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Chapter 7: Surprise return.

Daredevil gritted his teeth in pain as Starfire punched him, if he didn't block with his Bo staff he would've been dead, but it still hurt like hell though.

"Snap out of it!" He shouted before Cyborg shot him with the Sonic Cannon and he was more blind than ever when he got up so he didn't sense Robin coming in for a dropkick until his foot met DD's chest.

His senses returned right as a Lion lunged at him so he did a backflip to avoid it but then a shape came out of the shadows and he ducked as Raven tried to hit him.

No choice I have to pick them off one by one before I head for Zebediah. He thought in anger at having to fight his friends.

He used his senses and acrobatics to get to the rooftops knowing that they would reach him at different times but he jumped down the other side and ran through the door of the building coming out on the other side where Cyborg was by himself and he was the biggest threat to Daredevil with his Sonic weaponry so he used his Billy Club hitting the fleshy parts on him before using his senses to pull some wires.

Cyborg was down before he could react but then he sensed a birdarang coming towards him so he leaned to the left to dodge but he quickly jumped back once he realized Robin threw that to trick him and was coming for another kick so he grabbed Robin's leg to his surprise and threw him against the brick wall hard enough to keep him dazed until he knocked him out.

Two down three to go.

He ducked as a Star bolt came flying at him so he ran with Starfire chasing him with Beast Boy and Raven not far behind while Zebediah was watching in amusement, he has to be in the area for the mind control to stay.

He dove into a local gym when Starfire busted in so he used the equipment to swing across and knee her in the face but she was still up and she was pissed trying to punch him now with her full alien strength and her fist hit the wall where his head was a second ago creating a crater the size of Texas.

"Damn." Muttered Daredevil before he ducked again and ended up doing an uppercut on her causing her to fall back but she wasn't down for the count and by this time Beast Boy and Raven entered the building so he pulled out his Billy Clubs and hit Starfire again before he pulled out a pellet and stuffed it in her mouth before it let out anesthesia effectively knocking her out as Beast Boy reached him turned into a rabid Wolf.

"Down boy." Quipped Daredevil punching him but Beast Boy turned into Bull and roared so Daredevil was straining his senses and Beast Boy charged missing DD's smirk as he dove out of the way so Beast Boy charged right into a thing of weights knocking himself down leaving Raven who threw a lot of weights at Daredevil with her dark energy so he moved knowing she would be the toughest with her powers so he would have to really think outside of the box against her and fighting the other four left him exhausted.

Grinning he came up with something and ran outside to where Robin laid unconscious when Raven came behind him ready to kill him when he threw a flash bang blinding her giving Daredevil enough time to knock her out but when he turned to face Zebediah he was nowhere to be seen… or in Daredevil's case to be sensed.

"Damnit." He muttered as there were a few moans and Robin got up, "When I say don't look I mean don't look!"

He shook his head in confusion before his eyes widened at the other Titans knocked out, "You took out all of us?" He asked in astonishment.

"Yes because you were brainwashed into killing me so it was either you killed me or I knock you guys out."

Robin shook his head, "How come he doesn't affect you?"

"I have no clue." Lied Daredevil.

Robin narrowed his eyes, "I know you're lying."

"Look this is my enemy so I'll take him down because if I go with you guys he'll keep putting you five under his control and I'd rather not tango with all of you again." With that Daredevil took off leaving him to wake the others.

"Daredevil wait!" Robin shouted but he already left.

"Come on Killgrave where are you?" Muttered Daredevil as he raced across the rooftops but then he heard a sonic pulse and covered his ears before he was kicked from behind.

"I'm right behind you Daredevil and I have to admit I always wondered how you could resist my mind control before Kingpin told me exactly who you are under that mask." Killgrave sneered, "You being a blind teenager was the last thing I expected Murdock!"

Great all of my enemies are finding out who I am! Daredevil thought in anger, "Yet you keep getting your ass kicked by said blind teenager."

At that Daredevil felt hatred coming from Killgrave, "I've waited a long time for this moment Daredevil."

"Yeah you can keep waiting." Retorted Daredevil as he brought his Billy Clubs up before he heard another sonic attack, "How are you doing that?!" He asked as his senses were going down and he was blinder than before.

Killgrave grinned at how it was affecting Daredevil, "Do you think that I came alone?" He asked before it stopped and he heard a new pair of footsteps behind him.

Focusing on the heartbeat he felt the ground give out underneath him as he heard it.

"That's impossible." He muttered as he heard the unmistakable heartbeat, "Elektra?!"

Elektra stepped out of the shadows, "Hello Matt, how have you been the last few years?"

"You died, I was there!" Protested Daredevil as he shook his head but he knew that the heartbeat and voice was the same.

"It's called faking my death Matt." That stopped Matt cold, "After all, Kingpin paid me to do that."

"Kingpin paid you?!" Daredevil snarled, "Killgrave take whatever hold you have on Elektra off right now or I'll make you beg for prison."

Killgrave took a step back because he knew that Daredevil would make good on that promise, but Elektra chuckled, "No one is taking control of me Daredevil," Then she looked at Killgrave and tossed a gym bag full of cash, "Here's your payment, now get out of here." She said and Killgrave left without a word.

"Why Elektra?" Asked Daredevil after he realized she was telling the truth, "Why did you do it?"

She chuckled, "Oh Matt I've worked for the Kingpin my whole life I mean he is my dad."

That caused Daredevil to look at her in pure shock, "Fisk is your dad?!"

To Be Continued…

Okay Elektra's back from the dead and Killgrave got away. Oh and let's not forget the fact that he's her dad! What will happen next? You'll have to wait to find out!