to come out of thin air."

"You did. I'll fill you in later. I suggest just humor him. Like this..." Harry whispered back before hollering over at Moody. "Constant vigilance, hey Professor Moody?"

"Never got around to much teaching that year did I?" Moody laughed while speaking. "But yes that is always good advice."

Krista looked at the Auror and became very fascinated by Moody's magic eye and was hit with a brilliant thought. She walked up to Moody and asked. "Tell me Mr. Moody? Where can I get an eye like yours?" When she noticed he seemed confused by her question, she added. "I have a colleague who is magical and has an eye missing. I think he might like one like yours as a birthday gift."

"I'm afraid my magic eye is one of a kind." Moody said.

Krista snapped her fingers. "Too bad, well if you ever find another let me know. Since I know Pegasus would love it."

Harry raised his eyebrow at Krista. "I thought you didn't like Pegasus?"

Krista nodded. "I don't particularly like him. He is an annoying, toon monster loving, magna reading, pain in the ass. Who no matter how many times I ask him not to call me Krista girl. He still does. But he does have a shit load of connections and I do control 25% of his company. I show my gratitude for the connections every year by giving him a birthday gift. Last year I gave him a box of condoms, a pair of handcuffs, and had wad of hundred dollar bills and told him to go hire a hooker and have a good old fashion one night stand in Vegas on me. I figured he could use it since the last time he was laid was several years ago before his wife died. I thought it was a great bit of payback for all the times he has insulted Seto with that damn Toon Blue Eyes. He didn't seem to think it was funny for some reason."

Harry's face turned instantly red. "I can't believe you did that to Pegasus." He someone managed to say through his embarrassment.

"I can it is something Zelentina would have done." Sirius said before turning towards Krista. "You is more like her mom than you can possibly know."

"I know dad, you've told me so many times." Krista said before adding "And I am damn proud of that fact."

"Would love to see how this turns out but must go make preparations." Moody growled. "Can't let the enemy know where headquarters is at?"

"What did he mean by that?" Harry asked.

"It's Mad Eye Moody what else needs to be said." Ron replied.

"Ron, that was very rude." Luna stated.

"I have had enough of you!" Krista yelled while drawing her wand. She pointed it directly at Ron. "When the fuck will you learn not to piss me or my friends off. If I hear one more peep out of you, I'm going to curse you so that you spend the next three months speaking only in dirty limericks. And I think I'll make you start with there once was a lady from Venus whose body was shaped like a..."

Arthur interrupted Krista's rant, by running up and putting his hand on Krista's forearm. "Mrs. Kaiba I know you don't like my son, but don't curse him. I don't think Molly could handle it." He said.

Krista spent several moments debating with herself before putting her wand away. "Fine I'll play nice, if Ron promises to leave right now and take Lavender that potion and give her the card for my foundation. She is going to need both of them." She said before adding as an afterthought. "Oh and I wouldn't recommend having sex with her for at least the next forty five days."

Mr. Weasley gave Ron a look, that told Ron he better do as Krista requested. So reluctantly the redheaded Gryffindor walked out of the hospital wing and toward Gryffindor Tower.

Figuring the drama was over now that Ron was out of the room, Harry wanted to ask a few more questions before turning in for the night. "Mr. Weasley, is there anyone seriously hurt among the members of the Order?" Harry asked.

"No the worst was Bill." Arthur replied.

Professor McGonagall looked at all the Hogwarts professors before saying. "Now we need to get back to getting the students situated. Everyone notify your houses about Professor Dumbledore and tell them services will be tomorrow then all students will be sent home after that."

Krista turned to face her professor. "Professor McGonagall, most of my group are heading home to Domino City tonight. We have no desire to remain for services. We won't pretend to mourn for a man we know is partly responsible for Rebecca's death. And some of us have loved ones not here that we want to see."

"That is fine." McGonagall stated. "Are a majority of you returning next year?"

"As far as I know those who didn't take their NEWTS this year will be back next year as students." Krista replied.

McGonagall nodded her head. "Meaning everyone but you and your husband."

