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Chapter 1: The Accident

My name is Matt Murdock and I'm a normal kid living in Jump City where crime is everywhere so I was heading home to where my Dad was probably passed out on the couch like he was since Mom left him.

Don't get me wrong he's great and he tries his hardest and every day he does bring home money to my amazement.

I decided to take my usual shortcut when I saw a man holding another guy at gun point so I backed up trying to get out of there before he saw who I was but I knocked over a trash can lid.

The man turned and I turned pale when I saw his face

It was my Dad

"Matt?" He asked shocked, "I-I can explain!"

I ran from him as fast as I could

"Matt wait I need to talk to you!" I kept running before knocking into a random guy

"Sorry!" I said as I got up running again

But I didn't get far when there was a loud screech and a waste truck crashed causing the side to split open and chemicals splashed my eyes causing me to scream in pain.

"MATT!" I heard my dad before passing out

A little bit later I woke up to only see darkness before I held my head shouting in pain as I saw what looked like images in my head like I was seeing when I wasn't

"Matt you're awake!" I turned my head in the direction of my Dad's voice and he hugged me, "Oh God I thought I lost you!" I could hear him crying and I could hear his heartbeat going fast.

"What happened? Why can't I see?"

He was silent for a bit before coming out with it, "Those chemicals burned your eyes so badly that you lost your eye sight… You're blind."

At that point it felt like a blow to the gut.

"It's all my fault, if I never did that you wouldn't have ran and you would've kept your eyesight!"

"Dad it's okay!" I reassured him

"No it's not that's why I turned myself in!" I was shocked to hear him say that and I then became aware of another beating sound like a heart

"Is someone else here?" I asked cautiously

"It's your Uncle; he's taking you in while I serve my time!" He hugged me again, "I can't take back what I did but I can make a better choice for your life!"

Oh if he only knew!

I cried as I heard the handcuffs go around his wrists because I couldn't see him look at me and smile before my Uncle Melvin took me home and I got a staff that blind people use to walk and that night I cried myself to sleep.

Three years later

It's been three years since I was blinded and now I'm Fourteen and I was walking by myself since my Uncle died of Cancer last week and my Dad was killed in Prison, I learned many extraordinary things about being blind but I hated it.

I've also been doing something that sounds suicidal for a blind teenager to do.

I've been dressing up and fighting criminals in Jump City becoming what they called the Daredevil I wore pure black spandex that had tiny devil horns and carried two Billy Clubs that I used for my attacks. I was going out again tonight when I heard something in the sky it sounded like a missile and there was a loud crash so I headed for it listening to the screams of civilians.

To Be Continued…

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