The tall oak door seemed to shut with a finalizing silence.

I immediately glared down at the pureblood, lilac eyes infused with a feral vigor. I would no longer stay in this room with him. Not when I could sense the blood boiling beneath his skin. Not when he had auburn eyes that knew everything because of our stupid bond he'd inflicted upon me.

Why was it that Kuran always seemed to get the better half of every single goddamn situation?

"You should be proud of the mouth you possess." His sensuous voice was smooth on his tongue and his gaze was lingering on my mouth. His thumb brushed a delicate line against the underside of my bottom lip. The pad of his digit was so light it created a sensation like tingling. There was a problem with me when that was all he had to do to make my lips swell. "You were gifted with a beautiful one despite not being born a vampire."

I sneered at his words. "Are you trying to butter me up? I'd say that's pretty low for a pureblood." Of all the things I hated about Kuran Kaname, that detail had always the worst. I wanted to add, "And who ever said your mouth was beautiful?" because he had to go and act like all vampires had captivating mouths, except he was right, and the insult couldn't even make it past the bottom of my throat.

He could allure anyone with lips like those: their supple shade of pink, the shapely curve of his lower and the subtle accentuation of his upper. It was his cupid's bow with its soft edges and his mouth's plush disposition overall that played a tempestuous role. Even before this uncontrollable me, my eyes had always strayed toward his lips.

"Would you like me to compliment you? Perhaps your infuriated facade merely wants some attention." The bastard had the decency to smile at his false observation, but it wasn't to spite me or himself. It looked more like he was trying to tease me. I growled in disgust at his attempt.

His finger switched places with his thumb, index pressing lightly against my bottom lip as he traced a quaint line over my row of bottom teeth. He stopped in the middle and he must've been pointing at a specific area because he said, "You have one crooked tooth." Thanks for pointing that out, you ass. "I find it quite becoming on you."

Something burnt beneath the skin of my cheeks and Kuran's smile twisted sardonically at the corners. "You fucking asshole―" His finger slipped between my teeth, tip rubbing against my tongue. He slinked closer, chest bumping against the edge of the chair as his other arm came up to rest against my leg, palm flat against my thigh. The presence of his hand through the fabric of my jeans caused my breath to hitch and my tongue was coaxed into moving against his finger.

He ran the digit under the very tip of my fang, inching his hand toward the inside of my leg. Enraged, I slapped both of his hands away from me. The clumsy movement caused his finger to impale the spire of my incisor. From a wound as tiny as a welt, a scent so sweet and delicious dispersed throughout the room, clogging my nose until the only thing I could smell was him, this awful beast. He had such an interesting aroma to his blood, something like heady vanilla with an undertone of cloves.

I pressed myself against the back of the chair, trying to squeeze my eyes shut and prevent the gnarly wave of hunger that had began to stir inside my stomach, chest, and fangs. I felt Kuran lean forward again although closer than before. His breath was warm against my cheek.

A bitter emotion was wafting off of him, something akin to irritation. I didn't like the next words that fell from his lips.

"Your lack of clairvoyance is astounding, Kiryuu. Are you so ignorant that you cannot perceive the ardor that bonds you to me?" He whispered against my ear, breath sifting through the soft locks of my hair. My veins turned to ice as his question rang shrill through my head.

The ardor that bonds me to him.

Opening my eyes, I found his and their vivid shade of auburn. I wanted to spit in his face for being so direct, for thinking he had me pining for him, for not understanding that being a vampire was grotesque and unnatural to me. The pureblood knew everything―I was fully aware that he could feel the emotions coursing through my body―the disgust, the vulnerability―and yet he chose to ignore it all the same.

His irritation dimmed to a slight smoldering of annoyance before his eyes softened at the corners and he surprised me by tugging gently at my arms. "Will it help if I put myself in a vulnerable position?" I allowed him to remove me from the chair, shirt finally tumbling back into place, but only because I was confused and curious as to what his intentions were behind that strange question. We were both standing when he suggested, "Remove your shirt."

