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Chapter 9: Sisters Part 1

Daredevil was with the Titans at the Fourth of July Fair in the Docks much to his displeasure. His senses weren't making it a very enjoyable night for him.

He's been hearing the Fair music, bells going off, cell phones and people talking but he wasn't letting it show as the Titans were off having fun.

Robin and Starfire went off by themselves while Cyborg and Beast Boy dragged Raven off with them so Daredevil was walking by himself his Sonar sense allowing him to weave through the crowd without bumping into anyone.

He heard people whispering in hushed voices all around him because before the Titans were formed he was an Urban Legend that was never proven to exist until after the Gordamian Invasion and people were scared of him even when he fights to protect him.

"Devil worshipper!" A guy threw a beer bottle at Daredevil so he ducked it, "You have no place in Jump City!" It was an old man holding a cross.

Should've known my name would bring religious people in. Daredevil thought in frustration.

"I don't want any trouble." Daredevil said but he was cut off.

"LIES! You are against the lord!" The religious man said loudly drawing a crowd so Daredevil sighed.

"Look I'm not going to spend all day convincing you if that's what you believe so can I go now?"

"Indeed you shall go!" The religious man told him, "You shall go away from Jump City and never return! For the Lord is my Shepard!"

Okay now this guy was starting to creep Daredevil out a bit so he walked away but as his back was turned the religious man came at him with a knife only to be stopped as dark energy surrounded him.

"That's enough!" Raven said coldly, "Go home now!"

The man ran for it so Daredevil looked at Raven, "Thank you, but I thought you were with Cyborg and Beast Boy?"

"They're being idiots so I thought it would be peaceful to be away from them but it looks like I was wrong."

Daredevil chuckled, "Well it's the Fourth of July and frankly it's better than being home."

"If you say so." Raven muttered.

Smirking Daredevil used his Sonar sense to detect Beast Boy and Cyborg heading towards them but Beast Boy was carrying something, "Told you we would win you a prize!" He said giving the item to Raven.

"… A giant chicken." Raven deadpanned, "I must be the luckiest girl in the world."

Daredevil chuckled a bit which caused Raven to glare at him but then Robin jumped down out of nowhere, "Titans Trouble!"

"Where's Starfire?" Cyborg asked.

"That's the trouble!" Robin pointed out.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Daredevil asked as they took off towards the docks and Daredevil sensed a robot chasing Starfire in the air, "There's something you don't see every day."

Starfire went to blast it twice but the robot shrugged it off, "No more chasing now please!"

Daredevil rolled his eyes. Like it's going to listen.

Then Starfire flew past the Titans along with the robot, "Who's her new best friend?" Beast Boy joked.

Robin cracked a knuckle, "I don't know but I can't wait to meet him!"

Daredevil pulled out his Billy Clubs, "So what's the plan Rob?"

"We trash it!" He ordered so when Starfire came by again Beast Boy turned into a Crocodile and tried to bite it but it zoomed by him right as he closed his mouth so Raven threw a Hotdog Vendor but it broke through so Daredevil jumped on it but before he could attack the squid threw Daredevil into the water and he twisted around a bit before he realized something.

He didn't know which way was up as he tried to remember.

Come on Murdock!

It was only when he hit the sand at the bottom that he realized that he was going down and his lungs felt like they were on fire as he started to lose consciousness not hearing a splash.

Daredevil woke up to feel someone's lips pressed against his performing CPR and to his shock his senses told him that it was Raven so in a second he coughed up water, "The hell happened?" He asked hoarsely.

"You nearly drowned DD!" Cyborg explained.

"You okay?" Robin asked.

"I'll live." Daredevil told him, "What happened to the robot?"

"Robin destroyed it." Raven explained.

Daredevil tried to stand but his legs gave out before Cyborg caught him, "Easy man!"

"I'm fine." Daredevil grunted.

They made it to the Tower and Starfire went all happy again, "Come friends! I shall thank you all for my rescue by reciting the poem of Gratitude!" Starfire told them, "All 6000 verses!"

Daredevil was certain that he heard a car crash as Starfire said that and the Titans all had very horrified faces.

Then his senses detected an unknown heartbeat so he took out his Billy Clubs, "Who are you?" He growled

"Oh I'm just visiting." A girl said before Starfire gasped.


"Star has a sister?" Beast Boy asked in confusion, "Who knew?"

"Brought you a present!" Her sister held something up and Starfire gasped yet again.

"A Centari Moon Diamond?!" She asked in disbelief, "Where did you get-?"

"On the Centari Moons of course!" Star's sister put the necklace around her neck, "Oh look, it matches your eyes!"

"You must meet my friends!" With that Starfire brought her sister in front of the Titans, "I wish to introduce my big sister-!"