"Minerva, what is going to be done with Dumbledore's body?" Molly asked.

"He always wanted to be buried on Hogwarts grounds." McGonagall replied.

"Then he should be." Molly said.

Krista was starting to head towards the exit of the hospital wing when her father said. "Krista before you leave, I'd like to let you know something."

Krista turned on her heels and asked. "What is it dad?"

"The headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix is number 12 Grimwald Place." Sirius replied.

Krista did a double take. "Why would you tell me that?" She asked. "I have no desire to join the Order. I have my way of helping to fight this war and intend to keep it that way."

Sirius smirked. "It is also where I live, come see me sometime."

Krista nodded her head as she started to realize the bigger picture. "Ah I see your home is headquarters and you had a Fidelius Charm cast and the old man was the Secret Keeper now that he is dead those entrusted with the secret are now Secret Keepers. That is one of the biggest weaknesses in that spell too many people now can relay it. I bet you anything that is what your friend Moody is up to. Even I know that Snape Sensei is the Order's spy so he needs to be unable to relay the location to Voldemort."

Molly got bug eyed and stared at Krista in disbelief. "How did you know that?" She asked.

Krista rolled her eyes. "Did you all forget that I'm extremely intelligent? I figured out Sensei was a spy the first time I met him. When he came to Kaiba manor with the old fool."

"I think we need to change headquarters as well just in case Moody isn't successful, but we'll figure out a location later." Arthur suggested.

"I'm heading out." Krista said. She then gave her father a goodbye hug. "I'll text you as soon as I get a new phone to see about coming over for a visit."

"I'm going to go to my dorm." Harry said. He then turned to face McGonagall. "I'll be at the services tomorrow morning."

"I think I'll head out to transfigure some bodies. Now let's see...Wormtail gets to be transfigured into a wart hog. I think the giant squid will love eating that traitor, and for Greyback I think he deserves to be a toad for being the one to bite Remus...and last Zankoo gets to be a jackass for what he did to my daughter. Yeah I think the giant squid will love those as a main course tonight." Sirius mostly said to himself although Harry and Krista both heard him clearly.

Krista and Harry looked at each other each wondering if Sirius was really going to do that complex of a transfiguration on each body or not. They however decided they would never ask and just let Sirius tell them what he really did when he was ready. The two then headed out of the hospital wing together. Somehow no one at the moment seemed to notice though they were all too wrapped up in their own thoughts.

As Krista and Harry were walking through the corridors towards their dorm, Krista asked. "So, did you and Dumbledore find another Horcrux?"

Harry shook his head and pulled out the locket and note. "It's a fake." He said while handing the items to Krista.

Krista took the items from Harry. She then unfolded the note and read it.

The note said:

To the Dark Lord,

I know that I'll be dead long before you read this,

but I wanted to let you know that it was I who discovered your secret.

I've taken the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can.

I face death in the hope that when you meet your match you'll be mortal once more.


"I wonder who R.A.B is." Krista stated.

Harry shrugged. "I don't know but whomever he or she is they have the real Horcrux. So first we will have to figure out who this R.A.B person is and if they were successful at destroying it."

Krista tried to hand harry back the note and locket. "You keep them with you. Something tells me you have more resources to help figure out this puzzle"

"As you wish." Krista said as she added the necklace and letter into her cocktail purse.

"So, who is staying and who is leaving tonight?" Harry asked.

"Atem and Hermione will stay with you and the rest of our group will be leaving for Domino City by way of Shadow Portals. We will meet back in Domino City in a month. That should give the three of you ample time to get away without raising suspicions." Krista replied.

"Draco and Ginny?" Harry asked.

"Will join us then too," replied Krista. "Seto is currently e-mailing them since both our phones got destroyed with blood."

"Why not just magically fix the phones? You are a Sorceress after all." Harry teased.

Krista snickered. "It seems that magically adapted phones don't like blood, they are completely fried. Seto tried every spell he could think of, and nothing worked. After getting overly frustrated with the phones he blasted them into several pieces. So we are just going to buy two new ones when we get back home then adapt them for magical environments."