I was barely aware of the article disappearing over the top of my head, distracted by standing too close to him to realize what I was even doing. All I could focus on was him and how he was unbuttoning the elegant top wrapped around his torso. It was a chalky white as insipid as his skin. The same skin that revealed itself in small sections with every lost button. The pureblood's complexion was creamy, contrasting enticingly with the dark tresses of his hair.

The bond, I thought. It's only because of the bond. That was the only reason why I wanted to extend my hand and touch the sinuous expanse of his flat chest. I'd continue to tell myself that whether it was true or not.

Kuran had to have felt my eyes, for he rolled his shoulders back in a graceful fashion and let his shirt slip down his arms in the identical way that I wanted to run my hands over his velvet skin. He tossed the fabric onto one of the equipment carriers before spinning fluidly on his heel to face his back toward the chair. I followed his movements with calculating eyes, watching as he stepped backwards once, twice, then eased himself into the seat. The air was too thick to swallow, to even breathe, so I gave the pureblood an accusative glare.

He cocked his head to the side, brunette locks falling against his cheeks as he observed the tension in my shoulders, the rigid stance that I held myself in. "Come here, Kiryuu."

I shook my head slowly, feeling like a robot on its final stage of malfunction, but the mechanical movement of my head was just a sad example of refusal. The pureblood saw this and stretched his arms out until he'd grasped my wrists. He urged me forward then, with tepid palms that seduced my legs into walking.

When my body lowered onto his lap, my eyes widened; a flush spread across my cheeks. His thighs were warm and my bent knees framing his hips felt about ready to shake. I grit my teeth together as another flash of hunger surged through my core, wringing throughout my entire body like an ancient bell resonating inside a hollow tower. Kuran's hands coiled up my arms, fingers tickling my flesh into goosebumps, and placed one hand on the back of my head, the other at the nape of my neck. Tenderly, he pressed my face against his throat.

My nose brushed his skin. An intoxicating hint of vanilla mingled with my senses as my eyes melted from lavender to crimson. I desperately clung to the thin wisps of control I still had while my fingers dug into the pureblood's shoulders, nails nipping at his flesh. But his blood was so close, a breath away as my lips trembled against his skin, and the hand on the back of my head was stroking me into a discombobulated frenzy.

A whimper broke through the confines of my tangled mouth. My fangs stroked his neck as I tried to jerk away but his hands were relentless, holding me in place like a lock and chain. I gasped against his flesh when the arousal of my incisors spiked. My chest was heaving, pressing against Kuran's with every quick inhale.

"You're a bastard," I growled. And in response, the vampire tilted his head to the side. As he craned his neck, I watched with starving eyes as the cords underneath his skin stretched and tightened. I could practically see the vermillion blood rushing through his arteries. It shouldn't have been so fascinating, and yet I was enchanted. My throat was so dry, my body so empty, my veins so cold. I was compelled and Kuran had won and all I wanted in the entire world was to stave off the hunger in my bones so I opened my mouth to his pureblood neck, and sunk my fangs into his flesh where the instant his blood touched my tongue, my heartbeat turned into that of a drum.

His blood collected as I sucked from the twin wounds. It poured down my throat like an explosion through a tunnel. Kuran's breath drummed hard and steady against my ear. The sensation, an exhilarating fire, caused my arms to wrap around his body. One around his shoulders, the other in his hair. I gripped hard, clasping his locks in a tight fist.

He pressed my face closer, I bit down harder, and his head tilted further. His other hand slipped down my back, feeling the bones of my spine under his heated palm. As he drew me closer his blood turned thick in my mouth. It was sweeter than I remembered, with a hidden spicy essence. A thrilling sort of heat consumed my brain, flogging me with hunger of a different kind linked with what was already there.