Star's sister took it from there, "Blackfire and since Star told me all about the Titans from her transmissions let me guess… Cyborg?" She pointed at the mechanical teen.

"Please to meet you little lady!" They shook hands before Cy's hand crumpled like a soda can, "Little lady, big handshake well all right!" His face looked like it was in pain.

"Raven." Blackfire looked at her, "I like that gemstone on your Shakra!"

Raven actually smiled at that, "You know about Shakras?"

Blackfire smirked, "I got way into meditation on Altera Prime!"

Daredevil narrowed his eyes. She's good. He thought but he knew that something was off about her since from what Star told him about her planet Tamarania was on the far side of the milky way galaxy so she couldn't be here just to see her sister.

From being the youngest lawyer in history he became real good at figuring people out.

Then Blackfire looked at the green Titan, "Beast Boy what's up?"

"Nothing but the ceiling baby!"

Daredevil had the urge to smack himself repeatedly with his Billy Clubs upon hearing that but Blackfire surprisingly laughed, "Good one!"

Beast Boy smirked and looked at Raven, "See, she thinks that I'm funny!"

"Statistically I suppose that someone has too." Beast Boy's face fell at that.

"Well I thought that the colors were black but you must be Daredevil." Blackfire said.

"My costume is in repairs so I'm wearing the original." Daredevil explained.

Blackfire smirked, "I think it's a cute costume."

Now Daredevil knew that something was wrong because she was being way too nice.

"And you must be Robin!" She said seductively and Daredevil sighed at hearing that, "Oh I'm loving this cape it's positively luscious!"

"Thanks!" Robin told her, "It's a high density polymerized titanium, ten times stronger than steel!"

Then how the hell is it light?

"Fascinating!" Starfire gaped at the sight, "And this mask makes you look very mysterious!"

Immediately Starfire got in between Robin and her sister, "So beloved Sister, what brings you to Earth?"

"I was in the Quadrant!" Blackfire explained, "Thought I could see if Earthlings liked to Party!" Then she sat on the couch, "Besides I needed a rest, nearly got sucked into a black hole on the way here!"

Immediately Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy were right by her, "Black hole?"

"No way!"


Daredevil sighed at how easily Blackfire had those three wrapped around her finger.

"Okay I was cruising through the Draconic Nebula and-!"

Star interrupted her, "Sister, that Nebula is full of black holes, you know that travel there is forbidden!"

Blackfire chuckled, "Most fun things in life are! Now be a sweetie and bring me one of those sodas that you told me so much about!"

She continued to tell her story while Star actually got the soda muttering, "I see you have not changed either!"

Daredevil shook his head before leaving to his room.

The next day he needed to clear his head so he was doing gymnastics in the gym. The equipment has been there for the last few weeks but no one knew who it was for and Daredevil has been too busy to use it so now he felt like he was free as he practiced his gymnastic ability doing flips and twists in midair before he heard someone clapping behind him and he focused on the heartbeat to see that it was Blackfire.

"Nicely done!" She complimented, "I've always wondered how Gymnastics worked since Star told me about them but she never mentioned that you knew them!"

"That's because I never found the time to tell the Titans." Daredevil explained keeping his tone civil. Something about Blackfire rubbed him the wrong way but he figured that he could give her the benefit of the doubt since she was Starfire's sister and all.

"Can you teach me some?" The request came as a surprise to Daredevil.

"I don't see why not." He admitted begrudgingly, "Why do you want to learn?" And now he had his senses on high alert to catch her lying.

"I always found Earth culture interesting and learning something would be good!"

"Speaking of which how did you learn English?" That question caught Blackfire off guard.

"What?" She asked

"You said last night that you never been to this planet before and yet you speak English better than Starfire can." Daredevil told her, "How is that?"

"Oh I'm a fast learner!" Daredevil knew that she lied but her heartbeat said differently.

She's a good liar!

"So can we get started?" Blackfire asked

"… Sure."

In a little bit Daredevil was walking down the hallway when he heard Starfire's voice, "Sister? Sister? Sister, I seek your companionship! Friend Daredevil have you seen my sister?"

"A few minutes ago I did, she was in the Gym the last I saw her." Daredevil told her but he sensed something wrong with her, "You okay?"

"Yes thank you for asking Friend Daredevil!" With that she took off flying before he could ask again.

Shaking his head Daredevil walked to his room to meditate and he took his mask off as he felt the paper talking of Elektra's supposed death from those two years ago.

"I still can't believe that it's been that long." He muttered in sadness when someone knocked on the door; gasping in shock he dropped the paper in an attempt to get his mask but he tripped over the Billy Clubs that were on the floor and he fell face first with a loud thud.

Immediately the door opened to show Raven, "Cyborg and Beast Boy asked me to get you-." Her eyes widened when she saw Matt Murdock in the Daredevil Costume.

Oh hell. Matt thought.

To Be Continued…