Harry started laughing. "I can't believe Kaiba did that...well maybe I can."

Krista and Harry walked in silence for several minutes. Krista looked at Harry and was hit with an intuition she needed to act on. "Harry, is something bothering you?" She asked.

Harry shook his head as he realized he should have remembered that Krista was too observant for her own good. "I just don't see how you can be so calm. You, Kaiba, Mokuba, and Draco just killed someone tonight, granted they all deserved their fates but I think I would have some issues with it after all they are still human beings and I seem to be having issues of feeling sorry for those that died. Maybe I'm just tired and need to rest."

"You aren't tired," reasoned Krista. "You are a very light soul and value all human life no matter who they are. I remember you saying you saved Peter Pettigrew from being killed by Lupin and my father back in your third year."

"And look how that turned out, he ended up killing Ishizu and Rebecca. And helped to resurrect Voldemort." Harry stated sarcastically.

"Let me ask you something. If you knew then what you know now, would you really have done anything differently?" Krista asked.

"I'd like to say yes, but then if I did let Peter be killed I'd never have met all of you. And Draco wouldn't be who he is today either. What kind of a person does that make me?" Harry asked.

"A hero." Krista replied.

"What do you mean by that?" Harry asked.

"In the world there are always two kinds of heroes. Those who are around to give everyone hope and Ra knows we need them. You are that kind of hero Harry. The one to get all the glory, the papers will all glorify you and say Harry Potter the Savior of the Wizarding World. You'll be seen as a man of greatness." Krista said.

"But I don't want glory and didn't ask for greatness." Harry stipulated.

Krista snickered at her friend before saying. "A wise man once said, some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon 'em. You my friend are the last."

"That greatness quote is from some Japanese guru I've never heard of right." Harry said.

Krista shook her head. "No. It is from William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night."

"Now you said there are two types of hero's in the world. If I'm the first kind what is the second?" Harry asked.

"They ones who are willing to clean up the mess that no one wants to do. They are the ones no one knows what they did until the end." Krista replied.

"Like Draco and Professor Snape." Harry said.

Krista nodded her head. "Yes. They are not going to be seen as heroes until the end when everyone will know the whole story. Assuming of course they decide to tell the whole story."

Harry was hoping Krista would be able to answer some more questions for him. So he ceased walking for a moment and asked. "Professor Snape asked me to tell everyone he was the one who killed Dumbledore any theory as to why. I was planning on just lying and telling people I didn't see who cast the Killing Curse."

"I can take my best guess since Severus is logical." Krista said.

Krista's statement made Harry started laughing. She stared at her friend for several moments before asking."What is so funny?"

"You just called Professor Snape by his first name." Harry said.

Realization dawned on the Royal Sorceress. "I did didn't I," she muttered. "Well after all the visions I had of his life, covering anything from his childhood to his days at Hogwarts, while I was on my quest to find out what Dumbledore did. I guess I have a more personal tie to my mentor and my subconscious is telling me it is time to start addressing him by his given name. I will ask his permission the next time I see him before making a habit of it."

"You consider Professor Snape a mentor." Harry said.

"Harry the entire Court does," said Krista "We do call him Sensei for a reason."

Harry just nodded as the two of them began walking again. "Now let's get this conversion back on track what is your theory for why Professor Snape asked to take credit for Dumbledore's death."

"I would theorize that he was protecting Draco, Ginny, himself, and the members of the Order." Krista stated. Noticing that Harry had a confused look on his face, Krista explained further. "Draco cast an Unforgivable Curse if he was sentenced to life in Azkaban that would cause his bond to Ginny to end in both their deaths. Because something tells me that Azkaban doesn't allow conjugal visits, even in cases of a Betrothal Bond. Sensei also knows that now that Dumbledore is dead that he is in a sense a Secret Keeper for the order and I would bet my husband's fortune that Voldemort knows that too. So by taking credit for Dumbledore's death Sensei made the entire Order think he betrayed them, and they will make it so that he can't tell Voldemort where headquarters is at by way of a Tongue Tying Spell. That spell keeps him from being able to tell Voldemort without Voldemort knowing that he is a traitor to the Death Eaters."