My lower jaw closed in on his skin, slight bottom incisors digging into his shoulder. Blood ran in rivulets out of the corner of my mouth. It spilt down the pureblood's chest and smeared against my own when I drew a sharp breath. Kuran fisted the back of my head and ripped me away from him. I growled, bearing my bloodied teeth at him as I watched red leak out his fusing wound. It was gone in seconds and I felt the tremendous need to bring it back. My fangs ached to do so.

The brunette leaned up with narrowed, indifferent eyes and lathered my jaw with a trail of saliva as he licked the blood from my face. I had no sense of a control, was gone in a vortex of enthrallment, and when my bottom lip was seized between Kuran's, I fell against his chest with my mouth hooked to his. He surreptitiously slid his tongue between my parted lips and the fact that he could taste himself on me encouraged a muffled noise from the back of my throat. Our mouths were moist and his tongue was hot as it rolled against mine, tips fondling before pressing flat and wet.

Hunger for the pureblood drove me into a mindlessness where only my body was involved. I felt separated from the world and only seemed to know that Kuran's body was warm against mine. A choked gasp was persuaded out of me when a pair of strong hips bustled against my own. My hand delved deeper into his thick curls as my groin pressed down of its own accord. There was pressure against the small of my back and my crotch roughly touched his.

My straddling legs tightened against his sides and I moaned a guttural noise into his mouth. He took my lip between his teeth and bit down just as he rocked forward. My head spun, two types of hunger presenting themselves to me from behind glorious curtains and both sounded so appetizing. I pulled away and hung my head, tipping my hips into the pureblood's as I moved to bite his pale skin. But he knocked my face away with the hand on the back of my head.

Growling, I licked at his chest. If he wouldn't let me bite him, then I'd clean up the mess I had made. But again he lifted my head so that I met him face to face. He was wearing a smirk, one that made me yearn to ravish his lips. "Such a greedy vampire," he cooed, eyes alight with mirth and twisting with scarlet.

I could only snarl, no longer in the right frame of mind to speak. His hips jerked against mine, almost as if it were a type of punishment for my angered noise, causing me to gasp. He did it again, pressed my body in tight against his, and the look on his face was just too much. He was impeccable with his amused grin but aroused eyes. I had to look away, panting with a pink tint to my cheeks.

"You would make such a charming vampire if you would just let that disgruntling human mind of yours disappear." Kuran's voice was a whisper against my ear, sending hot shivers down my spine. I felt my body respond to the sensation in the form of my crotch grinding against his. "It forbids you so much." He twisted his tongue up the shell of my ear and I leant into his touch, wanting more. "Your mouth is irresistible; you should have been born a vampire."

Contradicting his words, he didn't touch my mouth at all. Instead, he ran his lips in wet open-mouthed suctions down the column of my throat. I craned my head back, hissing when his tongue flickered over the degrading tattoo imprinted on my skin. His teeth nicked my collar bone and in the back of my mind where Zero still was, I wondered if I tasted sweet like him or if I was just full of dust. His fingers gripped my sides, thumbs pressed taut against my hipbones. He drew light circles around them, making my skin ripple. "Zero," he murmured against my skin.

My eyes peered at him through a bleary, half-lidded gaze. His tone was steaming, breath moist on my flesh. Heat pooled like liquid fire in the pit of my stomach and my jeans grew tight as I heard my name echo throughout my muddled head.

One of his hands reached for my knee before slipping up the length of my leg, squeezing as he reached my inner thigh. Sparks ignited, unfurling inside the cavity of my stomach. His other hand guided my hips down against his, effectively pushing his hand between my thighs. My breath hitched as his fingers curled around my clothed crotch. He pressed a pliant kiss to the corner of my mouth before he lifted his hand to the button of my jeans.

Oh, fuck.

He removed the button from its slot before handling the zipper just below it.

Oh―Oh, God.

As he pulled it down, my brain swelled with too many things all at once. The blood I had consumed was digested and my bloodlust no longer remained. But my pelvis was burning and having Kuran's hand so close to it was making me hot all over. It was gross, reacting to a vampire in such a way.

I flung his hand away from me before it could go any further. Not that there was anywhere else it could. The pureblood narrowed his smoldering eyes. A sadistic grin contorted the lower half of his face. My stomach wasn't sure whether to drop or expand at the amused set of his features.

"Perhaps I should have let you feed longer." There was that voice again. It was deep and growling, arousing my ears.

"You gross bastard―"

"I beg your pardon, but who is the one possessing an erection?"

A vicious growl tore through my chest, and since I didn't have Bloody Rose with me, I lifted my arm into a tight curve and fisted my hand. My limb was directed toward Kuran's jaw, flitting through the space between us.

But before I could reach him, his hand plunged into my pants. My attack fell limp as I hunched toward his chest, forehead against his shoulder, back tense, a sound of shock dangling from my open mouth. His palm was hot against my flesh and just the simple touch of his hand had my length growing from its half-hard state into full stiffness. My eyelids fluttered, and I'm not sure when they got there, but my hands were clawing at his back as he rubbed his hand up my shaft.

"You are," he breathed. I shuddered against his body as he stroked me with nimble fingers. The pattern was prancing through my mind and every time he got close to my head I shivered. Heat was spiraling out of my stomach and I felt like some sort of machine as the seething, pleasurable burn was deposited into my loins. My breath came in quick bursts, nails raking the skin of the pureblood's back every time I exhaled.

"Shut up―" I gasped, momentarily losing my bearings when I forgot to control my breath. The mistake allowed for my body to take over and I jerked my hips against Kuran's hand. A moan drizzled from between my lips and I couldn't stop myself from thrusting forward again. The pureblood chuckled against my ear, low and rumbling. My entire body shuddered. An arm wrapped around my waist, urging me into his hand without my authorization. It was like I was his puppet, like my body was moving without really doing so, and I was complying without a struggle.

He started a rhythm as he pulled me against him then let me go. I muffled quiet pants and unwelcome groans against his shoulder, so disoriented in trying to refrain from doing too many things, like not making noises that I knew Kuran would humor and not sinking my teeth back into his colorless neck, that I failed to noticed my hips working without instruction.

The pureblood's thumb passed deftly over the slit on the tip of my arousal as he squeezed his fingers. My fangs dug two holes into Kuran's throat to keep my vocal cords from creating a pathetic moan, but it only caused his fingers to close around my aching erection all over again. The blood helped erase who Zero was, though―at least who the human-hunter Zero was―and fighting the pureblood became a lot less hard. In fact, this was right where uncontrollable me wanted things.

I realized then how sticky with sweat my jeans were getting. It was hard to move against the hand that had complete jurisdiction over me. For the slightest of seconds I thought about what it would be like if I were naked. If Kuran were naked. My stomach spasmed and my jaws clamped tight around his neck as I took a deep gulp of his blood. It had to have been continuously getting thicker for when I swallowed it slid down my throat like melted chocolate and tasted just as sweet. My hands skimmed up to his dark chestnut hair.

"Why does your blood keep doing that?" I wasn't aware that I had asked the question, only that my lips were leaving a trail of red up his neck. My voice didn't sound like my own. It was too throaty, too seductive. I hadn't even been aware that I could be seductive.

Kuran caught my mouth just as I had been about to clamp it around the underside of his jaw. He passed his tongue over my lips, tasting himself before rooting deeper inside my mouth. He was picking up on the dense saccharine flavor while his thumb smeared precum across the tip of my erection. My body craved more of his touch and my brain escalated into a delirious mess when his aroused fangs rubbed against my tongue.

"My blood corresponds with my emotions," he explained, suddenly lifting me to my knees before grabbing the hem of jeans and pulling them down. I gasped, eyes wide with lust when the air hit my overheated length. "You've been drinking my feelings I suppose." He snuck my jeans over my knees and down my calves before informing me as to what that basic emotion was: "Arousal." I swallowed hard, mind spinning as the pureblood worked my clothing off entirely. "If you were an intelligent vampire you would know that you could rummage deeper and find out exactly what I am thinking emotionally." He paused, staring up at me with crimson eyes and I wondered if he was going to bite me as an example. "Perhaps it is better if you remain unaware."