Harry nodded his head. "If your theory is correct and I would bet it is. Now my second question is why would Luna place a bit of doubt in the staff's mind by making them think of a possible frame up with the use of Polyjuice."

Krista laughed. "Now that is an easier question to answer."

Harry raised his eyebrows. "It is?"

Krista nodded her head."Luna knows that Draco was the one who killed Dumbledore. She also knows the entire Wizarding World can't hate Sensei when he becomes headmaster. That would cause a serious amount of problems. By making some people doubt what you saw will help to maintain order in the school next year. She was protecting two of the bravest men in the wizarding world when she did planted the seed of doubt in some people's minds."

The two friends approached the portrait, just as a song seem to fill the air. Harry looked around trying to find the source of the music. He was pretty certain it wasn't coming from the PA system. "What is that?"

"Fawkes is singing." Krista stated nonchalantly. She then looked at Harry then placed her hands on her hips and asked. "Don't you remember last year in Care of Magical Creatures when Professor Grubbly-Plank told us that phoenixes are loyal to those they choose to be a familiar to?"

Harry nodded. "Yeah so."

"Fawkes is paying a final tribute to his master before he leaves in search of another." Krista explained.

"Phoenixes search for someone else upon the death of their last master." Harry stated with surprise in his voice.

"Of course, just as they are reborn from the ashes of their own deaths. They do the same for the one they choose to be a familiar to." Krista stated.

"Are you saying Fawkes will just wait around until Dumbledore is reincarnated?" Harry asked.

"No his next master or mistress won't be a reincarnation of the previous one but someone Fawkes chooses and it will be someone that he believes is worthy of his loyalty." Krista replied.

"Who and how long until Fawkes finds someone else." Harry asked.

Krista shrugged her shoulders. "That can be anywhere from a now to a millennium from now. No one knows for sure. Phoenixes have so many mysteries surrounding them."

"Do you remember everything you read, see, or hear." Harry asked.

"Pretty much, I am a genius after all." Krista reached into her deck holder and pulled out a card. She held it up to the door. "Krista Kaiba, The Light Magician."

"Good to see your deck didn't get ruined by blood." Harry said.

"I used a combination of a shield charm and my shadow magic to create a barrier around my deck and duel disk before going into battle." Krista explained. "I wasn't sure it would work or not but I'm glad it did. I was completely soaked from head to toe in Zankoo's blood and was relieved that my protection spell worked to protect my deck and duel disk they were completely spotless."

"Yet your phone got damaged." Harry pointed out.

"I can afford a new phone," Krista replied arrogantly. "Pegasus even said I could replace most of my one of a kind cards at a huge price, but Isis would be lost if her card got ruined so I made sure they all were safe. After all I still consider my monsters my friends."

"Sometimes I wonder about you." Harry teased.

"If it was your deck in possible jeopardy of being ruined you would have done the same thing." Krista retaliated.

Harry nodded. "I would. I take it Kaiba did the same thing too."

"Of course he did," replied Krista. "He only values two things over his three Blue Eyes White Dragons"

"What are they?" Harry asked.

"That is obvious, Mokuba, and me." Krista replied.

"Royal Sorceress, you can be a pain in the ass did you know that?" Harry teased.

Krista gave Harry a friendly hug while saying. "Chosen One, that is just part of my charm, get used to it."

"Are you two going to stand in the corridors all night talking or are you going to join the rest of us in here!" Marik hollered.

"Sorry." Harry said as he and Krista walked into their common room and joined the rest of their dorm mates.

Harry took one look at the common room. He saw that most of his dorm mates had their trunks already packed and were getting ready to leave. But when he saw Hermione sitting on the floor with a huge pile of books in front of her he couldn't help but ask. "Hermione, what are you doing?"

"Separating out the textbooks I own so that I can bring the ones we will need on our journey to find the Horcruxes." Hermione replied.