I didn't question him as I was too drawn to the fact that if I inched myself back down I'd be sitting naked in Kuran Kaname's lap. The knowledge of that wasn't supposed to ignite my groin, but it did; and when I straddled him, I couldn't take my eyes off of us because through his stupid, fancy trousers I could see that he was hard. I wanted to rip my heart out for beating so fast and I wanted to tear my mouth off for salivating.

"Unfortunately," Kuran growled, voice demanding and quiet against the drum of my ear, "purebloods do not need to taste blood to know what another is pondering." His wet tongue flicked the lobe of my pierced ear. A tremor coursed through my body. The pureblood meant that it was unfortunate he couldn't bite me. How was any of this happening?

My eyes refused to dim their astonishment. I couldn't stop myself from wanting to roll my hips into his now that I knew we were in the same position and I hated it. "Do not be ashamed, Zero." When had he started calling me by my first name?

He grabbed either one of my hips in his spindly hands and I fought for the sensible side of me to appear again. "What the hell are you doing?" I snarled, trying to pry his fingers from my skin. His hold didn't budge, fucking pureblood.

"Here," he offered. Then his rocked my erection against his crotch with my hands still covering his. I forced my eyes away, unable to look at the action that was just adding coal to the fire. Kuran chuckled and while I was being too much of a pansy to look, he released his arousal with what was probably fluidity and grace because that's what purebloods were.

I did definitely hear it, though, the way his button popped and his zipper buzzed. The brunette's powers were awakening inside of me. I could feel every tendril of thread that made up his slacks. I was able to hear the smooth tenor of his breath as well as the heavy lurch of my own. Every time I inhaled I could taste his blood on my taste buds and his fingers were soft against my hips. I let him grind our arousals together and when his hard, hot flesh rubbed against my own, I drowned inside of my body under a wave of heat and pleasure.

"Why are you doing this to me? S-Stop it."

"Consider it a form of compensation for saving your life," he explained.

"I-I hate you," I tried to say but it came out too weak to mean anything.

"If it is anger that fuels your body, Zero, then let me feel how furious you are."

"No―" My gasp once again held little significance as Kuran's hips rose. If he wanted anger, he wasn't going to receive it. The damn pureblood would receive nothing he wanted.

I was confused when two of his lissom fingers touched my mouth. "Suck on them otherwise you will be going against your wishes to keep me blind as to how much ire you feel towards me."

"It's you and your race," I spat before closing my lips around his appendages. Kuran snickered, grinning smugly as my tongue soaked the length of his digits. Although I had replied with strength, I began to feel my stomach knot as the realization of where those fingers were going to go washed over me.

"Look at me." His voice was commanding behind the huskiness. My eyes raised all on their own, betraying what I would've normally done, although nothing I had done since the beginning of this bond had been normal. He locked his powerful gaze on me, red traced auburn eyes reflecting me like a mirror―and I saw myself, the pungent fear like a reoccurring dapple all over my face. How right Yuuki was that I wore what I felt in my features.

Unexpectedly my vision grew hazy as unabashed lust came fourth from depths that I didn't know existed. My eyelids fluttered leisurely and my teeth nicked Kuran's fingers. I sucked harder, my erection swelling against his, and all the while I couldn't take my eyes away from the pureblood's. He was doing one of his vampire tricks on me but I couldn't bring myself to care. Heat overwhelmed my insides, threatening to leak.

Kuran plucked his fingers from my mouth. I watched them go in disappointment, and to replace them I sucked on his bottom lip. When one of his fingers pressed firmly against the tight ring of muscle that made up my entrance, I closed my eyes and inhaled a shaky breath because that was what his voice told me to do inside my head. His finger slid into me and behind all of the burning pleasure, I felt slightly strange. I tried to move away but met his chest and arousal instead. My hips careened downwards, causing his digit to dig deeper.

He moved his hand away from my body before pressing his finger back inside. An odd jolt shot up my spine. He repeated the notion, nuzzling his nose against mine. I felt my stomach clamp up in something that wasn't negativity at the sweet gesture. He tucked his finger in deep, down to the knuckle.

I pulled away from him just as he added a second finger and hissed at the stretch he'd instigated upon me. Relax, Zero. His voice was like a ripple through water. His tone was soothing, full of placidity, and I didn't remember it ever giving me chills before tonight.

My head dropped against his shoulder, forehead hot against his skin. My hands fumbled in his hair, nails scraping his scalp as his fingers curled against what must have been tight, warm nerves. My body arched at the movement of his hand, back dipping to press against his flat chest, breath leaving my lungs like a gust of wind. He inched his appendages out before pushing them back in, pressing them against my inner walls. I inclined my head, rubbing my cheek against his shoulder as I let go of a breathy moan.

I felt the pureblood's chest rumble with a satirical snicker and his voice wasn't just in my head this time. "Do you like it when I do that?" Pleasure rolled like a rockslide from the top of my head to the tips of my toes. I voiced my arousal again, unsure whether it was due to the seductive tone of the pureblood's voice or the way his fingers were curving in just the right way, or maybe it was both.

Kuran removed his digits. My body suddenly felt empty. Too empty and I wanted more. A savage whimper oozed out of my mouth as I coiled myself around Kuran in an attempt to substitute his lost digits.

"As you can see," he started, so randomly that I wasn't sure what he was talking about, "I wasn't prepared for such a result as this, Zero. So forgive me for being brash." Hands lifted me up at the hips. "I promise that next time will not be as brutal." And he pushed me down onto his stiff erection that stretched me beyond that of two simple fingers. My jaw fell open in a silent gasp, lilac eyes burning and wide. "Just do not forget that you are a vampire." Kuran's voice was as thick as his arousal.

Just do not forget that you are a vampire.

Just do not forget that you are a vampire.

Just do not forget that you are a vampire.

Because vampires liked pain, but this was no pain that I wanted. Not there, where I was so vulnerable. "You sleazy bastard!" My voice cracked as I hurled the insult at him, back arching painfully against the searing fire in my fucking ass. "I'm never going to be one of you sick fucked up fucks!" I tried to lift myself from his lap but his hands were in a gentle, vice grip and every time I moved, my butt begged for fucking mercy. Mercy that I couldn't give it.

Kuran rested his head against the chair, fingers tightening against my sides as a look of peeved discomfort flashed briefly across his features. I bared my teeth at him and I knew he was aware of my vicious act even though his eyes were closed.

"You like that, bitch?" I asked in mockery, rephrasing his earlier question in a Zeroesque way now that I wasn't under his demented vampire mind control. The muscles of my anus clamped down around his erection. "Let me go, you fucker!" I tried to rise onto my knees but only perfected a healthy bump against his lap.

My fingers tore at his shoulders. The blood and skin clotting beneath my nails expelled his stimulating scent, but despite my mouth's watering I refused to fall ill to his stupid pureblooded temptation. "Zero―" His tone was one of warning.

"Shut the fuck up already! Damn it, do you ever fucking listen? This hurts!" I struggled further as little zings and pings split my ass in two.

Kuran's arms wound around my back like elastic cords, tying me to him. My eyes flashed red in anger as I comprehended that this was what the pureblood wanted. He'd asked me to show him how angry I could get and I had said "No," yet there I was, doing the exact opposite.

Without warning, the pureblood tilted his hips up.

I crumpled against his chest. His length had slid that short fraction further inside of me, and the way it had felt as it rubbed against me was incomprehensible because that feeling had come from inside. I was having sex with a pureblood. My virginity, the only pure thing I had left, was gone.