"Yeah, I forgot that we'll be hunting down Voldemort in a portable library." Harry stated sarcastically.

"I don't want to overlook anything." Hermione said.

Krista walked over to the table and grabbed herself a cup of coffee. She watched as her friends started to each exit home to Domino City. She then took a last look at Hermione before making a final decision.

"Imzadi, Mokie is ready and your stuff is packed we need to head to the manor." Kaiba said.

"Give me one moment." Krista rose from her chair and approached Hermione. "Queen I need to speak to you."

Hermione looked up from her work. "Royal Sorceress, what is it."

Krista closed her eyes for a moment. She wanted to make sure she was making the right decision. When she felt confident in her choice, she said. "Hermione, you are a great spellcaster. And with the three of you off hunting down the last Horcruxes and me here where there is bound to be trouble around every corner. I've decided to sever our bond of student and teacher. We can't take the risk of you rushing to me or me rushing to you if either of us are in danger."

Hermione leapt to her feet to protest. "But there is so much I still need to learn about controlling my Shadow Magic."

"There is little more you can learn from me. You are ready to be a spellcaster on your own. And you will have Atem to help if you need extra help with control. But I doubt you'll need it." Krista stated.

"Are you sure about this?" Hermione asked.

Krista nodded. "I'm sure."

"How do you break the bond?" Hermione asked.

"There is a spell and it requires your blood." Krista replied.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Why am I not surprised."

"Queen that is a dumb question. The spell Bond Between Teacher and Student required blood so it only stands to reason that the counter spell would require it too." Krista stated with slight annoyance in her voice.

"It was a rhetorical question." Hermione stated. "I was being sarcastic."

"And I was being a smartass." Krista said while she pulled out two sugar testers from her cocktail purse. She handed one to Hermione. "I need you to prick you ring finger on your right hand and I'll need to do the same. We then have to have our fingers touching when I cast the spell."

Hermione did as she was instructed. When the two witches pricked fingers made contact Krista started to speak in Ancient Egyptian. "Shadows hear me now. I wish to sever the bond for empathic danger with this apprentice. She is now a spellcaster and no longer needs my instructions. Shadows hear my cry." Black and purple shadows exited Krista's palm and wrapped around Hermione's wrist. The shadows lingered for a few moments before vanishing.

Once the spell was over Hermione looked at Krista. "I feel a bit funny."

"That is to be expected you have been bonded to me for almost a year so you are just experiencing an emotional sense of loss." Krista explained. "You'll feel centered in a moment or two."

"I take it that sense of loss is a two way steam." Hermione said.

Krista nodded her head. "Of course it is. You have been a great student and I am proud of all you accomplished." Krista gave Hermione a hug before adding. "Also you may find yourself feeling a bit more powerful because once the bond between student and teacher is severed you are no longer an apprentice level Shadow Wielder but a spellcaster level Shadow Wielder and someday you will reach the sorceress level as well I'm certain of it."

"When will I know when I reach Sorceress level?" Hermione asked.

"You'll just know." Krista said before giving Hermione a second hug. She then looked at the three members of her dorm who would be heading out later. "Take care of yourselves you three. I expect to see you all at the rendezvous in a month."

"Royal Sorceress." Harry said.

"Yes, Chosen One." Krista replied.

"Try to figure out who R.A.B. is will you? And I'll do the same." Harry stated.

"Who are you talking about?" Hermione asked.

"I'll fill you in later." Harry replied.

"I guess I can do that," replied Krista. "Hopefully when I see you I'll have some answers."

"Good luck you three." Kaiba stated causing everyone to stare at him.

"You don't rely on luck." Atem teased.

Kaiba pinched the bridge of his nose and said. "Don't ever tell the Mutt I said good luck."

Krista gave her friends one last hug goodbye before conjuring a Shadow Portal. She knew that her friends had a long journey ahead of them. She knew that in just a few weeks it would be the last time they would all be together. She was already coming up with a plan to make their final meeting together pleasant. But for now she just wanted to go home, leaving the magic of Hogwarts, and the war fate had pulled her into standing at the back door.

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