The brunette sensed my conflict and brushed away the silver strands of hair sticking to my forehead. I made to slap his hand away but he caught my palm with his and placed my arm around his shoulders before letting go. There was a deep need inside of me that wanted to keen at the unbearably sincere gesture but I couldn't, because the bastard's voice was at my ear all over again.

"Move your hips." Each word seemed to hang on his tongue in a sultry drawl. Before I could control myself, my body took over and Kuran allowed me to rise on unsteady knees. The sleek feel of his erection slipping out of me brought a hitch to my breath. The pureblood helped guide me back down and his smooth re-entrance was enough to knock my head back.

My eyes stared at the ceiling as I lifted myself up and dropped myself down. Kuran's lips were wet and warm against the dip in my neck and the arm around his shoulders tightened. I groaned when the tip of my arousal brushed against the pureblood's flat abdomen. He snapped his hips up, burying himself inside of me. My eyelids fluttered shut as I rocked into his lap, back arching pliantly.

I dropped my head into the crook of his neck, smelling his blood beneath my fingernails. I ran my tongue along his throat, shuddering as he thrust into me with his hard length, my body swallowing him deeper. Heat ran a convulsive track through my groin and I twitched against his stomach in response. A warm palm met my skin, right where the pinpoint scars were.

The next plunge inside of me was angled differently and an alarmed, pleasured moan fell carelessly from my mouth. I thrust against the pureblood, jerking my hips toward his body; his erection nudged that cluster of nerves again. My eyes gazed unfocused at his pale collarbones as Kuran's hot breath nearly singed my ear away.

"O-Oh God." My brain spun in circles, spewing random nonsense while I moaned and bit my lip, allowing Kuran to slip deeper. My inner-walls spasmed around him, causing the pureblood's whispering breath to turn into a quiet voice.

"Zero." He growled an animalistic noise before quickening his pace.

I gasped and moaned feebly at the fast rhythm he was conducting. My fingers dug fervently into his skin while his lips fastened around my neck. His fangs scathed my skin, making me pant against his throat. He hiked me higher on top of his lap and I couldn't take his idle hand anymore. With an obvious coax, I covered it with my own and dropped it low until I could make his fingers curl around my aching erection the way they had inside of me.

Imagining this scene, his agile thrusting, and his hand―all stunted my labored breath. I moaned profusely, forcing his hand to drag down my shaft. It leaked while my knees began to shake. Kuran whispered against my ear but I couldn't tell what he was saying. I was too far gone in a state of undeniably beautiful bliss.

The pureblood began to pump me without directive so I moved my hand over his arm and gripped his bicep. His skin was so warm and his blood still hung in the air. My fangs begged desperately to taste him on the cusp of orgasm. If he had tasted delicious before then I wanted to know what his flavor was now. I bared my teeth and speared his flesh.

Red smeared against my tongue as my eyes flared in a duplicate color. His blood was pure pheromones. I jerked into his hot palm then his hardened length and the pureblood timed his thrusts with the stroke of his hand. The heat in my gut was overflowing with fire and I needed release but I couldn't stop moving. Everything was too much. Kuran's moist breath, his boiling blood, his tight fingers, my arm wrapped tenderly around his shoulders, the quick sporadic movements of our hips, my aroused prostate, his kiss against my jaw.

I threw myself from his neck as my body convulsed in miraculous shudders that tore through my entire being. White blotted out my vision as an intense swell of pleasure stemmed from some newly discovered place inside of me. A filthy moan proved how tantalizing my orgasm was and I came hard against Kuran's stomach.

The suction of my interior on the pureblood's erection catapulted him into blind ecstasy. He thrust into me again, the motion irking a few depleted groans out of me before semen was spilt against my insides.

We stayed like that for a while. I couldn't tell for how long, dazed and sleepy as I was. Maybe later I would be pissed, but right then I was pretty content.

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PS: This was the first sex scene I've ever written.